Pure Glasgow


Listings compiled by. Ed Grenby.


PURE GLASGOW is on Sun 31 Aug, several locations, 0141 553 1937, Web site: http://www.pureglasgow.com

ACCESS The Merchant City will effectively be pedestrianised between 10am-noon, and parking will be difficult.

TRANSPORT SPTE will run a normal Sunday service on the Underground (nearest station, St. Enoch), until 6pm. Strathclyde Buses is running an extended night bus service from George Square on nine routes,10pm-12.30am, £1.50. A special return for £2.40 will also allow travel into the city centre during the day.


The parade. with marching bands and six double-decker- si/ed ‘makes‘ or sculptures as its centrepiece. will leave George Square at 3pm. lt travels via Queen Street. Ingram Street. (ilassford Street. the Trongate and the Saltmat'ket before entering Glasgow Green.

Merchant City Programme



I Wax Lyrical 3-3pm. liclectic DJ Scott Dempster with Underground. lilectro. Big Beat background.

I The Future Engineers 3-4pm. Duo working on Temple Records.

I Scarlet Lake 4~Spnt The 38-year-old DJ and lecturer at RSAMI). with a rich. symphonic sound.

I Ground Control 5 (rpm. Ilip hop and drum 'n' bass. I Kemal (i--7.3()pm. Young Scottish DJ and buyer for 23rd l’recinct. who runs a new night at Trash.

I KMC 7.30 -‘)pm. Otherwise known as Keith McNight. buyer for Rub-a-l)ub Records in Glasgow.

I Kemistry and Storm ‘)-«I lptn. Female duo. now running (ioldie's Metalheatlz label.


I DJ Simon Hodge 2~5pm. From Club Latino.

I DJ Gordon Watson 5 .Xpm. From Club Cotnparsa. I DJ Tchico R-I lptn. From Club Cubana.

I Mamata 4.45pm. Latin American trio born in Chile. I Ash-ay 5.30pm. Acclaimed African-influenced band. I Sonora La Calle 8~-‘)pm. Storming Cuban conga- bongos-bass-piano-tres-trumpet octet.

I Inner Sense l()—lt).~lSpm. Samba. ragga. reggae and Brazilian rhythms from Manchester-based nine-piece. I Club Cubana Dancers


I Nick Peacock Glasgow's top laid-back DJ.

I Violet Leighton 2.3()--3pm. Native Glaswegian’s guitar. piatto. double bass arid drums band.

I Cruise Catwalk 4 4.30pm a 7 ~7.3()pm. Fourteen top Scottislt models show autumn/winter collections from leading international labels.

I Bancroft/McKenzie/Bancroft 5.30—6.3(lpm.

Brothers l’hil attd Tom. plus Kevin Mackenzie. with their

folk. funk and trail influences.

I Tommy Smith Quartet 8—9pm. Headline set from legendary local s:l.\tthItmisI

I 05 Murray Quartet ‘).~lS-- HHSpm. Club-orientated jazz with contemporary dance influences from Glasgow's I)a\e Murray.


I The John Murray Big Band Several sets. Sixteen- strong group of esprofessionals frotn the Big Band era playing Basic. lillington and the rest.

I Tango Embrollo Dancers Several sets. iixotic Glasgow -basetl tango troupe.

DANCE STAGE: INGRAM STREET CARPARK I Knucklehead 3 3.30pm. Jilkes and Hutch. and their Glasgow-based underground techno.

I Cool Lemon 3.30—5pm. Ian Patterson and Trevor Price. with a hard house vibe.

I Twitch 5—6 m. From Edinburgh’s Pure.

I Michael Ki kie 6—7.30pm. Full-on uplifting stuff from long-time Tunnel resident.

I A.Man 7.30—8.30pm. From Tangent and Sub. on a funky techno t . I Dave Tarridg 8.30-9.30pm. D] from Club Test. who runs Sativa and Drought labels

I Daz Saund 9.30—1 lptn. One of the UK‘s more respected techno artists. connected with Heaven and Trade


I Sheboom and Tom Vrie 3—4pm. Guests from Glasgow‘s gay bars and clubs.

