Pink Kross: no leopards were killed in the making of this dress

re-released by Sony Europe, initially in Germany. Mainman Davey Scott is producing the next solo album by Duglas Stewart, and has already co- produced with him Caroline Now, an album of Brian Wilson covers, including one by Alex Chilton.


Not content with running the long-standing indie club Evol, Pilotcan frontman Kieran reckoned he didn't have enough on his plate and deCided to put out his band's own records. Having sold out a run of 1500 copies of Pilotcan's debut album Social/y lnept Disco, it’s not a decision he regrets. A new single 'Losing More Than My Fingers’ is due out in October and plans are afoot for the next album. What do they sound like? The fact that Evol is named after Kieran’s favourite Sonic Youth album gives you a clue to where they are coming from.

Pink Kross

Three sassy laSSies Jude, Jane and Vic who have been producing attitude-driven garage rock in a Cramps/Ramones style for the past few years. They were named in deference to their favourite band Redd Kross who returned the favour when singer Jeff wrote their name on his hand for his appearance on The Word. In recent times the girls have perSisted in their patronage of fake leopard skin, knee-high boots and spangly stage outfits and their hatred of The Spice Girls. Recently they released a kick-ass single 'SCUmbag’ on Bis’s Teen C Recordings.


The Edinburgh quartet have been lying low lately, but plan to make up for it With more t0uring in the new year. The band are not officially signed to Creeping Bent, but have an informal arrangement which has resulted in a split single with The Secret Goldfish and a near-future single release, 'Give Us This Day'. There's the pOSSibility of an album, eventually.

Primal Scream

Bobby Gillespie may not know what day it is but that doesn’t stop him and his band from hitting the highest of pop highs whether they are dubbing up or rockin' out, a dual feat they pull off with ease on their latest collection Vanishing Point. And they had Kate Moss on a video. Next January should see them release an EP of new material that includes a certain Mr Liam Gallagher on piano.

Louise Quinn

Until recently, Louise fronted Hardbody, one of the best new bands to come out of Glasgow. Blending a trip-hop style with rootsier influences, the band

18 THE LIST 26 Step—9 Oct 1997

released a couple of singles on Epic Records and got to record in their spiritual home, New Orleans. They sadly missed their chance to shine at T in the Park when their gear was not delivered on time. As the main songwriter in the band, Quinn has now gone solo, although it will probably be next year before any new material sees the light of day.

Radio Sweethearts

The Sweethearts grew out of the Bellshill scene, but in a country rather than pop vein, and With an unusually classic 505 honky-tonk feel. The six-strong band (sometimes an acoustic trio) is built around the talents of singer John Miller and his fellow songwriter, drummer Francis MacDonald, and released a promising debut album, New Memories.

Ricky Ross

Undeterred by the lack of success of his first solo album What You Are and no subsequent renewal of his contract With Sony, the former Deacon Blue Singer has started his own label, the unfortunately-spelt InternaZionale, and plans to release an acoustic album, New Recording, in October,

Salsa Celtica

Easily in the running for the Hardest Working Band In Scotland title, Salsa Celtica pack out gigs throughout the nation With a hot line in Cuban sOunds translated through a Celtic sensibility and lfle’Cted With a hefty dose of Jazz. Their debut album Monstruos y Demonios: Angels And Lovers, on Eclectic naturally, has had critics reaching for the hyperbole thesaurus.

The Secret Goldfish

The most prolific band on groovy Glasgow label Creeping Bent, the Secret Goldfish have released several singles and two albums and contributed to the label's singles club in iust Over two years. Fronted by Katy McCullars, who used to sing with C-86 popsters The Fizzbombs. they combine summery pop melodies With harder guitars in their quest to splice the 60s girl groups With New York punk Among other covers, they do an atmospheric version of Nirvana’s ’Come As You Are'.

The Silencers

The band have spent the last wee while 'in hibernation’ to get out of deals in which they were entwmed, but a new album from a reinvented Silencers is due in February or March, which Jimme O'Neill describes as a real departure, closer to Beck or Zappa in spirit and 'not really Celtic at all'. Indies have shown interest, but they are likely to end up putting it out themselves.

, Tommy

Primal Scream in a rare daylight shot


Slam are DJs and producers Stuart McMillan and Orde Miekle, who have been running techno/house nights in Glasgow since 88. As well as their weekly Friday night at The Arches, the pair are responsible (with their long-time manager Dave Clark) for Soma Recordings, now on its 60th release. Classic Slam tracks are ’Eterna’, ’Step Back’ and ’Positive Education' and the album Headstates. Soma was the first label to sign Daft Punk before they were snapped up by Virgin.

The Smiles

Yet another Glasgow band to have been signed up in the last couple of years as record companies realise there is life north of Carlisle. A four-piece specialising in chunky gunar pop, they supported A&tv1 labelmates The Bluetones to enraptured audiences. The Smiles have a spunky single ’Say Something' out on A&M in October along With Scottish dates to promote it.


The most significant iazz musiCian Scotland has ever produced. His recent albums for Linn have confirmed his standing as a major talent in contemporary European Jazz, both as a saxophonist and composer. He is at the heart of many of the most important developments in Scottish Jazz, notably the National Jazz Institute, and the two large ensembles he directs.

Snow Patrol

They were briefly Polar Bear before some other band got shirty over ownership of the name, so the Glasgow-based, Northern Ireland-bred trio dropped their furry connotations. But not before releasing a storming single ’Star Fighter Pilot’ on Stow College’s Electric Honey Records. This has led to a deal with

; Jeepster Records and a forthcoming debut for the

label called 'Little Hide’. Other recent eprOits include partiCipating on all three dates of the InterCIty Crawl.


Potentially the Glaswegian discovery of the year. Not since Belle And Sebastian and Toaster's increasing confidence last year has a new unsigned band looked ready to take on all-comers. They are a tight pop trio With 605 tendencies, memorable melodies and an ability to cover many bases in the course of their set. Yet they keep things punchy, leading to an obvious comparison with Supergrass. Hard to believe they've been gigging less than a year. Cheque-books out for the lads.