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v I saw you Polo. 23/8/97. not in your usual spot at espresso machine. Was that just a friend you were with? Let's have a coffee!! Rover. Box No U/316/l.

0 I saw you 5/9/97. 5pm. Tollcross. waiting to cross road towards Brougham Place with shopping? lti green sweatshirt. grey jogging bottoms. our eyes met too many times to be coincidental? Could we meet? Box No U/316/2.

V I saw you when buying a

CD from you. HMV Argyle Street. Sunday 31/8/97. You: guy with amazing blue eyes. long dark hair. Me: blonde babe. Too pathetic to say hello. Let‘s meet. Box No U/316/3.

0 I saw you at airport.

31/8/97. you served me. cute smile. bum atid all. Love your striped apron. ()n 7.20pm Stansted. Serve me soon!! Box No U/3 16/4.

V I saw you Bastille Day. Pierre Victoire (Miller Street). Disappointed you sat with your (4) sisters. How about a table for two soon? Maybe even a trip to lkea sometime. Box No U/316/5.

V I saw you Christine. 2nd week of August and felt disconnected by your sight. 1 would love you to find out the whole of my lovely freckles. A.A. Box No U/316/6.

V I saw you eating sandwiches outside St Mary’s Cathedral. basking in sunlight that couldn't compare to the warmth in your eyes. That's one fantasy fulfilled. let's do lunch and discuss many more. Box No U/316/7.

V I saw you Polo Lounge. Sat 6/9/97. Me iii black polo shirt. you in group wearing glasses and orange shirt. You rolled your sleeves tip revealing wonderful arms. Wrap them around tne. Box No 1.1/316/8.

V I saw you St Cuth‘s girl with matching apron. After a kiwi experience. do the seeds get stuck in your teeth? Box No 1.1/316/9.

V I saw you dark-haired girl in Pitcher and Piano on 5/9/97. Red shirt. dark trousers. You were with others. I want you to be with me. Box No U/316/10. V I saw you in the Adam Smith cafe. at Stirling Concert. on the station platform. Jasmine. I‘m still counting rivets on the Bridge. That time of year again. I still miss you. babe. Box No U/3 16/1 1.

V I saw you in Dalhousie Land. You: tall. thin. white hair. up the front. Me: tall. dark and lusting up the back. Must meet you to discuss more puberty. Box No U/3l6/l2.

i V I saw you Andrew. walking

along Cowgate. evening 19 August. Me iii black dress. heading for Gilded Balloon. You to play blues in Leith. Want to try again? Box No U/316/13. V I saw you The Kitchen. early moming. 6/9/97. You iii an alcove: dark hair. intelligent eyes. high cheekbones and beautiful mouth. Me dancing selfconscioust in brown suede.

Couldn't help staring. Box No

U/3 16/14.

V I saw you working iii the - ‘Art Bar Cafe‘ on 7/9/97. within

Burtons. Please don’t be ‘shy‘. give it a ‘try'. and say ‘hi'

because you are a ‘special guy‘. i Box No U/316/15. V I saw you Evelyn at Divine

Divas. 12/9/97. We met at the

end of the night. Me: long red

hair. too shy to speak. Can we

' meet again? Box No U/316/16.

V I saw you David. working in

Safeways. East Craigs. Sun 7

Sep. You checked me out and scanned my healthy basket! Care to switch? Box No U/316/17.

V I saw you Jenners. 16/9/97. 3.30ish. food dept. Me young

. lady. browsing at wine section. You handsome man. trench coat. ' carrying case. Eyes met briefly.

Can we share a nice bottle of wine? Box No U/3 16/18.

V I saw you coarse problem hair me blonde. manageable hair. For doggies. chocky bickies. kiddies etc. get itito yourjimjams and we‘ll have nooky. Box No U/316/I‘).

V I saw you working in Gap. 9/9. pm. You tall and handsome. me small. blonde. black jeans. white top. Did our eyes spark

' when you said goodbye? Box

No 11/316/20.

V I saw you with Elvis at Heathrow Airport. Me: Jimmy hat and heard. And you thought nine hours was along wait . . . Meet me at the usual place? Box No U/3 16/21.

V I saw you Janey. with your sticks poking out of our bag. Can‘t wait to hear your drum again. Ullapool is lonely without you. Box No U/316/22. V I saw you at the Park Road launderette on Saturday morning (twice). 1 got a coffee from the machine and you were pretending to watch the Bond video. We use the same non-bio soap powder. Me. small. blond (lonely) post grad. Box No U/316/23.

