WHEN ELASTICA WON the unsigned band competition at the first In The City event. few paid much attention to an unknown bunch of Manes called Oasis. Even fewer could have gttesscd the (iallagher brothers would have the world in their greasy paltns five years later.

In The. City (ITC) was launched in Manchester. I902. to bring together the UK music industry‘s big wigs. decision makers and chart shakers. Oasis played at the convention again in Manchester. I993. l‘nfortunately for the assembled mass of cheque book waving A&R men. Alan McGee had spotted them several months earlier in King 'l‘ut's. (ilasgow and the band had already sworn allegiance to Creation.

Kula Shaker and Placebo have since joined Elastica as winners of the ITC unsigned band competition. and all three have seen their careers go ballistic.

lTC has become a monumental event in the music industry‘s annual calendar. when trends are spotted and plans hatched for the future of rock. pop and dance music. For the first time in its six-year history. the convention is to descend on Scotland. What happens during the convention from 27 September to I October in Glasgow will affect what you listen to for the next few years.

However. it's not all balding blokes with ponytails and expense accounts larger than their bellies. As well as being a big industry shindig. l'l‘C is a chance for music fans to get stuck into a heaving smorgasbord of gigs.

ITC is a chance for music fans to get stuck into a

heaving smdrgasbord of gigs.

Teenage Fanclub kick off a tottr with a hometown gig at Barrowland. Arab Strap demonstrate their drink-sodden poetic mum- blings. and Stereolab. Cornershop and G.L'.N. also take to the stage under the lTC banner.

Record labels are staging their own nights. Creation are to show off 3 Colours Red and Arnold on the same night. while V2 and Big Cat are hosting nights with the Stereophonics. Kings Of lnfinite Space and 'l‘instar playing The (iarage. and Addict. Stony Sleep and Grandaddy playing Renfrcw lierry. Other local bands and venues are going into overdrive. either as part of ITC or defiantly not part of ITC. Either way. it‘s good news for the fans.

Dance music is also well represented with sets by Melle Mel in his first L'K appearance. Derrick May. Mushroom from Massive Attack and club nights from Cream. Ministry and Miss Moneypenny's. plus a big Detroit techno night (see page 75).

But l'l‘C‘s centrepiece. as far as the public and the music biz. talent spotters are concerned. is the Unsigned Band competition.

10 THE UST 26 Sep—9 Oct 1997


Popular myth has it that Oasis were born in Glasgow venue King Tut's. Wrong. They cut their teeth at In The City in 1992. As the music industry shindig descends on Glasgow for a five-day gig fest, we profile unsigned Scottish bands hoping to blow IN THE CITY talent scouts away, and give you the A to Z of Scotland's music scene. Vv'crds: Jonathan Trew

Fifty—four unsigned bands will plzt} a series of free gigs in Straw berry l-ields. ltcttvs Mayonnaise. The (‘athousc. 'l’he .-\rchcs. 'l'he Polo Lounge and .\lc(‘httill's. ()n pages l2 and I3 \\e‘\e profiled the [\VL‘IVC Scottish htttttls it] the running.

While it‘s their chance to become superstars. it's your chance to catch them in their infancy and bore your pals to tears by saying you s;t\\

Placebo rose to fame and fortune at In The City

them in 'l'he Arches when they still had runny noses. .‘\lo\ c o\ er ()asis. This is right here. right now right in the heart ol‘Ulasgow.


In The City is at various Glasgow venues from Sat 27 September to Wed 1 October. See Glasgow rock listings, pages 49-53, for details of all the In The City gigs including the free Unsigned Bands nights.

Elastica: 1992 In The City winners