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V I saw you Coach. Edinburgh lnverness. 4/8/97. You: short dark hair with your mother(?) Me: one row in front. glasses. backpacker. green jacket. We spoke some works. Would like to meet you again. Box No

U/3 13/16.

V I saw you That's twice we've chased each other round all three floors of Dillon's. Glasgow! You: crop. camos. glasses. Me: shorts. goatee. glasses. What do you do when you're not reading? Box No U/314/1.

V I saw you or rather I didn't. cryptic Oliver. Thanks for the Barthean/Derridean deconstruction of my ad. Write again: Let's unseal the archi- ecriture ofcommodified desire. D. Box No U/3l-1/2.

91 saw you Jamie. sorry I missed our tneeting at Texaco garage. Newbridge on Tuesday 5 August. How abottt meeting again? Discretion assured. Box No U/31-1/3.

V I saw you Nathan in Negociants. 16/8/97. You wore red tartan trousers. I stuck my tongue out. Was that your girlfriend? If not. I'm intrigued. Let‘s go for coffee or something stronger. Nicki. Box No

U/3 14/4.

V I saw you wee sexy Benito 111 the fall of 96. One year ago. One year of pure pleasure. One year of complete happiness. You are the best. Forever. Beyond. Box No U/3l-l/5.

V I saw you gorgeous blonde guy chatting to Mark l.amaiT. Edinburgh Modern Art Gallery. 12/8/97. Me jogging in black. Fancy chatting tome over dinner David. Box No

U/3 l4/6.

. I saw you party. (‘artsitle Street. Saturday 16/8/97. You drop dead gorgeous. me in awe. Let's meet for a drink sometime soon. Second time lucky perhaps. Box No U/3l-l/7.

U I saw you at Odeon Edinburgh at premiere. Me in crowd. you speaking to Kylie and wearing pink jacket with white stripe. Hunky mystery blonde who are you? Tell hunky Italian stud all. Box No

U/3 14/8.

V I saw you Ek het U gesien in the Braidburn 6—6.30pm. 19/8/97. Me: black T-shirt. backpack. discussing crapulence with friend. You: Marlboro smoker sitting nearby. Care to talk sometime? Box No

U/3 14/9.

V I saw you and your beautiful freckles in the Western Infirmary on 18/08/97. You had a swollen knee. now 1 have a tingling in my tummy. The medical student. Box No U/314/10.

O I saw you Bob MCCI'chT from l.ochgelly on Paisley High Street on Saturday 2nd August. Would like to contact Elaine. Please follow tip this ad. Box No U/314/11.

v I saw you Safeway coffee shop. Anniesland. 30/7/97. You: gorgeous smiley. follicly challenged man. reading personal development book. until joined by friends. Me: nanny with children‘s party. swooning under your gaze. Box No U/3 14/12.

O I saw you and then tasted you and I want more. You excite me deeply - your smell - your touch - your voice - your taste. You may think I am a sensory fiend but don’t write me off until you’ve tried it my way.

Box No U/3 14/50

V I saw you long-haired. tall woman. flowery dress. buying (imm/iun in Barrett’s. Byres Road (Saturday 16/8,). Me: tall. dark. ’li'nit's buyer. I felt we'd have a lot in common (despite newspapers). Could we meet? Box No LY.“ 14/13.

V I saw you Henry (with a ‘Y') from Leipzig. Saturday August 16th. Mambo Club/ Princes Street Gardens. Missed you at Fringe Sunday contact me about unfinished business. Nancy. Box No l.’/3 lJ/l-l.

Edinburgh EH1 1TE



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0 I saw you Sweetie. with painted daisy toenails and a happy smiley face. Would you smile extra wide if Matt came in and Chrissy went out. Keep smiling sweetie. xxxx. Box No U/314/15.

V I saw you steely blonde. tarting around the festival and of course. CC's. Miss you. Box No U/3 14/16.

‘9 I saw you Scottish boy. looking nonchalant and aloof. while 1 was being a grutnp. 18/7/97. Sorry for taking a tantrum; you know I love you lots. Forgive me? . . . PFH.

U/3 13/1.