Street. We met a long time ago weren't interested. now know

testing is definitely proposed! Box No U/316/24.

V I saw you on your birthday. You missed Julia's wedding but ate salt and vinegar Pringles at your work. You're a dirty stop- out Odeon boy. I) x. Box No U/316/25.

V I saw you Joe fae Glasgow. You sexy beast. I saw you at the Cowal Games iti Dunoon. We talked in the Club 66. 1 had a

white dress on and long brown

hair. Box No U/316/26.

l V I saw you Kev in The Tap at Larj come and have a go if you think you're hard enough. Box No U/3 16/27.

V I saw you (row behind) at Mark Little's show on Wednesday 21 August. Me ‘tory girl'. You ‘sofa goat'. Let's analyse our performances now

the Festival's over. Just a cafe ole. Box No U/315/1.

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1" I saw you 15/8. Gavin in The Junction Bar. First we were surrounded by Spice Girls then .stopped by the police. You said fyou would call. Box No Ll/315/2.

EV I saw you on the retail team. lyou looked awful sad or so it gwould seem. btit don't you feel blue. C0]. the man from who‘s 'who. will hopefully give you a twenty by two! Box No

U/3 15/3.

V I saw you iii my dreams. We had a house and a dog. It was in Spain or France. wherever. That was otin a tiiglit btit l‘laco you are always in my heart. Box No _U/315/4.

lV I saw you again on number :81 bus. Eye contact and a common destination. Your red , hair and smiles brighten my

morning. Time to talk now? 'Box No U/315/5.

V I saw your dark blonde hair. exiting Partick Salvation Army 1 shop and entering flat opposite. I 22/8. You gazed at man wearing shorts at the bus stop. From salvation to salivation. Box No U/315/7.

V I saw you W. at dawn on

I 16/8. with Elvis under your arm

3 and a waiting taxi for Easter

1 Road. Fancy a film or a Glasgow trip sonietiiite'.’ G. Box No U/315/8.

V I saw you Rob on St Vincent at Strathclyde Uni. Thought you

you were are you still? Further

i saw you CLASSIFIED


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V I saw you Gillian Mitchel iti Maryhill job centre. 14/8/97. Me: Asian guy. red shirt. glasses. You: long dark hair. lovely eyes. blue shorts. Our eyes met. we smiled. Let’s be friends. Box No U/315/9.

O I saw you sailor boy. 22/8. We made eye contact at the Clydesdale Bank. You were tall. dark and handsome. 1 small arid

cute. Box No U/315/10.

V I saw you James Thin.

i George Street. Friday evenings.

kipper tie boy with melting eyes. This leggy restaurant blonde wants defrosting now! Box No U/315/l l.

V I saw you Ricky. at Primal Scream. Glasgow on 24/8/97. You work night shifts for BP.

Can we talk in more peaceful

and private surroundings?

Perhaps meet iti Edinburgh. Box No U/315/l2.

' V I saw you at Paisley Lagoon. : 21/8/97. We passed. you smiled. looked back. at man in grey

deiiims. What a moment. Let‘s

share some more. life is too short not to. Box No U/315/l3. 0 I saw you in Route 66. Me Jackie shy horse man wearing green daffy duck T-shirt. Lost your phone number. finally got mine connected. Please phone so we can meet soon. Box No U/315/14.

V I saw you Billy. coniving with Mrs Brown and Pamela at

: Balmoral Castle. Please. please

get iii touch. Box No U/3l5/15.

O I saw you Seizer. 22/8/97. You. mobile phone. sparkling eyes. Me (on your left) denim jacket. wandering eyes. Your leg was hit by a hammer; it hit my soul. Box No U/315/16.

V I saw you Pigpen in Bidford. We walked across fields for miles. through kissing gates and across styles. We kissed and touched. it was lovely. Are we each other‘s four-leafed clover? It would be nice to find out wouldn't it? Lyric lover xxx Box No U/315/l7.

O I saw you on the undergroutid lbrox to Bridge Street. 26 August. 5.30pm. You iti denim and gorgeous. Me: reading Herald and gob- smacked! Fancy making me nervous again? Box No U/315/18.

V I saw you donkey boy. in all

. your cheesyness. Your face was i like a baby lamb. Big rainbow

xxx Box No U/315/l9.

V I saw you John. st) handsome. Polo Lounge. Friday

22 August. We chatted. You

drove me home. called me twice. What now? Are you real? My angel? My dream? Neil. Box No U/315/20.

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