7 Famespotting The Stereophonics give Richard Branson the V2.

8 U2 An exclusive four-page ride on U2’s Pop lvlart jet before it touches down in Edinburgh.

12 Devolution /

Stuart Cosgrove and Donald Findlay QC battle it out as the referendum approaches, and we canvass opinion from some of Scotland’s high- profile voters.

17 Adele Mailer

Norman Mailer’s ex-wife speaks out four decades after he stabbed her.

18 John Byrne

The artist, writer and director on the dream behind The Slab Boys.


20 Pure Glasgow


Les Blair on Jump The Gun (22); Monaco’s Peter Hook speaks (41);

;\ House Of Bernarda A/ba at

~ _ Tramway (56);

Our final Festival reviews (57);

.‘ .9 I Stephen Ham/king’s Universe (72); Video games and violence (87); Richard Ford on Women

With Men (82); Just Do It

' E 9 special courses feature (88)


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