A rap crossover act who have been around for a few years, but have enjoyed a burst of more intenSive activin this year, including making it to the final of The List/Bacardi Unsigned battle of the bands (they were runners-up) and playing the T in the Park talent stage. The trio combine Tim’s deadpan raps wrth Sarah's full-bodied v0ice and a variety of funky, sometimes kitsch samples from television programmes and the like.

Burger Queen

Glam house 015 and producers Huggy and Craig run the ever-popular Burger Queen night which started out at the Vaults and now surfaces every other week at Club Mercado in Edinburgh. Their remix work includes Blondie and Diddy and they also produce their own material ('House Fever" and 'Boom And Pound'). They're setting tip their own label and carry out guest spots around the UK and in Europe


Think Capercaillie and yOLi'll probably think of misty- eyed laments as a new Celtic dawn breaks Or at least that used to be the case. Their new album Beautiful Waste/and has taken African influences on board and is slowly Winning audiences around to its nuances. It was recorded in Spain in a spot so desolate that wrld dogs can be heard howling outside the studio.

Annie Christian

Ignore the stinkiest moniker this side of Aunty Meg Snogged Elvrs and pay heed. An Edinburgh four-piece who supported AC. Acoustics during Planet Pop, Annie Christian are in the process of signing to Branson's V2 label Think Manics/Only Ones/BOWie. Think what you damn well please. StickbOy singer Larry has the chutzpah to be a star before the millennium is out,


The 808 anthem 'When Will I Be Famous?’ (OUld well have been written for this Aberdeen combo. They finally managed to get their debut collection Big let Rising on the streets earlier this year, confirming what their live shows had already proven -- they are a band with their roots entrenched in the past but With sights steadfastly on the future. As M010 would say. Coast are busy writing in preparation for their second onslaught on the album charts.

Caper and ceilidh with Capercaillie

Edwyn Collins

Baby—faced Edwyn still gets spots apparently, but adolescent naivete has long since given way to wry cynicism and ironic wrt. After he hit the global high spots over a year ago with ’A Girl Like You', Collins’s every musical utterance is under more voracrous scrutiny than it has been since his fledgling Jangle- pop days in Orange Juice. So what do the masses make of the nOise of sheep being machine-gunned which ends his current album /‘m Not Fol/owrng You?

Dawn Of The Replicants

Certifiable quintet from Galashiels who have clearly been sent loopy by their flirtation With the heady world of mu5ic Journalism. All five merriber‘s of the band were contributors to Borders music mag Sun Zoom Spark before deciding they could do better than most of their interViewees. Their current 'Violent Sundays' EP is a mad dash through Stereolab/Super Furry Animals/Sonic Youth territory Live, singer Paul has been known to wave a skull stick for that voodoo effect.

Del Amitri

The Dels have completed an American t0ur iii support of Top Ten album Some Other Sucker’s Parade, which scored high critical acclaim 'Medicine', which was to have been released as a single, has been held back as certain lines were felt to be ’insenSitive and inappropriate' in the wake of Princess Diana's death. They plav Glasgow's Barrowland on 2 & 3 Nov and Edinburgh's Usher Hall on 18 Nov

The Delgados

A Glaswegian four-piece who looked for a while as if their main claim to fame w0uld be releasing the single that got Bis on Top Of The Pops Via their own Chemikal Underground records. However, in addition to releasing records by Bis, Cha Cha Cohen and Arab Strap on one of the city's most successful independent labels, they’ve redressed the balance With several releases of their own, including the Domestr’ques album which showcases the growrng confidence and ferocity of their melodic vocals and full-on guitars. Not bad for a group named after a cyclist.

Dominic Waxmg Lyrical

This is a band who have carved Out something of a niche market in cross-dressing, pastoral folk wrth a spiked punk twist —- punk frock if you Will. Despite


being so far off the wall as to be out the door, DWL's gigs attract a healthy crowd. Their music got them a gig at the Flux festival of new music part of the last Edinburgh Fringe as well as the opportunity to cut a new single, the fruits of which will be emerging shortly.

Peter Easton

The hair may be greying but this DJ’s enthusiasm for all that’s new, unchampioned or merely weird from the Scottish pop underground remains as strong as ever. He is a fan through and through. Easton's Beat Patrol on Radio Scotland (Sun, 5—6pm) is where you first heard the likes of Belle And Sebastian, Arab Strap and Geneva. Cheers, Pete' The John Peel of the north.

18 Wheeler

Following their much-touted transformation from whimsical boys with guitars to dance/rock crossover monsters (a change trumpeted by Creation Records boss Alan McGee and rent-an-endorsement Noel Gallagher, and lambasted elsewhere), 18 Wheeler have gone quiet on the publicity front while they work on a new album. The List would like to say, we’ve always dug them and could they give Oasis lessons in imaginative songwriting?


This obstreperous quartet started life as one of Glasgow’s quintessential 13th Note bands with a love of underground American mUSlC and a desire to make a whole lotta noise. Over the last couple of years they've honed their sound and now come across like an unholy alliance of US artrock and the hard-core sounds of Fugazi and co. Current single ’Last Man On The Moon' is Out on Scared Of Girls Records, the label run by ex-Senseless Thing Marl; Kecls.


MusiCian-about-town Eugene Kelly made a welcome comeback last year with the infectious ’Womb Boy Returns' The single deriionstrated he's lost none of the touch for bubblegum tunes and gruiiged-Up qurtars which impressed Kurt Cobain enough to proclaim Kelly his faVOLJrite songwriter and go on to make him big bucks by covering various tracks by Kelly’s original band The Vaselines. Since then the gigs have flowed sporadically, as have the collaborative songwriting credits wrth Lernonhead

Evan Dando

Dominic Waxing Lyrical: dress not pictured

26 Sep—9 Oct 1997 I'll! U81 15