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Lady out of a sticky situation artd falling irt garage mechanic (Balthazar Getty) and a Mc'l‘avish. I35 mins. The makers of Connolly (both perfectly cast) giving the lurve along the way. Richly drawn with crime kingpin (Loggia) - but in typically Chasing The Deer redeem themselves with a film a surprising emotional depth. See Itunmtable tunes artd ertdearing Lyncltian non-linear plotlines that exist versiort of the Shakespeare tragedy shot on review. General release.

characterisations. tltis is the classic Disney within the logic of dreams. A genuinely location in Scotland that leaves behind the Music Hall Day (U) And now. ladies and rttix as before. Lovely spaghetti—eating personal undertaking. Glasgow: GI’I‘. stagey stuffiness of old BBC adaptations. gentlemen. a full day of nostalgia as sequence. General release. Edinburgh: Cameo. Connery artd Baxendale play the murderers Filmhouse. in conjunction with the Scottish Land And Freedom (I5) (Ken Loaclt. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (PG) as a young. sexy team. treating the lead Music Hall Society presents archive UK/Spain. I995) lart Hart. Rosarta Pastor. (Steven Spielberg. US. I997) Jeff character as a rttart caught in a cruel. screenings. Programme 1: A Century Of Iciar Bollain. l()9 rttirts. A magnificent. Goldbltrttt. Julianne Moore. Pete unescapable fate. The acting by a group of Slars (3pm) celebrates the Grand Order of moving. politicised epic on the Spanish Postlethwaite. l29 ntins. (ioldblum artd (‘o Scottish stage veterans gives the film Water Rats. with additional footage of Will Civil War by Britain's most committed drop onto a second dinosaur-filled island. weight. Stirling: MacRobert. Fyffe and others performing live.

director on the Left. Art unemployed man wlticlt is disrupted by a mixed bunch of Marvin's Room (l2) (Jerry Zaks. US. I996) Programme 2: Variety Jubilee (6pm)

(Hart) leaves 30s Liverpool to fight with the capitalists artd safari hunters. sendirtg the Leonardo DiCaprio. Meryl Streep. Diane follows one theatre from the Boer War to POUM Militia. and sees first hand the carnavores on a rampage. The story is far Keaton. Robert De Niro. 98 mins. Bessie WW2. with additional footage of Sir Harry betrayal of his cause by the Stalirtists. His better than Jurassic Park. making for a (Keaton) artd Lee (Streep) are reunited for Lauder performing ‘I Love A Lassie'. The story is told in flashback. as his thrilling adventure with impeccible effects the first time irt twenty years when the day ends at 8.40pm with a screening of granddaughter reads his hidden letters home that renders the original as good as extinct. forrtter is diagnosed with leukemia. but the Alberto Cavalcanti's Champagne Charlie. a link to the present day that proves these Watch out for the certificate though: rift between them is healed when she fomts which truly captures the spirit and energy of events ltave a strong relevance to today. sustained scenes of terror suggest it should a rclatiortsltip with her sister's disturbed sort the golden age of the English music hall in Glasgow: (il-‘l‘. ltave been a ‘IZ‘. General release. (DiCaprio). 'lhe tragedy here does rtot make an entertaining piece of cinematic

