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- - Hearts v Dundee United Easter Road I'Stl n95 Stadium. Albion Street. Edinburgh. 3pm. Motherwell v Hibs Fir Park Stadium. b Firpark Street. Motherwcll. 3pm. s O p

Events are listed alphabetically by Rangers v Aberdeen lbrox Stadium. St Johnstone v Rangers McDiarmid sport. then by da . Fixtures are Edmiston Drive. Glasgow. 3pm. Park. Crieff Road. Perth. 3pm. correct at time o publication, but St Johnstone v Hearts McDiarmid SCOTTISH FIRST DIVISION ma be affected by weather. Sports Park. Criet‘f Road. Perth. 3pm. Ayr United v Raith Rovers Somerset 0 a e listtn s compiled by Brian SCOTTISH FIRST DIVISION Park. Tryfield Place. Ayr. 3pm. Dona dson. Ayr United v Dundee Somerset Park. Dundee v Hamilton Dens Park.

Tryfield Place. Ayr. 3pm. Sandeman Street. Dundee. 3pm. mn_ Falkirk v Hamilton Brockville Park. Falkirk v St Mirren Brockville Park.

Hope Street, Falkirk. 3pm. Hope Street. Falkirk. 3pm. National Open Highboard and 3M Morton v Airdrie Cappielow Park. Partick Thistle v Morton Firhill Park. . Championships Sun l4 & Mon l5. Sinclair Street. Greenock. 3pm. Firhill Road. Glasgow. 3pm. d Royal Commonwealth Pool. Edinburgh. Partick Thistle v Stirling Albion Stirling Albion v Airdrle Forthbank For full details on this event. take the Firhill Park. Firhill Road. Glasgow. Stadium. Springkerse Industrial Estate.

lun re with a call to the Scottish 3 m. Stirling. 3 m. ° gllltiieur Swimming Association on ()I4l Rgith Rovers V St Mirren Stark's Park. p m n (>41 8818. Pratt Street. Kirkcaldy. 3pm. —_ Tuesday 16 Fife Flyers v Kingston Hawks slit 13. r UEFA CUP FIRST ROUND Fife Ice Arena, Kirkcaldy. 7pm. The team

Scottish Croquet Asspciation Celtic v Liverpool Celtic Park. formerly known as Humberside join the Chairman’s Rosebow Sat 2() ~Mon 22. Kerrydale Street. Glasgow. 7.45pm. Northern League this term with their Kelvingrove. Glasgow. For the ‘Battle of Britain’ will undoubtedly be hard-hitting brand of play which ensures weekend's action. call the Scottish the tag given to this clash with Scots fans some thrills and spills. They may well Croquet Association on 0131 4-17 87-13. hoping that the end result will be the pose the biggest threat to Hyers’ Autumn

same as the last similar occasion Cup challenge.

Rangers‘ win over Leeds ill l()9l. Celtic

are the clear underdogs and will have to ' Saturday tighten up their defence if further never has retal' been SCOTTISH PREMIER LEAGUE progress is to be made. Scottish Championship Motor Racing 50 gOOd for the soul Dundee United v Kilmarnock Sun 21. Knockhill Racing Circuit. by Tannadice Park. Tannadice Street. Saturday Dunfermline. 1pm. Today’s event Dundee. 3pm. SCOTTISH PREMIER LEAGUE features Scottish Formula Ford. Tarmac . . Hibs v Dunfermline Easter Road Celtic v Aberdeen Celtic Park. XR Challenge and high speed Formula 4 teVlOt place, 8d|flbllfgh Stadium. Albion Road. Edinburgh. .3 )III. Kerrvdale Street. Glasgow. 3 ml. Ecosse Sin yle Sealers. For further Motherwell V Celtic Fir I’al'k Stadiillll. Dunfermline v KilmarnocklEast Elld informatioricall the venue on 01383 ' Fimark Street. h’lotherwell. 3pm. Park. Halbeath Road. Dunfermline. 3pm. 723337.

