Now, if you’ve been keeping abreast of our Famespotting section then you will have read all about Welsh three— ‘\ piece the Stereophonics, in our last . ;_ issue and can merrily skip to the i '- questions at the end. The rest of you, pay attention. The Stereophonics

. have just released their debut album - Word Gets Around, for V2, that nice 3g? Mr Branson's new record label, and it ~ - rocketed straight into the charts at I Number Five. That’s because it’s fantastic: a punchy, visceral rollercoaster of an album that ' blusters like a bar room brawl one minute and whistles jauntin like a er, jaunty whistler the next. As for their live shows, the dog’s bollocks don’t get a look in; it's more like Top Cat’s cream-covered whiskers.

Point is, we’ve got five c0pies of the album and five pairs of tickets to go see them at either The Venue in Edinburgh on Sat 27 Sep or the Garage in Glasgow on Sun 27 Sep. Answer this:

Competi ion Voucher (Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)


Name three other Welsh bands.

Answers on a postcard by Fri 19 Sep stating clearly which gig you would rather go to. Mark them: STEREOPHONICS COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1 TE.


The King's Theatre in Glasgow is giving away a pair of tickets to the first five people at the King’s

Box Office on Fri 19 Sep to see that evening‘s

performance .

of Elaine C. s. < ,3

Smith's ‘- \ i I .5

comedy and \ /

cabaret show Q

Elaine With ' '

Attitude at T H E K I s M

Glasgow Film Theatre“

In The City, the music industry’s annual chinwag and liver-bashing session, is coming to Glasgow, Sat 27 Sep—Wed 1 Oct. The GFT are running a season of films coinciding with the event and are showing a number of films which have been picked by local bands such as Arab Strap and The Delgadoes. The bands will introduce their favourite movies and play a short set before or after their chosen film.

Kicking things off with a bang will be a video preview of Black Grape's feature length video, The Grape Tapes. Following the band from their early druggy incarnations to their later, stone-cold sober and completely straight (Guffawl Ho! Ho' and so on) present form, the video ranges from fly on the wall documentation to footage of a recent gig. A floating (what's new?) Shaun Ryder imparts pearls of Wisdom throughout.

We've got four lots of Black Grape's first album It’s Great When You’re Straight, Black Grape posters and four pairs of tickets to see the video which is screened on Sat 27 Sep at 10.45pm. To get the goodies, answer this:

Competi ion Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

V! E." c: o o 0 LL] n. <2: G u a: U < _I no

What band was Ryder in previously? Easy peasy. Answers on a postcard by Mon 22 Sep. Mark them: BLACK GRAPE COMP, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

2 It's 1957 and things aren't gOing too well for the = Slab Boys in Paisley. Havmg a job is OK but getting f 'housemaid’s fucking knee grinding up paint for a bunch of deadbeats' ain't no fun. EspeCially when

I you got dreams, whether they be to become the new Elvis or just to Winch Lucille from the mail room.

Yessuree, John Byrne's qwfftastic play has hit the ' big screen complete with a soundtrack made up from rock 'n’ roll songs of the era played by the likes of Lulu, Eddi Reader, Pat Kane, Edwyn Collins and The Proclaimers. Jack Bruce, bass player With Cream, plays on all of the tracks as well as arranging them, and he insisted that the backing tracks be recorded on authentic instruments of the period so that the sound is as close to the original as possible.

We’ve got five copies of the CD soundtrack and five (OpleS of the screenplay to the swots who can answer this:

Competi ion Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)


Which John Byrne TV series starred Robbie Coltrane and Emma Thompson?

. Answers on blah blah . . oh you know what to do. Just make sure they reach us by 9 Thu 25 Sep. Mark them: SLAB COMP. The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

104TIIELIST 12 '25 Sep 1997


Heretic Theatre is offering ten pairs of free tickets to see The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband at The Arches, Glasgow on Thu 18 Sep at 7.30pm. Tickets should be picked up at the Box Office on the day of the performance.





The Tron, Glasgow is offering five pairs of tickets to see lain Ballamy's jazz trio Acme on Tue 23,Sep at 8pm. The tickets should be picked up from the Tron theatre box office on the day of the performance.


There are five pairs of tickets to see Capercaillie at Edinburgh Festival Theatre on Sun 14 Sep at 7.30pm and at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Mon 15 Sep at 7.30pm. Tickets should be picked up from the individual box offices from 6.30pm each night.


OFFERS: Cut out the coupon or take along the whole magazine and present it to the relevant box office or cash desk. All offers are subject to availability and managements reserve the right to refuse admission.

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