. Mark Findlay

Drsprovrng the theory that commercral radio plays nothrng but mainstream chart s0unds, Mark Findlay's shows on Forth FM have done the honourable thing and been very supportrve of local bands over the last seven years. Broadcastrng Mon ~-Thu lOpm—lam; Sun 7—lOpm and Frr 6-7pm, Findlay has helped bring The Supernaturals, Magrcdrrve and Petrol 3, among others, to a wrder audrence. While he doesn’t promrse to play every demo he is sent, aSprrrng chart breakers have a frghtrng chance of gettrng their frrst airplay.


The Brg Man has been on the road all year, and brooght out the LP Sunsets On Empire on hrs own Drck Bros label in May. He's rust frnrshed a srx-week US tour, With two months rn Europe to come and maybe another strnt m the States after that. Scottrsh grgs rn December are still to be confirmed,

Future Pilot AKA

Sushrl Dade, long-servrng bassman wrth a variety of Bellshrll dudes (Soup Dragons, BMX Bandits, etc), has gone off on his own largely Instrumental trrp using the rnonrker Future Prlot AKA Grgs and records have so far covered a few bases, from experrmental electronrca to more lavrsh soundtrack-Irke moods. The most recent release was a double A-srde single featurrng lunatic Amerrcan songsmith Kim Fowley's ’Nrghtflrght To l‘vlemphrs' on one side and a group Of lndran street chrldren, The Ranrrt Nagar Chorus, Srngrng ’We Shall Overcome’ on the other. Beats Oasrs anyway


Everyone who's ever wrrtten about Geneva Will have rambled on endlessly about Andrew Montgomery's v0rce. So here goes. It has been compared to the lrkes of Smokey Robinson, Aled Jones and Harriet Wheeler, wrth the abrlrty to hrt notes only dogs can hear. Havrng Just returned from France supportrng Supergrass, they are launchrng onto their frrst UK headlrne tour and arm to be back in the studro at the end of 97 for therr follow-up to Further

The Goldenhour

Hustlers are a-hustlin' for Glasgow's Goldenhour. Alter wrnnrng the Bacardi Rum/The Lr'st band search this year With their monstrously beefy melodies, the guys, fronted by Nerl Sturgeon, have a track on The Sharp Set, a comprlatlon CD of the best bands to have played at Castlemrlk's C Sharp Studro. They've

16 THE lIST 26 Sep-9 Oct 1997

Could be the end of the road for G.U.N.

also got a track on an Industry A&R tape which rs sent to over 100 record companres and on Mon 30 Sep at Sleazy's, they'll be launchrng then new srngle 'Untrl I See You Agarn’, the sporls of then Bacardr/The List wrn


The prominent Scottrsh rock band have split after the disappomtrng reactron to therr last album 0747 632 3636, which marked a move rnto funkrer areas Says srnger Mark Rankrn 'On the new album, we experrmented vvrth a SOUlld we hoped would wrn over some new fans But rt drdn't work out that way We don’t want to look back, so we've det rded to qurt whrle we're strll on top '

The Gyres

When Mozza crred off before Bowre's SECC show last year, The Gyres stepped rnto the gurffed one's brogues and anything seemed possible for Blantyre's Janeg mop-tops They even had a hilarious rockurnentary made of therr frrst tour - krnd of Gregory's Grr/ meets Sp/na/ Tap Therr debut LP eventually hrt the shops thrs summer to mass rndrfference, but don't write them off Just yet

Harri The drrvrng force behrnd the Sub Club's Saturday nrght, Harri has often been called the godfather of

The High Fidelity: cereal addiction

the Scottrsh house scene and has been DJing in the

3 club for a decade. Hrs American house style can also

be heard at Plastrc People rn London every Friday. He produces as H Foundatron (check 'Brown Sauce' on the Sounds Like Glasgow album on Pan, and see

album revrew rn musrc sectron). He also selected and mrxed the new Subbre comprlatron, see page 74.

The High Fidelity

L They’ve JUSI completed their first lrve dates on the

Intercny Crawl, so the Hrgh Fidelity have reached

some kind of tangrble frurtron, after months of being

'ex-Soup Dragon Sean Drckson's new band’. Their

I debut 'Addrcted To A TV was re-released to satrsfy

I the rnterest rt generated when rt first appeared on 7in ' vrnyl, boastrng one analogue and one drgrtal srde.

i Thrs trme rt was accompanred by a vrdeo shot on a

'borrowed' camcorder Cheeky monkeys


Now pennrng ter own songs, Horse rs burldrng up materral for an album. She presented a looser, Jazzier

srde of herself for three nrghts durrng the 97

Edrnburgh Festrval, and announced that Jennifer Rush has charted in Germany wrth the Horse song 'Sweet

r Thrng' She rs puttrng together a proposal for backing

from a non-musrc-related company and rs grggrng in

Strrlrng Castle on 9 Oct and Motherwell Clvrc Centre on ll Oct

Geneva: just don't mention ‘the voice’