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The Intercity Crawl

FOR THE LAST two years, Camden in London has played host to the Camden Crawl. For one night a huge invasion of new and more established bands swept into a number of local boozers and played their little hearts out to their loyal, pub-crawling public. Obviously, this is too good a thing to be kept solely in the hands of softy southerners and for the first time the event is also to be held in Manchester and Glasgow.

We have focused on five bands of special note and also given you a little run-down on the venues where the bands will be performing. All you have to do is buy a ticket and crawl between the venues to watch all the bands. There's a full run down of all the bands playing in the Glasgow music listings section for Fri 19 Sep on page 53. Which bands are playing which venues is only announced on the day of the crawl. May the force be

the venues

King Tut's Wah Wah Hut

272a St Vincent Street DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Known throughout the country as a friendly, clean and aesthetically-pleasing venue on what is otherwise known as the 'torlet Circurt'. The Charlatans played the first date of their first tour here and thought ’this on-the-road business is a right lark’. The feeling lasted until they reached the second date. MYTHOLOGY: Oasis blagged fourth on the bill here in 1993 and were signed up pronto by Creation Records. HIGHLIGHTS: Blur and Pulp's first Scottish gigs in 1990 and 1992 respectively. Both bands played blinders to approximately three men and a pasSing turtle And The List was at both shows, so there.

The Garage

490 Sauchiehall Street DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Former dancehall The Mayfair got a uniform lick of black paint and became the main mid-Sized venue in the City (and Subsecwent nemesis of the fading student unions). The bar area is ruthlessly evacuated when the headline band is about to make an entrance. MYTHOLOGY: Prince chose the Garage for an aftershow performance following his SECC appearance in 1995, allowmg several hundred punters to touch his robe in an intimate setting. Chris Evans partied for three consecutive nights here and,

King Tut's: home to Blur and Pulp's first Scottish

44 THE LIST 1/ Sep 72‘) Sep 199/


The Garage: margaritas a-go-go

although they would hate to admit it, most of Glasgow’s groovrest bands hang out here wrth some regularin HIGHLIGHTS: The margaritas. Boyzone mimed an early gig here. (That's not a highlight, we lust thought we'd mention it).

Glasgow School Of Art

167 Renfrew Street DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Striking black and white floor in the cool and groovy Vic Bar. Gym hall ambience in the upper hall. Generally underused as a live mUSlC venue, and overused by the beautiful people of the City MYTHOLOGY: Urn, well, Lemonhead Evan Dando spent one drunken evening here, lurching among the clubbers before finally falling asleep



under a table. And Einar Sugarcube once manned his own merchandising stall and tried to flog T-shirts to the departing gig-goers.

HIGHLIGHTS: The Make-Ups free show in the Vic Bar last year, during which meSSianic singer Ian Svenonius walked on the shoulders of the audience. The same bar was the scene of an early Teenage Fanclub show at which they argued With The Bachelor Pad over who should headline -- i.e. 'you go last', 'no, you go last, you’re better than us', etc.

The Cathouse

15 Union Street

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Revelry on two floors. The Cathouse recently packed about 30 local bands into one day's entertainment —- a City record by our reckoning,

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Glasgow School Of Art: Einar Sugarcube was here once, no really

Ticket Info

Tickets cost £10 plus booking fee. They are available from:


Ticket Talk 0141 248 6606/0800 601 0002 (credit cards)

23rd Precinct 0141 332 4806

The Ticket Centre 0141 287 551 1 EDINBURGH

Ripping Records 0131 227 7010 Inside Tickets 0131 477 8222 Tickets should be swopped for wristbands from 4pm on Crawl Day in the basement bar at Glasgow School of Art, 168 Renfrew Street. Tickets can also be bought from selected branches of HMV and Tower Records. When you swop your ticket you will also be given a booklet wrth info on each band and details of times and venues


r" a", r 1 U The Cathouse: Norm, Liam, Alex. they've all been in you know

MYTHOLOGY: Oasis played their first headlining dates in Glasgow at the Cathouse’s former incarnation in Brown Street two extremely sweaty nights ensued and Liam mooched truculently around the after-gig club night in the basement. Also, Norm from Cheers turned up for an Alex Chiiton show, but hardly anyone noticed.

HIGHLIGHTS: Man Or Astroman’s out- of—this-world show of theatrics last year when their bass player was exposed as an alien.

Nice ’n' Sleazy

421 Sauchiehall Street DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: The vibiest pub in Glasgow wrth the best dive venue downstairs. The storeroom is conveniently located behind the stage. Hence, a procession of bar staff invading the stage at regular intervals to roll out another barrel of Miller. MYTHOLOGY: The Beautiful South's Paul Heaton proclaimed Sleazy's as his favourite pub in the world from the Barrowland stage, after spending an extremely pissed evening there trying to set his friend's hair on fire and attempting to charge everyone £1 for the privrlege of entering the pub. HIGHLIGHTS: Geneva played an early startling gig here under their prevrous name Sunfish.

Nice 'n’ Sleazy does it every time, apparently.