Air Force One

’Look, I told you to fasten your seatbelt when the ‘,, _, q ., x g _ ._ overhead light was on,’ says _“‘ K 4 ' ,3 stressed air steward Gary . 1- 1. Oldman to naughty passenger Harrison Ford. Actually, Oldman’s back in trademark us i psycho territory as the head of 7 . . A L 7“ a terrorist group who takea - plane hostage in Air Force One. The plane in question, however, is the personal Jet of the PreSident of the United States and Ford is indeed the leader of the free world. Well, if Bill Pullman could jump in a cockpit and kick alien ass in Independence Day, assorted former Commies aren't going to cause more than a wrinkled brow for America's No 1 man, are they? Next week, Tony Blair takes on the IRA single-handedly in a bare knuckles fight.

Air Force One, on general release from Fri 72 Sep. See review, page 24.

\ ~. . ¢ > .- \ -‘ ‘\ \- K a .Y

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer

It’s an honour usually reserved for comedians who are dead or as good as. V:c Reeves and Bob Mortimer that crazy, wacky pair of Shooting Stars fame have been knighted, BBC-style, With a prestigi0us Omnibus documentary. In a series of seven programmes on 'inoo'ern classics' iothers include Salvador Dali, Oscar Wilde and actor Anthony Sher), the Vii. ’n’ Bob-mobile w:ll recount how these peddlers of nonsense rose from Big Night Out to Shooting Stars and beyond, becoming one of Britain’s best-loved comic duos. Those who can't survive a minute longer without the most pomtiess quiz show in the universe, Will be pleased to hear that the second series of Shooting Stars follows shortly. (Ellie Carr)

The Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer edition of Omnibus is on 88C 7, Sun 27 Sep. Two compilations of Shooting Stars repeats Will be broadcast on Fri 72 and Fri l 9 Sep; and the new series begins on Fri 26 Sep.

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Here ’5 some stuff to do which we think you’ll like. Nothing fancy but it gets the message across, eh?

Film: L'Appartement A young man played by Vincent Cassell (above) finds himself drawn into the mystery of his own past when chasing a former lover in this romantic thriller

5 that's quite possibly the coolest

French debut since Diva. Beautifully

; controlled, supremely seductive. See i reView. Edinburgh Fi/mhouse, from

Fri 72 Sep

Theatre: Battle Of Stirling Bridge In the aftermath of the referendum, Stirling celebrates a 700—year-old

; assertion of independence: William :I Wallace's defeat of the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. Arches

Theatre director Andy Arnold marshals this open air spectacle. See prevrew Stirling Cast/e, Fri" 72 (9 Sat 73 Sep

Music: Norma Bellini's tale of the love affair between a drUid priestess

and a Roman soldier kicks off

Scottish Opera’s new season.

f Penelope Walmsley-Clark Sings the

I title role in this welcome revwal. See f preview Glasgow: Theatre Royal,

: Tue 76 a Sat 20 Sep.

3 Sport: Celtic v Liverpool Two of the . top teams from either side of the border have a rare competitive

; meeting in this UEFA Cup first round ' clash. Can the Scots prowde a maior ; football upset? Glasgow; Celtic Park,

Tue 76 Sep

; TV: The Lakes Jimmy 'Cracker'

McGovern delivers another slice of gritty TV drama With this partly autobiographical tale of a young scOuser who flees the dole queues of Liverpool for a hotel Job in the Lake District which lands him in even deeper water. See feature. 88C], Sun 74 Sex)

. Music: Intercity Crawl Here's the ‘_ deal: bucketloads of new and more

established bands pile into Glasgow and play five different venues all in the one night Your Job is to crawl around as many of the venues as you can. You'll have heard of some of the bands and others you won’t know from Adam. Yet. See prevrew. Glasgow various venues, Fri 79 Sep,

12—25 Sept 1997 THE LISTS