The followin details are for regular free weekl gates: see main listings for one-o or ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by ci , then by day. Residencies wil be listed, provided that up-to-date details are supplied to us. Jazz Residencies listings are compiled by Kenny Mathieson.


I Jazz Piano Baby Grand. 3—7 lilmbank Gardens. 248 4942. 10pm. Lounge pianist.


I George Penman's Jazzmen The Lemon Tree. l42 St Vincent Street. 226 3833. 2.30—5.30pm. Traditional.

I Lauder's Big Band Lauder's. Sauchiehall Street. 2 -5pm. informal big band.

I Harry Margalis Big Band I.' Attache. 27 Waterloo Street. 22l 3210. 2 5pm. Big bartd.

I Dissen Tango'd Brewery Tap. 1055 Sauchiehall Street. 33‘) 8866. 9pm. Jazz funk.

I Jazz Piano Baby Grand tsee Fri). Lounge pianist.


I George McGowan Big Band The Parade. Meadow-park Street. 2.30—4pm. Big band jazz.

I Blackfriars Collective Blacliriars. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. ()pm. Modern jazz.


I Fianna Duncan and Friends McC‘huill's. 40 High Street. 552 2135. 8pm. 'I‘raditional and mainstream singer. I Jazz Piano Baby Grand tsee Fri). 9.30pm. Lounge pianist.


I Alan McPike and Pat Keating Alpert Lodge. 25a Hope Street. 221 4648. 8pm. Hammond organ and vocals.

I Jazz Piano Baby Grand tsee Fri). 9pm. Lounge pianist.


I Grooveyard Jazz Quartet Russell‘s Bar. l800 Maryhill Road. 334 I605. 8pm. Mainstream.

I Jazz Piano Baby Grand (see Fri). 9pm. Lounge pianist.


I Steiren McDuf‘f Trio Yes Bar and Brasserie. 22 West Nile Street. 221 8044. 8 ~l lpm. Singer-led trio.

I Jazz Ronnie R(;‘s. 73 Queen Street. 22| 2200. 8pm. Funky jazz.

I George Penman Ail-Stars Bourbon Street (see Sat). 8.30pm. 'l‘raditional.

I Tap Quartet Brewery Tap (see Sat). Modern jazz. 9pm.

I Chang Blackli'iars (see Sun). 9.30pm. Jazz-litnk.

I Jazz Piano Baby (Brand (see Fri). 9pm. Lounge pianist.



I Bill Kyle's Jazz POOI (.‘ellar Bar. (‘hatnbers Street. 220 4208. l0.30pm. Modern iazz.

I Live Jazz Henderson‘s. 25 Thistle Street. 225 2605. 8pm. Artists vary.


I Alex Shaw Trio Drum arid Monkey. 80 Queen Street. 538 8| l l. l 3pm. Mainstream to hop.

I Liz MacEwan with Toto and the Dexters Harry‘s Bar. Randolph Place. 53‘) 8l00. 3.30 5.30pm. Mainstream.

I Edith Budge Nobles. 44a (‘onstitution Street. l.etth. 554 2024. ‘). 30pm. Singer.

Sundays I Edith Budge The Home Bat and (ii'lli. l'l (it‘tliyt‘ Slit't‘l. (Li-i 3(i2-I I Spill

I Diplomats of Jazz Royal Ettrick Hotel. 13 Ettrick Road. 228 6413. 2.30—5pm. Traditional.

I Jack Duff and Friends with Wendy Weatherby Braidburn inn. 200 Mayfield Road. 667 3867. 3—5pm. Mainstream. I Live Jazz Maison Hector. 47 Deanhaugh Street. 332 5328. 4.30pm. Mainstream.

I Paul Ellis and Stewart Mitchell Harry‘s Bar (see Sat). 9.30pm. Sinatra tribute.


I Swing 97 Malt Shovel. Cockburn Street. 225 6843. 9 m. Swing.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band Navaar House Hotel. 12 Mayfield Gardens. 667 2828. 8.30pm. Traditional.

I Live Jazz Whistle Binkies. 4—6 South Bridge. 557 5 l 14. 10.30pm. Modern. artists vary.


I Fat Sam's Band Fat Sam's. 56-58 Fountainbridge. 228 3i i l. 8pm. Swing andjum -_iive.

I Desa inado Suruchi Restaurant. Nicolson Street. 5566583. 8.30pm. Jazz guitar.

I Marco Swayze Quartet Canon's Gait. C‘anongate. 556 448 1. 8.30pm. Plus guests.

I Live Jazz Henderson's (see Fri). 8pm. Artists vary.

I Live Jazz Cellar Bar (see Sat). 10pm. Artists vary.


I Spirits of Rhythm Braidburn Inn (see Sun). 8.30pm. Traditional.

I Live Jazz Henderson's (see Fri). Artists varv.

I Templehall Stampers 't‘emplehali Hotel. 77 Promenade. 669 4264. 8.30pm. Traditional.

folk & world


Dates listed below are for one-off and ticketed shows: see separate section for free residencies. Gigs are listed by date. then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Folk and World listings compiled by Norman Chalmers.


I Kingston Bridge Trio (‘luthu Vaults. Stockwell Street. 552 7520. 8.30pm. Free. Acoustic l‘olk.

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside Club. Fox Street. 248 3144. Doors open 7.30pm. £5. Live bands.

I Ceilidh Dance The Ferry. (‘Iyde

3 Place. 9pm. £5. Tickets at the venue or in

advance from the Ticket ('entre. (‘andleriggs. 227 55l l.


I Tartan AmoebaslMacumba ('orn Exchange. (‘onstitution Street. l.eith. Tickets at the door or in advance from Queen's Hall Box Office. 667 7776 8pm. £8.50 (£7.50). Leiih's three-day l‘olk bash

kicks ol'l‘ with two bands featuring 3 Highland bagpipes in dance grooves: the

Amoebas' rock/funk and Latin tinges. and Macumba's Ill-strong (‘aribbean carnival. Free folk music around the bars. from 8pm. includes Tim 0' l.eary at The Tattler: ('uchulain‘s Raven at Khublai Khans: liilidlt Shaw at l.eith Oyster Bar; Anna Wendy Stevenson at The Merman‘. HH 2 at The Shore; (‘laire Mann at Mali and Hops; The Big Squeeze at Nobles: Graeme F. I’earson at The (‘rttise Ship; The Moores at Homes Bar; The Blackhotrse Band at Bar Sirius; lll.| l at Ship on the Shore; Jenny (iardner at Bar Java; lilena at Bar Kalinka and Iiamonn (‘oyne at World

(‘ale Part or I.('l//l I‘m/A I-‘r'vlrtrll.

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folk & world MUSIO


IOBJIQ Arqwessv liq petueserd





N 14TH

TICKETS £8.50 (£7.50 conc)

available from The Queen‘s Hall Box Office

0131 667 7776 or on the door onythe night.


artists Include: the blackhause band. the moores. anna wendu stevenson. cuchulaln's raven. ellidh show. the Delta mcnabs. slmon thoumire. tim o'learg. jenny gardner. HLI. ilm malcolm. clalre mann. graeme e pearson. the belle star bond. etena. mike slessor. allan johnston. west edlnburgh folk group. and more...!

venues: bar Java. bar kallnka. bar slrlus. cruise ship. lelth ouster bar. merman. malt and hops. nobles. port o'lelth. ship on the share. the shore bar. the tattler. world cafe. homes bar and

khublal khans.



FOR MORE lNFORMATION cam. 0131 553 4000

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