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Clydesdale Spring Regatta Sat 20. - - Glasgow Green. Call the Scottish 10 8 mon sat Amateur Rowing Association on OH! 12 - 8 sun 775 0522 and they will be keen to splash the info.


Saturday 13

SRU LEAGUE TROPHY GROUP A Currie v Preston Lodge FP Malleny Park. Balerno. 2pm.

Hawick v Kirkcaldy Mansfield Park. Hawick. 2pm.

Heriot's FP v Edinburgh Academicals Goldenacre. Edinburgh. 2pm.

Melrose v Glasgow Hawks The Greenyards. Melrose. 2pm.

Musselburgh V Gala Stoneyhill. i v I Musselburgh. 2pm. S SRU LEAGUE TROPHY GROUP 8 Biggar v Boroughmuir Hartree Mill. and .~; .- 15;? l t ts?“ . \’ "keg." :. . i=3.” Ygar‘ zpln‘ U M Glory days: George Best dons the Manche ter United strip Est: ‘13:"‘199 "5F? I’Oynder Park. 2 . Kilmarnock v Iedforest Bellslalld. NOW Stockmg: Kilmarnock. 2pm. The BEST In Football Peebles vWatsonians Gytes Leisure me Of Arran (E) 60/60 mins ** * * Centre. Peebles. 2pm. ‘Association football is possibly the most popular game in the world today. scouand “memes range And one of its greatest exponents is Manchester United and Ireland's i HERB R|TTS posters (woops) . . . George . . . Best.‘ This is the plummy voice-over which begins saturday 20 both of these educational videos shot when Bestie was at the peak of his EEAGhUAE ":9le (Imogp A. Silver RINGS and BODY powers and immediately prior to self-destruction. Raizur‘rfinacfaFSiTgfi31v, Il'nme PIERCING JEWELLERY, Red Don’t expect a McIIvanney-esque hagiography of the mercurial Gala v Heriotis'pp Nclficfifzfig Ribbon Costume Jewellery Ulsterman's tempestuous life and times; this is more in the vein of the lack Galashiels, 2pm, Charlton soccer skills show from the 705, when the future Shredded Wheat Glasgow HaWkS V Kirkcaldy 01d A FABULOUS range 0f campaigner and keen angler bullied and harassed little boys for heading Ann'S‘S‘L‘md' 0"“ "‘V' 2g”, I silver and resin photo with their eyes closed or displaying crap dribbling skills. 1M1?“ burg M‘msfidd PM“ frames At least here we have the glorious sight of Georgie leaving several M‘élrésé}pis,£eston Lodge pp The defenders in his wake. Not quite so glorious when you realise his victims Greenymds, Melrose, 2pm REVENGE T'Shlrts and are about nine years old. And less so when the accompanying soundtrack SRU LEAGUE TROPHY GROUP 8 CLUB WEAR. reminds you of the flaccid porn of the Confessions Of. . . variety. Boroughm“'( V Stlrlmgwcounty For those who mourn the passing of an era now kids are playing Game Btgfigg‘flgg‘g'fi‘g g‘r'e'sl;"rl'1, ,H ‘l 1 OPEN Mon Sat: Iznoon ' Boy instead of keepie-up with a stone in the street. this is either a timely “mum. s m d) L ( ' 7pm. Sun: IZnoon ~ 5pm reminder of the skills and techniques which have been lost or a kitsch Kelso v‘nggiar Povntler Park. Kelso. ; comedy relic of the period. Either way it scores. (Brian Donaldson) 2pm. _ ' ' 6O Broughton Street I The Best In Football Parts /& l/ are available on the Imagine Home Elatiopilanls V Tug“?!ka MFI'CSMC EDIN BURCH ' I I aot . it III )tll‘g 1. .pm. Entertainment abe’ priced £999 eaCh' West of Scotland v Peebles Btll'nbratc. Tel: 01 31 -558 81 74

Glasgow. 2pm.

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