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School of hard knocks

He almost went under with Waterworld, but director KEVIN REYNOLDS has survived Hollywood's stormiest seas to bring us 187, possibly his best film yet. Words: Thom Dibdin

After the big budget. all-action excesses of Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves a success with the audiences and ll’inerimr/(l a disaster with the studios director Kevin Reynolds has turned to an intimate. performance-lead movie for his next project. I87 is a classroom drama with a difference: it rings true and there is no happy ending.

The film is also a break for Reynolds in that it is the first time since 1988 that he has worked without the other Kevin -— Mr Costner. The two met while Reynolds was at LFSC Film School and (7ostner »— then a ‘no-name. struggling actor‘ according to the director read for a student film. Although he didn‘t get that part. Reynolds cast Costner in his first full-length feature. Fandango. ‘lt was a real good friendship for a time.‘ drawls Reynolds terser as we chat in Edinburgh's Balmoral Hotel. And refuses to be drawn any further.

187. the Californian state penal code for homicide.

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‘We knew when we started it was going to be controversial, but after visiting some of these schools, I thought it was important to portray the way it really seemed to be.’

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Teacher's pet: Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Reynolds on the set of 187

director at a public radio station in LA. I gave him one piece of music by Massive Attack and said. “this is our model for the film. just find me music“. So he started to send me music from all over the planet. wonderful stuff. and I got to pick and choose.‘

Reynolds began selecting the tunes before shooting began. designing the scenes around the music. Other pieces were not chosen until post- production. but he still edited the picture to the music. The result is a score which drives the film. almost as if Reynolds had created and illustrated his own DJ mix of musical feeling and emotions.

But unlike the cartoon violence of Reynolds' action yarns. I87 is a film about real violence happening to real people. It was written by a teacher. Scott Yageman. after an incident when he became overcome by a rage so violent that he wanted a kid who was breaking up the classroom to be dead. llorrified and frightened by his own emotions. he realised that they must be common in violence-filled schools across America.

‘We knew when we started the picture that it was going to be contrtwersial.‘ says Reynolds. ‘But talking to Scott and visiting some of these schools. l thought it was important to portray the way it really seemed to be. rather than glossing over it with a Dangerous Minds approach where if everybody tries hard enough. you‘ll discover that. deep down inside. everybody has a heart of gold. Because that is not reality.‘

For once. 187 is a contemporary Hollywood movie which does the proper job of art: to reflect society. whether good or bad. For this. and its blatantly non-politically correct approach to violence and vigilantism. it will undoubtedly receive a critical pasting. Reynolds makes no apologies for not providing pat answers to the problems he is portraying. That he is portraying these problems is reason enough for making the movie. And the brilliant soundtrack and strong performance he has extracted from Samuel 1.. Jackson are reason enough for you to go and see it.

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ORSON WELLES may have died as a neglected talent in 1985, but that hasn't stopped him having a part to play in today’s film industry. His last screenplay, The Cradle Will Rock, is currently being polished by British duo Ian La Frenais and Dick Clement, and is due to go into production in early 1998. No stars are attached, but John Irving (City Oflndustry) is in talks to direct. The semi- autobiographical story concerns Welles's marriage to Victoria Nicholson.

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