V I saw you (row behind) at Mark Little's show on Wednesday 21 August. Me ‘tory girl‘. You ‘sofa goat'. Let‘s analyse our performances now the Festival's over. Just a cafe 016. Box No U/315/1.

V I saw you 15/8. Gavin in The Junction Bar. First we were surrounded by Spice Girls then stopped by the police. You said you would call. Box No U/315/2.

V I saw you on the retail team. you looked awful sad or so it would seem. btit don't you feel blue. coz the man from who’s who. will hopefully give you a twenty by two! Box No U/315/3.

V I saw you in my dreams. We had a house and a dog. It was in Spain or France. wherever. That was only a night but Flaco you are always in my heart. Box No U/315/4.

V I saw you again on number 81 bus. Eye contact and a common destination. Your red hair and smiles brighten my morning. Time to talk now? Box No U/315/5.

V I saw your dark blonde hair. exiting Partick Salvation Army shop and entering flat opposite. 22/8. You gazed at man wearing shorts at the bus stop. From salvation to salivation. Box No U/315/7.

V I saw you W. at dawn on 16/8. with Elvis under your arm and a waiting taxi for Faster Road. Fancy a filtn or a Glasgow trip sometime? G. Box No U/315/8.

V I saw you Gillian Mitchel in Maryhill job centre. 14/8/97. Me: Asian guy. red shirt. glasses. You: long dark hair. lovely eyes. blue shorts. ()ur eyes met. we smiled. Let's be friends. Box No L7/315/9.

V I saw you sailor boy, 22/8. We made eye contact at the Clydesdale Bank. You were tall. dark and handsome. 1 small and cute. Box No 11/3 15/10.

V I saw you James Thin. George Street. Friday evenings. kipper tie boy with melting eyes. This leggy restaurant blonde wants defrosting now! Box No U/315/1l.

V I saw you Ricky. at Primal Scream. Glasgow on 24/8/97. You work night shifts for BP. Can we talk in more peaceful and private surroundings? Perhaps meet in Edinburgh. Box No U/315/12.


V I saw you at Paisley Lagoon.

21/8/97. We passed. you smiled. looked back. at man in grey denitns. What a moment. Let’s share some more. life is too short not to. Box No U/315/13. V I saw you in Route 66. Me Jackie shy horse man wearing green daffy duck T-shirt. Lost your phone number. finally got mine connected. Please phone so we can meet soon. Box No U/315/14.

V I saw you Billy. coniving with Mrs Brown and Pamela at Baltnoral Castle. Please. please get in touch. Box No U/315/15. V I saw you Seizer. 22/8/97. You. mobile phone. sparkling eyes. Me (on your left) denim jacket. wandering eyes. Your leg was hit by a hammer; it hit my soul. Box No 1.1/315/16.

V I saw you at The Monkey Bar on the Sauza night. What did you think of it? Can I meet you on Thursday at The Venue or Friday at P0 Na Na’s at the Sauza night - I would like to reawaken your senses. Box No U/315/50.

V I saw you Pigpen in Bidford.

We walked across fields for miles. through kissing gates and across styles. We kissed and touched. it was lovely. Are we

each other's four-leafed clover?

It would be nice to find out wouldn't it? Lyric lover xxx Box No U/3 15/17.

V I saw you on the underground lbrox to Bridge Street. 26 August. 5.30pm. You in denim and gorgeous. Me: reading Hera/(l anti gob- smacked! Fancy making me nervous again? Box No U/315/18.

V I saw you donkey boy, in all your cheesyness. Your face was like a baby lamb. Big rainbow xxx Box No U/315/19.

V I saw you John. so

handsome. Polo Lounge. Friday 22 August. We chatted. You drove me home. called me twice. What now? Are you real? My angel? My dream? Neil. Box No U/3 15/20.

V I saw you Lee skinhead

barman at New Town Bar. Fmail. IRC and virtual friendship aren't enough. What about a human connection mate? This Dunfermline boy likes you . . . Box No U/3 15/21. V You saw me at the Bare Story. 23/8/97. 8pm. Blond guy drinking by the bar. Please say hello to the ‘bitter' girl in black! Box No U/3l5/22.

V I saw you Cafe Cyberia. 26/8/97. 12.30. You: small. attractive. brunette. grey T-shirt. rucksack. with friend. Me: lovestruck boy you exchanged glances with. Fancy a drink sexy! Box No U/315/23.