Leon ( I8) (Luc Besson. I-‘rance. I994) Jean Love Lessons ( l 5) (Bo Widerberg. you feel manipulated. but genuiner sad. due melodrama. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Rerto. Nathalie Portntart. Gary ()Idrttan. I l() Sweden/Denmark. I995) Johan Widerberg. to the subtlety ofthe characters and the Natural Born Killers (I8) (Oliver Stone. mins. When his neighbour's family is wiped Marika Lagcrcratttz. 'l'omas \"on Bromssen. effectiveness with which they are portrayed. US. I994) Woody Harrelson. Juliette Lewis. out by crooked cops on a bungled drugs 130 mins. 'llte late Bo Widerberg tlf/vira Stirling: MacRobert. Robert Downey Jr. I I9 ntins. Stone's visual bust. ice cool ltitrttart Leon firtds himself Mailigan) bows out only partially Men In Black (PG) (Barry Sonnenfeld. US. and aural assault makes for one of the most looking after the sole survivor twelve- successfully with this tale of sexual I997) 'l‘ommy Lee Jones. Will Smith. remarkable cinematic experiences in years; year-old Mathilde. Luc Besson's first film it) awakening irt 40s Malrtto. The clandestine Vincent D'Onofrio. 95 mins. Smith and his attempts to marry style with content. and English is. nevertheless. a French film it) affair between Iiftcen-year-old Stig arid his Jones are two cryptically named ‘cosmic G- provide a damning expose of the media terms of style. editing artd its boldness in married teacher is complicated by Stig's men‘ who monitor extraterrestrial aliens adulation of serial killers is less successful. story and theme. It‘s good to see that the growing friendship with Iter husband Kjell. living on Iiarth. while stopping the nastier let down by his trademark overstatement. director Itas finally got over the all-style-no- This is love artd lust frortt a male point of breed of space baddie from colonising the Violent. mesmerising. hallucinatory and content obstacle. Glasgow: Gl’l‘. view artd only the film‘s sombre tone sets it planet. Jones‘s seen-it-all straight man is the bold in its use of various film formats. NBK Loch Ness (U) (John Henderson. US. I995) apart front its many predecessors. perfect foil for Smith‘s wide-eyed new kid is a landmark in MTV-influenced

Ted Danson. Joer Richardson. Kirsty Iidinburglt: Iiilmhouse. on the block. while Sortnenfeld's skilful filmmaking. Edinburgh: Canteo.

Graham. 100 mitts. An Atttericart scientist Ma Vie Sexuelle (I5) (Arnaud Desplecltin. integration of the visual effects proves that Night Falls On Manhattan (I5) (Sidney contes to Scotland to disprove the existence France. I996) Mathieu Amalric. eye-popping spectacle artd coherent Lumet. US. I996) Andy Garcia. Ian Holm. of Nessie. but is cltarnted by the place artd Iimmanuelle Devos. limmanuel Salinger. storytelling need rtot necessarily be lena Olin. ll3 ntins. Veteran director Lumet the people. So far. so Local Hero. But in its ISO rrtirts. Philosophy lcctttrer Paul diantetrically opposed. General release. (12 Angry Men. Serpieo. Network) goes later stages. this fantin movie leaps irtto (Amalric) is stuck irt a rut witlt both his Mrs Brown (PG) (John Madden. UK. I997) back to his pet subject of police corruption. action. keeping you on the edge of your seat. doctorate thesis and his love life. which is Judi l)ench. Billy Connolly. Antony Sher. but with diminishing returns. Hot-shot Better than you migltt expect. but rtot over-compIicated by his desires for this best I03 ntirts. Queen Victoria's obsessive attorney Sean Casey (Garcia) faces a moral remarkably special. Stirling MacRobert. friend's girlfriend. There is strength in the mourning for Prince Albert is casting gloom minefield when he investigates a drug bust Lost Highway ( l S) (David Lynch. US. ensentble around ltirn. but entire scenes over the entire country. so Highland gltillie shoot-out irt which his policeman father I996) Bill Pullman. Patricia Arqttette. could rest on the cutting-room lloor attd we John Brown is called down front Balrnoral (Holm) was wounded. Top class perfomters Robert Loggia. I35 mins. l-‘urtlter out titan wouldn‘t miss them. It Itas art air of .self- to shake up the stuffy Iinglish court. give the movie a rock-solid bottom for its even the celluloid version of Twin Peaks: importance that comes front its extended. Maddert's film can‘t ntatclt the comic brio feverishly unfolding saga. See review.

Fire ll’olks II'iI/i .‘Ile. Lynch's latest dialogue-heavy ruttttirtg time. but we know artd visual panache of The Madness 0/ King Glasgow: Odeon Quay. UCl Clydebank. radicalisation of tltc film noir traditions that size doesn't rttattcr. Iidinburgh: Cameo. (ieorge. bttt his understated direction Edinburgh: UCI. East Kilbride: UCl. concerns jazz saxman Pullman. his wife Macbeth ( I 2) (Jeremy I’rccston. I’K. I997) urtdeniably suits the story. The performances

(Arquettc). a mystery ntan (Robert Blake). a Jason Connery. Helen Baxendale. (iraltam are uniformly splendid. with Denclt artd Continued over page


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