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With computer game WORMS, Andy Davidson hit the big time. Now the twenty-something designer is wiggling it again with a sequel that proves the worm has far from turned.

Words: John Henderson

Andy Davidson is 24. When he was only 22. he had his first computer game published. That game was the bizarre and utterly addictive li’orms. one of the most successful releases in the industry's history. In November. Worms 2 will be published. and there is every chance that it too will top the charts. In an industry increasingly made up of faceless conglomerates, Davidson is one of the few real characters left.

So how did he go about creating such an original block-buster? ‘I didn‘t set out to write a commercial game.‘ he says. ‘It was just something my mates could play. It was either that or .»\-level art.‘

Once he had seen how popular ll’orms proved amongst friends. he decided to try and attract a wider audience.

iii/211g“ Format magazine was running a competition and I thought that it would be a good way of getting it noticed.‘ he says. ‘But it wasn't.‘ Worms didn‘t even make it onto the prize list. yet Davidson wasn‘t ptit off.

‘The last way to get it recognised was to take it to the trade shows held every Septeinbei‘.' says Davidson. ‘so I just turned tip holding a floppy disk. I asked 'l'eam l7 if they were still looking at games. told them they wouldn‘t like it. and they turned round the minutes later and asked if I‘d like it published.‘ The rest. as they say. is


So how did those around him react‘.’ ‘My parents didn't know there was a

computer game industry.‘ he up somewhere.’ says. "l'hey supported me while I w as doing it. but I think in the beginning they just wanted me to get it otit of my system. and then get a nice. normal job in a bank.‘ (ietting his hands on the Worms cash did cause the odd problem though.

‘All some people think about is the money.‘ tells Davidson. ‘Some people. my friends who played it at the beginning. aren't bothered. but others can‘t handle it. There have been a fair few arguments over taxis. I can tell you.‘

Despite. the financial rewards. Davidson is genuinely paternal in his enthusiasm for Worms. ‘One of the nicest things to see is that Worms has


’This is the only thing We ever wanted to do. If it wasn't for computer games, I’d be locked

Andy Davidson, games designer

rerun. . :Sta‘le Socks; ‘100: Ct. :ioo; “g ' ir‘q .V .3 ' ' ’- .nil'l “\\/ s R.

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Worms 2: wriggling its way up the games charts any day now

achieved a real following. Even two years after its release. it‘s still in the top ten.‘

So what can we expect from Worms 2'.’ Davidson immediately expresses his concerns for the disenfranchised in society. and their need for better representation in computer games.

‘Old women.‘ he proclaims. ‘Obviously old women. very neglected in society. so l thought it was only right to get them out in the public eye again. That took a fair bit of work. because accurately simulating old women is tricky.‘ Kooky. me?

Well-meaning concern for Davidson's own state of mind is met with a direct admission of his fortune. "This is the only thing I've ever wanted to do,‘ he confesses. ‘I can now get away with all my talk about sheep. mad cows and old women. if it wasn’t for computer games. I‘d be locked tip somewhere.‘

For anyone else hoping to rescue their sanity through such video game transference. Davidson offers encouragement while beinoaning the poor quality of many of today‘s releases. ‘Anybody who‘s got anything remotely different or original will stand out so much. in the same way that Worms“ stood out.’ he says. Anyone remotely like Davidson was always going to stand out anyway.

' Worms is due for release in the first week of

November, priced approx £35.


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