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Rising levels

If, a year ago, someone had said that The Levellers’ new album would enter the charts at Number Five most people would promise to eat their hats. Milliners are reporting a sudden boom in sales. Words: Alastair Mabbott

Judging from the normal life cycle ol‘ a band. The Levellers should have peaked by now and begun a descent back to the primordial mud whence they and Back To The Planet emerged. In fact. the last single. ‘What A Beautiful Day’. extended their run of consecutive Top Twenty singles to seven. with no signs ol‘ the band even slowing down.

Bassist Jeremy Cunningham. calling in from a van on its way to a video shoot. has no prol'ound explanation for the band’s longevity. Apart l‘rom the contact they make with their fans through the magazine ()1: The Fiddle. which means that they ‘don’t have to make a full-on comeback every time we release an album’. he’s nonplussed. ‘We just try to write the best songs we can and try to play ’em pretty well and keep it interesting for ourselves by changing everything quite a lot.’

Behind the scenes. their support to campaigning groups didn’t end with the passing ol‘ the Criminal Justice Act. For instance. they give some office space in their Brighton studio base to a group called Justice. ‘They're involved in reporting the other side of what goes on in the civil disobedience that’s going on.’ explains Cunningham. ‘They give

Jeremy Cunningham

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‘Politics hasn't changed enough for us to want to sing new things about it, so we take it for granted that people know where we're coming from.’

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The Levellers: time to get personal

the protesters’ viewpoint as opposed to the establishment viewpoint.‘

Cunningham agrees that the climate in Britain is probably more conducive to the band than it was a few short years ago. what with the ethic of non- violent civil disobedience gaining further acceptance and decentralisation ol~ power to more autonomous regions actually a part of Government policy. Whatever. the new album Mouth To Mouth. their fifth studio collection. shows a new side of the band by putting the polemic to one side and letting them sing about more personal matters. ‘There have been

instances of it in the past. but to do a whole album ol~

introspective stuff is a bit of a step.’ he says.

‘Bel‘ore. we’d always sung about The Levellers‘ viewpoint and now we’re singingfrom The Levellers’ viewpoint. Before. we’d be singing about all our various political beliefs and wearing it on our sleeves. These days. our opinions haven’t really changed. and politics hasn’t changed enough for us to want to sing new things about it. so we take it for granted that people know where we’re coming from.‘

What ‘The Levellers’ viewpoint’ is is an unspoken area of broad agreement between them. As suspected. they don’t sit down and have policy meetings. ‘We don’t ever talk about it. things just happen and we go with the l‘low.‘

Next year is The Levellers’ tenth anniversary. with only one line-up change in all that time. so it must work. Have they thought about how to mark the occasion? With some giant Levstock perhaps“? (’unningham laughs. They haven’t had time to consider it yet. ‘Perhaps with a ceremonial walking stick or something.’ he suggests.

The Levellers play Barrowland, Glasgow on Thu 18 Sep.

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