V I saw you looking gorgeous in Perth. Saturday 9/8/97. You challenged me to a game of strip snooker but chickened out! How about a hot date?! Box No ‘51/315/24.

V I saw you Shy. single 1 shopaholic with outgoing friend. on last Fringe Wednesday. ‘Wasted afternoon’ at the Learning Cafe? lfyou’d stayed. brainy introvert would‘ve thrown you a compliment.

Meet. drink. retry ESR? Box No U/315/25. V I saw you reading Macbeth in Waterstone‘s. Let me buy you a ticket for Macbeth at the Tron. Will you be my Lady M? Box No U/315/26.

V I saw you Kristeen. Norwegian Canadian student nurse in Glasgow Royal Infirmary at the Cathouse on Saturday 23 August. Would like to see you again. Please get in touch. Derek. Box No U/315/27.

V I saw you at Fire Island. Patrick. You were perfect. perfection was too obscene for serenity. now serene is too Common for the surreal. : Complete the picture by the 8 22nd. Kelly. Box No U/315/28. V I saw you and our eyes connected at Macbeth; at Lucia Di LammermOor. 1 also saw you at a distance at Karita Mattila.

Do we have more in interest

than our taste in music? 1 hope so. . . you’re too cute to be straight! Box No U/3l5/2‘).

V I saw you at the EICC on 2 September. You as a steward

and myself as a waiter. We chatted briefly and 1 want to

know more about what makes

you smile. Box No U/3l5/3().


V I saw you Cafe Kudos. Monday 25 August. You: red shirt. black jeans. teacher. with friends. Me: green/white checked shirt. Iiyes met beautiful >— window to the soul? Box No 11/315/31.

V I saw you therefore promises made in good faith atid happy mood hard to keep. Romance irrelevant. Symbol. density. impact or narrative? Wow! Iissential stuff! Box No 11/315/32.

V I saw you Tollcross gym. You instructor with ponytail. me Skunk Anansie fan in black. You've disappeared. I need personal training! Box No ll/315/33.

V I saw you Tara for the second time. The Basement. Friday 29. You said you liked

my accent. You left too quick! Need to see u again. S . . . Box No 1.1/315/34.

V I saw you Kilkenny Bar in Glasgow. 22 August. You were wearing a white T-shirt and

navy blue top. Me -— Asian.

black top. Did my eyes meet yours or were yours on my friend? Box No U/3 15/35. I V I saw you Numpty Jack lush 3 tiger. You were last to drop. you make me a dippy media babe. Box No U/315/36.

i saw you BLASSIFIED

V I saw you reading [Saw l’uu's on the 9am Edinburgh to Glasgow train. Friday 22 August. You wearing red check shirt. Me very orange!! Box No U/315/37.

V I saw you advertising for position. Deportation to west means P45 for Mexican pool cleaner? Lesson learned in loving my job. Love Pedro x. Box No 1.1/315/38.

V I saw you Maisie‘s owner. We met at the vets. Hyndland Street. 30/8/97. The last two patients to be seen. Fancy swapping histories over coffee. ()urs and our pets. Box No U/315/39.

V I saw you Ally. Glasgow train. 11pm. 21 August. Thursday. Hope you're that much fun in daylight. List has its uses then! Box No U/315/4t).

V I saw you Mark Latkowski. outside Cleopatra's. Friday 1/8/97. We‘re both Scorpios. Let's meet and see if what they say about our star sign is true! Box No Ll/3l5/41.


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V I saw you in the Polo Lounge. Sat 23. You little brunette. Me orange top and black jeans. We smiled but 1 had to leave. Get in touch. Box No U/3l5/42.

V I saw you Sauza drinker in Bargo. Me small red head looking for a refreshing change

- you, tall, bronzed body dressed in silver. You excite me in deeper ways - re-awaken my senses you sensory fiend.

Box No U/315/51.

V I saw you 8/9/97. Morningside Road. swordfighting with a cardboard box on your head. You may think that you fooled the world with your disguise but 1 know that underneath you are really Dr Evil. Box No 1.1/315/44.

V I saw you in The Living Room. You nose stud girl. Me. distant memory from another place. I fell in love right there. right then. I miss you like crazy. Box No 1.7/315/43.

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