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This issue sees the launch of the Sub Club’s first mix album, with tracks selected and mixed by DJ Harri, resident at the club for over a decade. The album isn’t about relentless dance music, ’lt’s essence de Sub, says Harri. ’Music that works in the Sub that won ’t work elsewhere’. Here Harri talks us through the compilation.

The Chance Reel House (Zoom). 'I had it as a 12in white label dub plate which they said they weren’t going to release, and if I hadn’t put it on, pe0ple wouldn’t have been able to hear it at all.’

The Solo Biosphere 2 (X Ray). 'A massive tune at Atlantis (vintage Sub night). Brings back memories of the ultra—violet lights in the Sub and the way that the music itself works in the environment of the club.‘

That Kid Chris Rhythmix (Digital Dungeon) ’Another Atlantis big tune. A toasted, dark disturbing track.‘

Ability Pressure (Dub Bassic) 'lt's got a really cool deep bass sound and is really easy to mix with most things.’ Renegade DJ Camacho (Sumo) 'lt blew me away when I heard it first and I had to go on a mission to find it.’

Soul Searcher UNl (Soul Furic) 'Goes down a storm wherever I play it. it even gets a reaction in Edinburgh.‘

Climax Smooth & Simmonds (Bomba) ’Uses a drum ’n’ bass vibe on a house record. The original pressing is quite fast but We brought it down for the album.’ Deep Down Robinson Wall Project (Sole Music) ’The Scottish connection from Glasgow's Paul Hunter and Colin Gate, one of their finest moments.’

Let's Get Jazzy KC Flight (Radikal) 'One from the early days of the Sub and Fever in Aberdeen way back in '88.’

Spring Once More The Unknown Factor (Defender) ‘Summery laid-back jazzy thing breaking into Detroity electro.’ Jazz Journey DJ Assassin (Phono) 'Much like the Smooth & Simmonds track.’ Sunburst EP The Takabayashi ’Really like the idea of a cheesy carnival track from Japan!

The Relics EP Abacus (Prescription) ‘Music made by angels.’

I Subculture is out now on Arista Records.

74 THE LIST 26 Sep—9 Oct l997


I Sub Culture at Sub Club. l0.30pm—5am. £8. Harri and Domenic lord it over the legendary night of nice ‘n‘ groovy. hard hittin‘. funky house in the radically changed Sub Club. As busy as ever with a happy family of friendly faces. 27 Sep. help the boys celebrate the launch of the first Subbie compilation by coming down. having a drink and dancing lots. 4 Oct. 01' green barnet Cajmere. aka Green Velvet (Relief and Cajual) guests tonight.

I Tonka at Jet. llpm—3. l5am. £6 (£5). The legendary Tonka returns after a brief absence. fired up and ready to party. Features resident Tonka DJ Colin Walker of New York Alliance fame (Sugarcube Records) plus monthly guests.

I Trash llpm-3am. (£7) £5. House in Room One with DJ Matt. funk in Room Two from Paul N’Jie plus eclectic beats by lanes in Room Three.

I Triumph at The Tunnel. l().3()pm—3am. £6 (£4). A huge night of Italian and UK house at one of the country’s best looking venues. Colin Tevendale and Steven McCreery take on the main room while Kevin McFarlane offers up a different vibe with a wide mix of soul. funk and dance classics in Room Two. Cream guests 27 Sep. see separate listing. 4 Oct. Jeremy ‘funkier than your average commercial house DJ' Healy guests.

I Under The Influence at The Bedsit. 9pm—2am. £3. 4 Oct and monthly. Deep house and dark techno with DJs Glenn. Mr Peaches and Guy.

I Velvet Rooms l()pm-late. £8 (£7; £4 before midnight). DJ Skud in Room Two with house. garage and club classics. John Lyons in Room ()ne playing mellow hip hop. swingbeat and classic soul.

I Wired at Strathclyde University Student Union (Level 8). l()pm—3am. £2 (£1.50). Dance. indie and ()Os. ()pen all summer. Drinks promos.

I Where It's At The l3th Note. 8pm—midnight. Free. DJ Paul Watt playing a selection of worldwide sounds including dancefloorjazz. rare grooves. soul classics and hot Latin tunes.

I Wild at Lime. l lpm—3am. £6 (£4 students). Funky dance with DJ Ray. Drinks promos.


I 4th Dimension at The Baby Grand. 9pm—midnight. Free. Andy Young plays jazz. Brazilian. soul. fusion and funk. Drinks promos. Pre-club.

I Aquaplanet at Sub Club. llpm—3am. £4 (£3). A damn fine night of hard dance music and mixed-up genres with Mark Ryal and Twitch every week in the spanking new Subbie. 28 Sep. the Aquaplaneteers pull out all the stops with a trio of Detroit techno finery. Derrick May DJing and Blake Baxter and Claude Young playing live. A must.

I Bar Miro 9—l lpm. Free. Richard Howie with a deep. jazzy Sunday session. I Bill 8: Ben's Flowerpot-Men at The Garage (upstairs). llpm—3am. £2 (J; l ). DJs John and Gavin with indie classics. Drinks promos.

