Wet Wet Wet

Not content with selling squillions of albums, being responsible for half of Scotland’s gross domestic product and holding the UK record for having a single at the Number One spot for 37 months (that's only a very slight exaggeration), the Wets have now initiated the next step in their world domination plan and have launched their own brand of beer. Doubtless 50,000 loyal fans will be wetting their whistles with the brew before helping Marti and the lads with the choruses at Celtic Park.

Wet Wet Wet play Celtic Park, Glasgow on Sat 6 Sep.

Austin Powers

'Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later?' Nope, that's not the mating call of the greater-bellied discotheque medallion-

swinger, but the catchphrase of Austin Powers, fashion photographer and gentleman spy. The latest comic creation of Wayne’s World’s Mike Myers, 605 icon Austin finds himself thawed out of cryogenic

storage in order to fight arch nemesis Dr Evil

here in the 90s. At his side is the lovely Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley), daughter of his original sidekick. 'She is the embodiment of English sophistication, combining high style with a wicked wit,’ says Myers of his co-star, for whom he specifically wrote the part. ’Plus, Elizabeth wears some really short skirts in the film, which can’t

be a bad thing.’ Nice to

know all that Swinging

60$ non-PC research

Phil Kay

Scotland’s radgest comedian has been feeling pretty good lately. Following the popular success of his weird, wild television series on Channel 4 (now in development for a second series) he’s just done brisk trade at a one-off gig at the Playhouse, Edinburgh’s biggest venue. More big gigs are in the pipeline, but in the meantime, he’s back on more intimate territory with a gig at Blackfriars in his native Glasgow. The question is . . . dare you get intimate with this man?

Phil Kay plays Blackfriars Underground, Glasgow on Sun 37 Aug.

hasn’t gone to waste. Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery, on general release from Fri 5 Sep.

All the best

The festival may be in its death throes but the party continues. Come and have a go, if you think you’re hard enough.

Music: U2 The ginormous PopMart carnival rolls into Edinburgh as one of the biggest bands in the world promotes its Pop album. The multi- screen banks of Zooropa have been replaced by all the ingredients necessary for an explosive cocktail as the band mix and match their new material along With old favourites from The Joshua Tree and the like. See feature, page 8. Edinburgh: Murrayfie/d Stadium, Tue 2 Sep. Film: The Full Monty Robert Carlyle strips for action in this comedy

; drama about a group of unemployed

steel workers who give The Chippendales a run for their money. A Winning mix of laughs, g-strings

and sooal realism makes this one of the best British mowes of the year.

See reView, page 23. On general release from Fri 28 Aug.

Theatre: The House Of Bernarda Alba Now ten years old, Raindog is back. This time, co-founder Stuart DaVids directs Lorca's heat ’n' lust classic With a cast of 40 women. See new shows, page 56. Glasgow: Tramway, Tue 9—Sat 20 Sep (not Sun 74, Mon 75).

Party: Pure Glasgow A one day street party celebrating the centenary of the STUC, Pure Glasgow promises

' a day of carnivals, mu5ic, processions, ; fireworks and even a beach on ; Glasgow Green. See feature, page

20, Glasgow, Sun 31 Aug.

Theatre: The Misanthrope Moliere has long been a fav0urite among

Scottish audiences, and Ayr-based

touring company Borderline's new

; director Leslie Finlay plans to keep it that way. See preView, page 55.

Glasgow Cottier Theatre, Thu 7 laSat 20 Sep, then touring. Film: Mrs Brown Billy Connolly stars

3 as the Highland ghillie who brought

Queen Victoria out of a period of deep mourning Connolly's natural irreverence arid Judi Dench's iriagitificent turn as the Queen make this another triumph for Scottish filmmaking See reVIew, page 23. General release Fri 5 Sep.

Theatre: Dracula Musselburgh's Brunton Theatre reopens its doors to a resident professional company after major refurbishment, With a new adaptation of Bram Stoker's lOO-year-old gothic shocker. See new shows, page 56. Edinburgh: Brunton Theatre, Fri 5—Sat 20 Sep.

29 Aug—ll Sept l997TIlE U813