Shooting Stars BBCZ, Fri 26 Sep, 9.30pm.

Professional bampots Vic ’n' Bob, team captains Mark Lamarr and Ulrika Jonsson and George Dawes return with a new eight-part series of the quiz show that Jim Davidson doesn't get. Which is reason enough to keep watching.

TV Sculpture Channel 4, Sun 28 Sep, lam.

Bad boy of the art world Damien Hirst is the first artist featured in this new series which aims to turn your TV set into a work of art. Each of the five fifteen-minute films will include an interview with a leading British artist and an original work of art designed specifically for the screen. Hirst, being the hip and trendy kind of a guy he is, has collaborated with Jarvis Cocker on the soundtrack of his film.

Wild Tales From National Geographic Channel 4, Mon 29 Sep, 8pm.

Leslie Nielsen looks at wildlife habitats throughout the world, in this new series from the hand of American wildlife and anthroplogical magazine house National Geographic. Expect fabulous photography if nothing else.

Two Fat Ladies: A Cocktail Party BBCZ, Mon 29 Sep, 8.30pm.

The ladies who like to lunch, dinner, breakfast and all the snacks in between share more of their gargantuan appetite for cooking in this new six- part series. In 'A Cocktail Party’ the well-padded chefettes are asked to prepare posh nosh for the Brazilian Ambassador, but bypass the Ferrero Rocher for Portuguese cod cakes, Brazilian bean fritters and life- threatening cocktails.

Seven Sins: Greed

Channel 4, Mon 29 Sep, 10.55pm.

In the third programme in the series looking at the seven deadly sins of today, Antipodean caterer and masseuse Felicity Diamond, glories in her delight at being a 'greedy' which is the latest slang for bisexual don't you know.

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Cutting Edge: Illegal Immigrants Channel 4, Tue 30 Sep, 9pm.

The topical affairs programme takes a frank and revealing look at UK’s controversial immigration service, in this two-part series from award- winning documentary maker Paul Berriff.

Plastic Fantastic Channel 5, Tue 30 Sep, 10.05pm.

The cosmetic surgery documentary series goes post-watershed and below the belt for a special edition on the increasingly popular practise of penoplasty, that’s penis enlargement to you and me. Which is not to say you couldn't opt for a willie reduction if you wished there just doesn’t seem to be much call for it.

The Big Story: Presumed Guilty Scottish, Thu 2 Oct, 7.30pm.

An investigation into whether British au pair Louise Woodward is likely to get a fair trial when her murder case starts in the USA this fortnight. The case has already been dubbed ’the shaken baby case' by the US media, and Woodward's parents tell how they fear that she has been tried and convicted before the trial has even started.

Lonely Planet Channel 4, Thu 2 Oct, 8pm.

Ian Wright presents the first in the fifth series of the travel show aimed at the independent traveller. Trading the usual travel programme itinerary of sun, sea, sand and Spanish Villas for the remote plains of Ethiopia, Wright visits the Timkat Festival of Epiphany in Lalibela and meets one of the fiercest tribes in Africa. Look out for future episodes where Scottish presenter Neil Gibson makes his TV debut. See Famespotting.

Clive Anderson All Talk BBCI, Thu 2 Oct 10.20pm.

Sarky ex-barrister Clive Anderson returns with another series of the laid back chat show that w0uld like to be coming from America. With A-list stars such as Elle Macpherson, Roger Moore, Geena Davis, Sly Stallone and Danny Devito under his belt from the first series, Anderson promises more of the same.

Forbidden flesh: caterer and masseuse Felicity Diamond glories in sexual greed in Seven Sins: Greed, Channel 4. Mon 29 Sep, 10.55pm

82 TIIEIJS‘I' 26 Sep—9 Oct 1997

Blonde ambition: the one time Perrier award winning stand-up lands a show of her own with Jenny Eclair Squats, Channel 5, Fri 3 Oct. 8pm

Jenny Eclair Squats Channel 5, Fri 3 Oct, 8pm.

The self-styled foul-mouthed blonde bit and one-time Perrier winner (lest we forget) lands a show of her very own enabling her to lounge about other people’s houses, a different one each week, wearing silky dressing gowns and fluffy mules. What more could a girl ask for. Apart from acting as a platform for Jenn's vixen-like comedy mores, the show will adopt a magazine format covering the week's events.

Parkinson: The Intervrews BBCI, Fri 3 Oct, 10.20pm.

The one where Parky met his match in Bette Midler, when she revealed an uncontrollable yearning for the great interviewers' ‘sea green eyes’, attempted to reveal her cleavage and told jokes so blue she brought a blush to the venerable interviewer‘s cheeks.

Oil On Canvas

BBC2, Mon 6 Oct, time tbc.

Scottish artist June Redfern reveals the secrets of colour in this educational series designed to get us less-talented mOrtals picking up a paintbrush or pencil and having a bash at playing Picasso.



Cover Stories: Sex 8r Drugs 8: Stanzas

Radio Scotland, Fri 26 Sep, noon.

ls poetry the new rock 'n’ roll? asks the book programme. Do poets have to double up as comedians in order to attract an audience? David Stenhouse charts the rise of today’s poetry stars from Roger Mcgough to Murray Lachlan Young.

I Wanna Be Adored

Radio 1, Sun 28 Sep, 9pm.

Taking her cue from a famous Roses track, Mary Anne Hobbs explores the legacy of the legendary baggy band as a scene setter for tonight’s In Concert which follows at 10pm. The gig was recorded live at the Leeds Town And Country Club in December 1995.

Magic Mountain Radio 4, Tue 30 Sep, 10pm.

Dr Charlie Clarke tells the story of an expedition to one of the world’s last great undiscovered peaks. At a time when almost every mountain range in the world has been explored and when Everest itself is besieged by wealthy tourists wanting to be guided to the summit, Sepu Kangri, in a remote range in north east Tibet, remains a mystery. Few Europeans have been to this region which is a week’s journey by jeep and yak. Until now, that is, as the foolhardy Dr Clarke and his seven-man team attempt to conquer its imposing peak.

North And South - Travels Along The Irish Border: The Freedom Of The City

Radio 4, Wed 1 Oct, 7.45pm.

During the winter of 1995, fifteen months into the original IRA ceasefire, writer Colm Toibin journeyed along the meandering border that divides the Republic Of Ireland and the north. These four half-hour programmes, observmg how the ceasefire was dramatically affecting life along the border, were cancelled following the London Docklands bombing and the resumption of violence in Northern Ireland.

Who Does She Think

She Is? Radio Scotland, Thu 2 Oct, 6.40pm.

She brought victory to Ireland in the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest With ’All Kinds Of Everything'. Now she‘s thinking of standing for president Just who does Dana think she is, Anvar Kahn demands to know in the programme that puts famous women in the stocks.

The Last Goon Show Of


Radio 2, Sun 5 Oct, midnight.

The Goons were reunited in April, I972, as part of the BBC’s 50th anniversary celebrations, for a night of nostalgia and uproarious Goon-mania. As the 25th anniversary of the broadcast falls today, the BBC has decided it’s as good an excuse as any to hear a version of the show never heard on radio before. It includes the warm-up from the original and Spike Milligan’s previously unheard version of 'I Left My Heart In San Francisco'. (Ellie Carr)

i i l