I Brown Sugar at Tin Pan Alley (floor three). llpm—3am. £3 (£2). MC Tony with an R&B and hip hop night. Drinks promos.

I Bubblelicious at Reds. l lpm—3am. £5 (£3). Club classics and a touch of soul plus drinks promos.

I 8.0.P. at Fury Murry's. l lpm—3am. £3 (£2). Music your mother would know. from DJs Desperate Dave and Weird Phil. Drinks promos.

I Club Jamaica at The Venue. l0.45pm—3am. £2 (£l). Reggae night from Sweet T playing dub to soul. all with a reggae tinge. Drinks promos.

I Club Mouth at The l3th Note (ground floor). 8pm—midnight. Free. lndie with Mark. Pre-club.

I Club Zebra at Nice 'n’ Sleazy (upstairs). 8pm—midnight. Free. ()rbitally. Sneaker Pimpsy sort of night.

I Code 99 at The Brewery Tap. 7.30pm—midnight. Free. Dub techno pre- club from Andrew Taylor. Richard Nolan.

Alan Atkins and Paul.

I Contact High at Nice 'n‘ Sleazy. 8.30pm—midnight. Free. 28 Sep and fortnightly. Northern soul. garage. funk. ska and soundtrax.

I Divine at Brel. 8.30-4 lpm. Andrew and Alan Divine (Glasgow School ()f Art) play you the stuff they play for themselves at home. Retro soul. Bobby Gentry. movie themes. etc. Pre-club.

I Ear To The Ground at Bargo. opin—midnight. Free. 28 Sep only. Fringe lTC event with Paul Cawley and Alex Horton of Psy Phi. Fast Coast project's G Mac and Daniel ol’Clear. Drum ‘n‘ bass and hip hop.

I Ear To The Ground at Bar 9 l. (mm—midnight. Free. 28 Sep only. Delancey Street's Hells Kitchen. Ben Wilcox of Sirkus and Tetsuya Hirano of Mo Wax.

I Feel The Buzz at Bennet's.

l 1.30pm—3am. £2.50 l .25). Lip-tempo high energy. Drinks promos.

I First Contact at The l31h Note. 8pm—midnight. Free. Rob G and Kemal play the latest sounds from the drum ‘n' bass scene. plus a few cheeky wee dub plates they've put together themselves. I Fuddrukkers at Cleopatra's. l().3()pm—2.3()am. £3 (£2 with ticket). Disco. pop and ()0s party vibes.

I Ground Control at Bar to. ()pin—midnight. Free. Heavy dub and drum ‘n' bass from the inimitable duo. I Jack ('ul De Sac Bar. 9— l lpm. Free. DJ Simon (‘oulson with weekending under 'round dance. Drinks promos.

I Joc ey Slut at Mcl’habbs. ()--l lpm. £5 (in aid of Shelter). 28 Sep only. lurker

Slur magazine get together with twenty of

Glasgow's top DJs playing their all-time top fi\ e records. Should be interesting. I Polo Lounge at The Polo Lounge. llpm—3am. £3. Take the choice of the Polo Lounge upstairs. open until 3am. or downstairs for DJ Annie with a harder house mix than the other nights.

w fl.

Streetrave celebrate their eighth birthday in style with a huge line up featuring

I Pub Mystec at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut. 6pm—midnight. Free. New outing for the Mystic collective, who have been making a name for themselves with their recent successes at the Sub Club. Triple deck DJing from Dribbler. Goodhand and A-Train. playing ‘sounds from under the fridge and down the back of the sofa‘. Ha p Hour 7—8pm.

I u A Dub Records Party at Yello. 8pm—midnight. Free. 28 Sep only. Martin. Wilba and the RAD crew having a bit of do in their own inimitable deep underground dance style.

I Shirley's Temple at Archaos. llpm—3am. £5 (£3). A trippy mix of camp theatricals and hard house soundtrack from the radiant Ms Alston. joined every week by the force that is Maggie from Joy. Prepare yourself for some pretty insane antics like trapeze acts and lire eaters. Paul Traynor in Bar 1 with R&B. hip hop. swing and soul. Drinks promos.

I Slam In The City at The Arches. l().30pm-5am. Price the. 28 Sep only. Slam. Warp and Junior Boys Own come together for a massive event featuring Slam and Maas live. Darren Emerson. Weatherall. Funk D‘Void. Diesel and Ashley Beedle. Phew. and all that on a Sunday night too.

I Sorted at The Cathouse. l().3()pm—3am. £2 (£1.50; free before

i l.30pm). lndie/alternative vibe in the new Cathouse with drinks promos.

I Soundscape '97 at The Renfrew Ferry. 9pm—2am. Price the. 28 Sep only. Glasgow’s Limbo and Bomba Records get all chummy with Hook Records from Aberdeen for a sort of deep. progressive housey bash featuring Melonhaus. De Niro and Tipple live.

I Strawberry Rock at Strawberry Fields. 9pm—3am. £2 l .50). Sixties to nineties rock music.

I Streetrave 8th Birthday at The Tunnel. llpm—5am. £17. 28 Sep only.

guests Seb Fontaine, Brandon Block, Alex P, Smoking Jo and Farley and Heller (above). They join residents Joe Mancini and Boney at the Tunnel 28 Oct