Edinburgh four-piece Cruyff got their name after their bassist Robbo met Noel Gallagher and they spent a boozy afternoon watching footie. Both agreed that Johann Cruyff was the best player ever. So there. Their debut single ’Die Happy’ is out soon on Citrus Records. They call it ’catchy, rocking and accessible with a strong chorus’. Spending their ginormous record deal advance? ’We’ll buy camels the animals, not the cigarettes.’

The Starlets

Glasgow-based troupe who believe in the inherent glamour of pop and aren’t afraid to mince about on stage to prove it. Boasting not entirely authentic names like Mark McSwinger and Fox Fontaine, they formed eighteen months ago for the express purpose of having a laugh and aiming ’to be the best, most glamorous pop group in the world’. So far, they’ve released two Singles for local labels NGM and Flotsam & Jetsam. When the megabucks come their way it will most likely go on natty threads and eyeliner.



Dodgy may at times have regretted their name, Fabulous are hoping theirs will be prophetic. The Glaswegian four- piece formed two years ago and have become regulars on the local live circuit as well as having just released the self- financed ’Bliss’ EP. With their enormobucks advance, they say they'd pay back all the money they owe their girlfriends and take their friends out for a (wry.


’SCi-fi garage funksters' Fat Lip who thumped onto the Glasgow scene this year with self-

financed brutal-riffed big

beat stomper ’The Sound Of Music’, play their first gig at In The City. They pull no punches when it comes to spending any record company cash: ‘We'd buy some distant island, new surfboards and lots of sun lotion. We burn easily.’


On the day of The List’s enquiries it's the morning after the night before when this Dundonian

fivesome lost their bassist.

Careless. Happily, they’d already found another one to produce their glamrock-meets-Britpop swagger. A T in the Park performance led to a TV appearance and eight (count ’em) record labels are thinking of reaching for their cheque books. Kingsize, you will blow your record label dosh on . . .? 'A new guitar.’ Oh.


Based in Aberdeen, this bunch of five have been described as inhabiting the space between Geneva and Radiohead but with a better singer than both. Apparently, they’re also all exceptionally handsome and young enough to take advantage of it. Bastards. They played T in the Park this year and have several record labels on their trail. Their future is looking somewhat glittering. Double bastards.


Cloud/silver lining interface. When this Edinburgh foursome released their debut single The List sniffed at it and no one played the A-side

on the radio. However, Steve Lamacq, Peter Easton and John Peel all loved the B-side ’Self Healer’, and played it lots. Huzzah! They’ve got a mini-album of their Black Flag/REM musings coming out as a one-

off in January. As to that advance, its going straight in the bank ’cos they’re very sensible.



Not, as the name might suggest, a ship-wrecked Roy Orbison tribute but rather a five-piece and sometimes three-piece group whose song-based material uses a lot of vocal harmonies. Containing Kit Clark, formerly of Danny Wilson, and Dougie Vipond of Deacon Blue, Swiss Family Orbison have just finished recording a debut album which they hope to release soonish.


The actual history of this band is remarkably short. So short that people still refer to them as Baby Chaos, but there's clearly a desire to go for a fresh start after a few years on a major label, a degree of hype for their bratty indie rock and some success on the touring circuit. The Glasgow quartet are ready to kick off again, having contributed to an industry CD compiled by the National Band Register.

26 Sep--9 Oct 1997 TIIE LIST 15