I Blonde Bit On The Side 4—4.20pm. Lesbian three- piece playin an acoustic set

I Glagow ay Men's Chorus 4.40—5pm.

I Academy Street Records 5.304). 1 5pm. Joshua. Fresh Beat. Kalvin. Karen Dunbar. and Cicero.

I Wild Women Of Wonga 6.15—6.40pm. Offbeat disco drumming.

I Jimmy Somerville 6.40—7pm. Solo set from the ditninutive local boy. ex-Communards singer

I Guest 015 from Glasgow's gay scene


I Area 51 2—4pm. Jules and Derek with Underground European house.

I Jenga Heads 4—6pm. Duo Allie & Martyn with hip- hop and drum ‘n' bass.

I Breach Of The Peace 6—7.30pm. ()ne of Glasgow‘s foremost Underground party collectives.

I Craig Morrison 7.30—9pm. Part of the Tenchi outfit. and new label Depth Perception.

I Panic 9-1 l.3()pm. Intelligent techno from A.Man's other half in the Glasgow duo Tangent.


I The Weathervanes 9—9.45pm. Glasgow-based melodic pop outfit.

I The Space Kittens 9.45—1 1.15pm. Girl-punk band. I Bosley l().3()-l 1.15pm. Beat-driven soul-rap group.


I Bombay Talkie 2.30-3. l 5pm. Glasgow-based bhangra band making waves as far away as America.

I Sonora La Calle 3.3()--~1.I5pm. See Salsa Latino Stage listings.

I Yvonne Curtis 8t Wavet 4.30—5.15pm. Caribbean party band with mix of soca. zouk. reggae and soul. powered by a stirring horn section.

I Gide Cord 5.30-6.15pm. Nigerian juju star with his band the African Melody Makers kicking up a storm with their ‘talking drums‘ and West African rhythms.

I Acid Brass 6.45—7.45pm. Acid house classics played by The Williams Fairey Brass Band.

I Inner Sense 7.50—8.25pm. Tropical sounds front formidable samba group (see Salsa Latino Stage listings) in collaboration with Lochwinnoch People‘s Carnival ()rchestra. Edinburgh Salsa School and Repercussion.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra 8.30—9. 15pm. Crowd-pleasing set frotn the RSNO. The finale will lead


Kemistry and Storm: drum 'n' bass pioneers

into a firework display to rival the Green’s famous 5 November celebrations. and the six huge ‘makes’ of the parade will be set alight to reveal ‘Glasgow's Secret'.


I The Iron Horse 2.30—3.10pm. Contemporary roots music from this respected Scottish five-piece.

I Salsa Celtica 3.25—4.05pm. Celtic and Latin fusion frotn this brilliant good-time ten-piece.

I Tartan Amoebas 4.25—5.05pm. Bagpipes, fiddles. electric guitar. drutn and bass give this band their distinctive electric ceilidh feel.

I Martyn Bennett 5.20—5.50pm. Newfoundland-bom traditional com oser and multi-instrumentalist.

I The Pearlfis ers 6.10—6.50pm. Infectious. mellow. sunny po .

I The Sifencers 7.15—8.05pm. Jimme O’Neill‘s cutting- edge folk-rock outfit.

I Horse 8.25—9. l5pm. Horse uses her haunting voice to full effect in a semi-acoustic set of her own songs.


I Pure Playtime Children's Area A funfair. gala games. art sessions and Costa del Glasgow a full-scale. titan-made beach with beach-balls. knobbly knees contests. sandcastles and all the rest.

I The Clothes Off Our Backs Intriguing poetry collaboration on Glasgow Green’s historic drying green. The works of Robert Burns. Bob Marley and Barlinnie inmates are re-created as clothes hanging on the line.

I The Lighthouse Show Street theatre group The Desperate Men with a grand operatic outdoor show commemorating 3(X) years of manned lighthouses.

I Avanti Human fountain display by ‘The Incredible Spurting Man’ and his long-suffering lackey.

I Clydesdale Rowing Regatta Boat races on the Clyde. Bring your own Pimms.

Jimmy Somerville: Ian Hislop lookalike

29 Aug—t 1 Sept 1997 THE U8T21