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108 THE LIST 26 Sep-9 Oct 1997

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Armless New York flrrt Bill rs

(let's not mince our words) varnht

, cornrrrrtments other than to the supertrc'ral art world in which he 3 hangs out Shy Japanese dancer,

. 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

The Sweet Hereafter .

Atom Egoyan’s The Sweet Hereafter r :s a powerfully movrng frlrn about grief, loss and redemption based on the novel of the same name by Russell Banks. Starring acclarrrred British actor Ian Holm, whc‘; has also starred rn The rl/Iadness' 0/ King George and Chariots Of Fire, The Sweet Hereafter was awarded The Grand Jury Prize, The International Crrtrcs Prize and The Ec'umer'rrcal Prize at the Cannes Frlm Festival. The List’s frlm edrtor reckons that rt wrll ~ probably be the best frrrn that he wrll r see this year See feature on pages 22—23. Who are we to disagree? i We have five copres of Banks’ novel published by Vintage at £5.99; five coores of ! Egoyan's Exotica courtesy of Fox World Crnerrra and frve The Sweet Hereafter posters to give away to the bright sparks who can answer this

What part did lan Holm play rn Tire F.4ac.’rress Of wig Gemge?

Answers on a postcard by Thu 9 Oct Hark their! SWEET COMP, The List,


unhappy because hrs girlfriend rs movrnc) to Pans and has given hrrn a 90-mrnute ultimatum to make a commrtment or end the relationship. Gay, self-seekrno tart

is too detached to make

1 M'hO '5 10” busy OOdQIOO Jilted lovers to consrder the r‘arn'trc .rtrons of a ten-it term : relationship Wrth film drrector Hal

her orrres sucked mm the amoral world of the court,

Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

Strll followmg7 It's a Hal Hartley film that spans three cr‘irrtrrrerrts, :nterspersed sarth a chorus of philosophical musings, Jealous lovers, guns, cops and snot :r'l the face, If rt s0unds Irke your cup of tea then r'ejorce trecause those SV/(‘t‘llc‘s at Artrtrc rar Eye have given us five copres of the Video to give to you Answer this

Name two other Hal Hartley films Answers on a postcard by Thu 9 Oct Mark therr‘. FLIRT COMP, The List, 14 High Street,

‘errc ule is, ri;\!l‘r!‘.(; to be scared or" sang Adam Ant rn HIS sorrrcwrhat preposterc‘us 'ate 80s hrt 'Prrnc'e Charrrrrnn' He'd ohxrously not heard about the court of Lours >01: :‘iher'e mt rs the razor-lrke ra;>:er' that :arr car'sc- reputations and .areers ~ or “are, them Meltrzlramatrc', :s'il 'lx

Patrrc '1’ Leconte duet ted the mui!“award-v.1!n:.rrv; Rid/t uie \.'.!2r_ H. stars Coarse-s Berlrnr; as Pitf‘Lr‘Ttliltlfl, a hoizi you'rzr tlrt‘»l.‘=ctril of Kind Lours in order to plead for arcl for We people ot “rs :lrscnrse-rrdcler‘. protrnt e

,ho cities to the t our't >\s he

:21 n 1"ri’3 r, r t. .. a... .,r.t-.v..r<..,r. a. at s a) ...t t,, as ...ts

: The /nc.’ryrenc.’ent On Sunmy was moved to .xrrrrrrerrt that 'thrrcziie unriates e.” the

conventions of the period trlm from a :yeat litrl’llll

Fru .rr LLB}


5" tirert‘1,u:r:r on We have five copres of the vrdeo, tahrc h lrri‘, away to the readers who can corre: tly arrs~.'.<-r tr .‘)()15r“silx"l

[Zuni llz‘t'll lt'lt‘dXt‘rl i it \t' r?

,rrte .'.r

rrirss‘rK; \.'.ov‘d rn thetrtleot “‘1‘,'.'.r‘2§"\'w‘.'.fl 1‘:',';;e Lt‘t

r‘ inshanc.’

Awhile". 0.". a postcard try itzrr 9 Ct! Mari. t' err! RIDICULE COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.


whole magazine and present it to the relevant

r results you require.

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The Traverse are offering two full price trckets for the price of one to see Lung Ha’s

productron of Louise Ironsrde's play The Litt/e Lady From A ' Lucky Star on Thu 2 Oct. Take i this copy of The List to the 1 Box Office.



Dunfermline And West Fife Arts Fest are offering five pairs of tickets to see Benchtours production of The Corridor at the Music Institute Annexe, East Port, Dunfermline on Sun 28 Sep at 7.30pm. Pick up the trckets from the box office from 10am. Take this copy of The List with you.

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