THE FORTNIGHTLY EVENTS GUIDE TO CENTRAL SCOTLAND Friday 26 September Thursday 9 October 1997

7 Famespotting 2 Frontlines How a joke video launched a globetrotting TV 4 Agenda career for Neil Gibson. 5 Letters 8 Pierre et Gilles i; E'Iml Fruity Frenchmen add colour to the fotofeis .ew re eases , 30 Video reVIews photography festival. 31 Film index . 34 Film listings 10 In The City . 42 Music As the mUSlC Industry crash lands In Glasgow, 45 Record reviews The List delivers a ten—page music special on the 48 Live reviews biz, the bands and the beats. 49 Rock & POD listings , . . 53 Jazz listings Les Mariéypieneeteiues,1992 10 Whats it all about: everything you ever 54 Folk & World “stings wantEd to know about in The Classical & Opera listings 11 Dance In The 57 12 Hot shots and bright spots: Scotland’s 60 Theatre reviews competitors in the Unsigned Band comp. 62 Drama & Dance listings 14 The Sound Guide to Scotland: the A—Z 68 Comedy of Scotland’s muSIc scene. ' 70 dubs 49 Complete In The City gig gUIde and more. 70 Clubs listings 79 Venues 20 Norman Mailer 80 TV America’s most bilious novelist rewrites the 81 Channel Hopping Word of God. 81 Soapbox 82 TV & Radio Highlights The British actor on finding film star fame at 65. 84 New shows Plus director Atom Egoyan on his response to 85 Gallery listings Dunblane. 39 Sport 25 Martin Amis 90 Km The information on his new novel Night Train. 91 EXtra Tlme PLUS. 93 Books ' 94 New titles Jodie Foster on making Contact (27); 96 800k events Billy Mackenzie from beyond the grave (42); 97 scanner Wallace & Grommit live on stage (57); 93 Classified Edinburgh’s Stills Gallery re-opens (83); 98 Recruitment Alison Watt on naked women (84); 102 FlatShare Full fotofeis listings (88); 105 Isaw YO“ _ , , Philip Kerr sets out his Five Year Plan (93) 106 FOOd 8! Drmk In The City hunts the new Oa5is Plus live Oasis review, page 48 108 Reader Offers :‘Etzgrggnbcéjrhe Li“ Ltd Publisher Robin tiodge Editor Kathleen MOrgan Publishing Manager Morag Burnett 3.. 9, 3,. Svec,’ EDITORIAL: Deputy Editor Aian '.’r:rr son Assistant Editors JOnathan Trew, Ellie Carr ' if." L: "bison. E‘» 1' ".3 Editorial Assistant Peter Ross Research ne’er“. Menaghan, Kelly Apter, Abigail Bremner '4; '~" y! it. 0131 553 1191 SALES AND MARKETING: Advertising Executive Claire Goodlad Assistant Alastair Wood Circulation Danie! Fisher an 0131 557 8500 ADMINISTRATION: Accounts Manager Georgette Rem-rick Accounts Assistant Sheila MacLean Reception Sobhan Cunningham 0%! edit0f@| PRODUCTION: Production Editor Andrew Burnet Production Manager Stephen Chester Production Assistants Simon Bucktrom, Smart A'rr‘a". DTP Nu: Tinner Design Jeanette LennartSSOn Camera Edinburgh Make-up Services OFHCE: Agenda Step'el .‘vaysrmtri Art Susanna Beaumont Books Kathleen MOrgan Classical Music CarOI Main Clubs ROry Weller. Jim Byers (3‘2) 9,09,, Dance e Ca'r Extra Time Brian Dona dson Film Alan MOrflSOO Film Listings Helen MOnaghan Folk NOrman Chalmers

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