It’s make your mind up time

As the nation prepares to go to the polls on referendum day, some of Scotland’s high-profile voters show us their cards. Interviews: Deirdre Molloy

Kirsty Wark

Journalist, producer; and presenter of BBC2’s Newsnight.

’l’m doing the referendum programme on the night and as a political journalist I can’t say how I'll vote But I’m absolutely sure I will be voting and I hope everyone else does too. I think it’s an opportunity for people to exercise their democratic right and also to look into their souls and see what they want for Scotland. Let's hope there’s a good turnout.’

Allan Massie

Novelist and freelance journalist for The Scotsman and The Sunday Times.

’I see nothing a Scottish parliment can do that cannot be done at Westminster. I see no point in haVing an extra layer of

., -. government. I think the

referendum is a fraud because we're being asked to vote yes by two groups of people who have completely opposing arms. I see no mm in havmg two layers of government when one V/l“ do. We have too much government not too little’

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Bruce Morton


’I would vote on a double Yes ticket, why shouldn’t I? I’m Scottish and this is my country, so what possible reason could there be for me not to want at least some step towards my people governing their own affairs? The Tories are telling us to think carefully because it’s an emotive issue. Well Christ, of course it’s a bloody emotive issue, what the hell else do you think it is? I'd like to see the extra money raised through taxes going into housing - houses for those who don’t have them and better houses for those whose houses are falling apart.’

Tam Dean Burn

Actor and performance artist.

’I think peOple should boycott it a Scottish parliament is just going to be another layer of bureaucracy on top of the councils and Westminster. By a that I mean an active boycott, which goes from opposing that now, to fighting for the right to decide what we do want rather than having it handed down from Tony Blair. That would offer some hope to people. There should at least be a multi- option referendum with real choices such as independence and a workers’ republic.’