‘9 We saw each other Golf Tavern. Tuesday 5/8/97. You at bar. me in sofa. Someone elsewhere put me out of bounds. Back in play now though. Fancy a round together? U/3l3/2.


V You saw me Left a note on my bike. l was in London that Sunday night. returned to discover a note from a lover? Me: guy with the sexy hair? You: the girl with the legs so fair! Contact me. and then we can see what will be will be. U/3 13/3.

0 I saw you sweaty boy. Cafe Graffiti. 2/8/97. Your dancing

~ got me hot and bothered. Just

how old are you. anyway? See you around! U/3l3/4.

V I saw you leaving my room. 16/7/97. You: stoic and sensible. not lingering. left fora taxi. Me: helpless. speechless. useless. Please come back soon I miss you. U/3l3/5.

V I saw you leaving on 2/8/97. Come back for cartwheels. car keys on the grass. scratches. salsa. the Traverse bar. lifts to the Pear Tree and morning dreams. Before Poland!!

U/3 13/6.

V I saw you on Sunday 1() August on the nutnber 5 bus to Victoria Road. We smiles a lot but didn‘t speak. Speak to me now . . . U/3l3/7.

V I saw you behind the bar Alex? You have nice hands and a breathtaking smile. Happy Birthday xxx. U/3l3/8.

3 V I saw you Fettes Row about


lam after New Town bar on Saturday 9 August. I asked direction as was lost bttt thought 1 had found you. Read this. let‘s find each other. U/313/9.

0 I saw you GB on 5/8. w hen you moved my alarm. l was interested in more titan your technical skills. You. Me? Please get in touch. U/313/ll). V I saw you before you leave me. We must bati tnore often. Will miss you ‘staggering'.

11/3 13/1 1.

o I saw you Gayle('.’) working in CC‘s on Thursdays. You took my breath away. Too shy to talk or even smile! Noticed the ring anyway . . why did 1 ever come and came back? U/3 13/12.


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V I saw you entering building on St Colin Street. carrying huge dog suit. 12/7. You: tall. Buddy Holly glasses. Me: tanned. great six pack. Call me Andre or Peter. just call me. U/3 13/13.

V I saw you in Ann Summers. Glasgow. You dirty bird. I will be your toy ofjoy if you will be my ears ofcools. Let‘s hit that minty highway. U/313/l4.

V I saw you Broughty Ferry. big. butch. beautiful. dressed in black. Saturdays. Woolworths. Let‘s share the rest ofthe summer. This woman says hello. me jeans. leatherjacket. get in touch. let‘s meet.

U/3 13/15.

V I saw you Coach. Edinburgh ~ Inverness. 4/8/97. You: short dark hair with your mother( 1’) Me: one row in front. glasses. backpacker. green jacket. We spoke some words. Would like to meet you again. U/3l3/16. V I saw you bearded man with curly hair. lunchtime swimmer at Kirkintilloch. Missing you lately perhaps you could ‘escort‘ me or maybe share the contents of your lunchbox. Your hirsute hunk. U/3l3/l7.

0 I saw you Dec 96. You promised me the pudding of a life time. Where is it? I've got the bowl if you've got the time doll. U/313/18.

O I saw you at Bennets. 3/8/97. You David (barman). Me Stephen in with Jane (barmaid). She asked if you were single. you said yes. Get in touch. tell me more. U/3l3/l9. V I saw you Mark Katrowski. outside Cleopatra's. Friday 1/8/97. We‘re both scorpios. Let's meet again and see ifwhat they say about out star sign is true! I reckon we could have ftm! U/3l3/20.

V I saw you Ryan in Archaos. a few Sundays ago with your sister. Wanted to talk more but didn't get the chance. PS. I wasn't the Fonz. l was Paul. in with female friend. U/313/2l.

O I saw you in the hands of another. I want you to be mine, you are refreshingly different and smooth. Sauza and lemonade be mine!

Box No U/3 14/51

V I saw you in Safeway's. St Andrews. 4.3()ish. 6/8/97. doing shop ‘n‘ go with another woman. You: alluring. cool. sleek in black pants and white T. Me: red v-neck T. blackjeans.

shades. reading NME, desiring.

U/3 13/22.

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