V I saw you Joe fae Glasgow. You sexy beast. I saw you at the Cowal Games in Dunoon. We talked in the Club 66. I had a white dress on and long brown hair. Box No U/3 l6/26.

V I saw you Safeways (Newlands) Tuesday 23/9/97 at 6.15pm. You blue jeans and sweatshirt. dark and handsome at dry cleaners. Me shirt and tie at chemist and post office. We exchanged glances? Let's meet? Box No U/3l7/l.

V I saw you in a dream. Pretty Japanese girl with long hair. You appeared frotn nowhere. took my hand and rescued me. What cart it mean? Please contact me again. Box No

U/3 17/2.

V I saw you my big daddy K.

You are such a sexy beast. I love 5

you. Your Debbie. Box No U/3l7/3.

V I saw you Canny Man. We met in Spanish class years ago. Fancy a drink? I won't throw myselfat you. I promise! Box No U/3l7/4.

V I saw you George just when I needed you. as always. You're the best friend a girl could have. Lots of luv and hug. Julianne xx. Box No U/3l7/5.

V I saw you staggering everywhere from Byres Road to CC Blooms. Surely we weren't drunk? Thanks for a fab titne! We‘ll balti again when l get back. Box No U/3 17/6.

V I saw you playing the fiddle (12/09/97. Sandy Bell's). Me: bones. camera. gobsmacked. Would you like some of the pics? Box No U/3l7/7.

V I saw you introducing me to Clio some weeks ago. This is just to say how much I appreciated your help l was really impressed. Hope the application gets through. Box No U/3l7/8.

V I saw you ()UNY. chambermaid t?) with great smile in station hotel. July. showed tne around when l was researching a guide book. Forgot one question - fancy a drink or dinner sometime? Box No U/3l7/9.

V I saw you Steph. on Tuesday 23/9 on North Berwick beach. I didn't realise it was you until you'd gone - long time since we shared that studio itt Stoke Newington. Bella. Box No U/3l7/10.

V I saw you one Friday. in the Doric. then the Catwalk with respective flatmates. We talked Wit/mail and fat cats. You: short

hair. sparkling smile; Me:

hoping you‘ll call! Box No

U/3 17/] l.

V I saw you at the Mackertas (I’Macfergus) ornamentation concert. mainly talking across me(!) to your friend. You sound fascinating do get in touch! Box No U/3I7/l2.

V I saw you cute. dark-haired boy on number 10 bus. Fri 19 Sep. We stared. then you got off at film Row. Box No U/3 l7/l3. V I saw you one time Mysteron blonde at James Thin. Waverley (R.l.P.). Will you never leggo your blushing Captain Scarlett. Box No

U/3 17/14.

V I saw you Swelling Meg at CCA. 2nd front row. then in foyer. l treasure your smile. Mr Wobble might say . . . Box No U/3 l7/l5.

V I saw you tnirror man on varnished floorboards and in the frame. Does drunken romping spoil the possibility of a platonic connection? Box No U/3 l7/l6.

V I saw you ‘Death In Venice‘. Gf-T. Sat 27. 3pm. Rusty red-

haired girl. suede'Pjacket. Me. longish. dark hair. same row.

Wasn‘t it great? We smiled at

the end. Box No U/3l7/l7. i V I saw you working in l ()‘Neill's pub. Stirling. Sat 27. Me tall. short hair. You amazing eyes and smile. Let‘s meet up soon. Box No U/3l7/l8. 3 V I saw you fairy godmother.

Are you still willing to grant my

wish? Wave your magic wand cupid. Catch my arrow. Tell me

how you feel. I do want to know. Brown eyes. Box No U/3 l7/l9.

j V I saw you in Central Station

on Monday 29. Black leather. no 3 crop. slim and young looking. Maybe you're waiting for me. Write? Box No U/3l7/20.

Edinburgh EH1 1TE



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and we will forward it.

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V I saw you upstairs in Bonkers. 27/9/97. You had your eyebrow pierced and were a big fan of MTV‘s Alternative Nation. Me the shy guy who could not stop coughing! Let’s meet. Box no U/3 17/21.

V I saw you my little prawn cracker. Two and one make three courses. I‘d rather play chopsticks duet. Order your takeaway soon. mistress Wong. Mistress Wight wanna wok this way. Box No U/3 17/22.

V I saw you Camberley in Betty Blue. Smile and maybe I'll give you another ride . . . ooer! Geroff yer clothes. Strike a pose. Louise‘ll paint your tootsie toes. Tubby bi bi! Box No U/3l7/23.

V I saw you lovely blue eyes and your even lovelier culo gordo. I keep missing you. Want to meet over a tequila? love. D. Box No U/3I7/24.

V I saw you Staff nurse Sue Mathews - or anyone who knows where she is. get her to call Chris Donnelly. the ward has my number. Box No

U/3 l7/25.

V I saw you walking down N.W. Circus Place. 3.15pm. Fri 3 Oct. Me crossing street. dressed in black. struggling with brown bags. You tall. brown hair. beige duffle coat and gorgeous. Your name might be George. Box No U/3l7/26.

V I saw you Polo. 23/8/97. not in your usual spot at espresso machine. Was that just a friend you were with? Let‘s have a coffee!! Rover. Box No U/3l6/l.

V I saw you 5/9/97. 5pm. Tollcross. waiting to cross road towards Brougham Place with shopping? ln green sweatshirt. grey jogging bottoms. our eyes met too many times to be coincidental? Could we meet? Box No U/3 16/2.

V I saw you when buying a CD from you. HMV Argyle Street. Sunday 31/8/97. You: guy with amazing blue eyes, long dark hair. Me: blonde babe. Too pathetic to say hello. Let's meet. Box No U/3l6/3.

V I saw you at airport.

3 l/8/97. you served me. cute smile. bum and all. Love your striped apron. On 7.20pm Stansted. Serve me soon!! Box No U/3 l6/4.

V I saw you Bastille Day. Pierre Victoire (Miller Street). Disappointed you sat with your (4) sisters. How about a table for two soon? Maybe even a trip to lkea sometime. Box No

U/3 l6/5.

V I saw you Christine. 2nd week of August and felt disconnected by your sight. I would love you to find out the whole of my lovely freckles. A.A. Box No U/3l6/6. __ —V I saw you eating sandwiches outside St Mary's Cathedral. basking in sunlight that couldn't compare to the warmth in your eyes. That‘s one fantasy fulfilled. let‘s do lunch and discuss many more. Box No U/3 l6/7.

V I saw you Polo Lounge. Sat 6/9/97. Me in black polo shirt. you in group wearing glasses and orange shirt. You rolled your sleeves up revealing wonderful arms. Wrap them around tne. Box No U/3l6/8.

V I saw you St Cuth’s girl with matching apron. After a kiwi experience. do the seeds get stuck in your teeth? Box No

U/3 l6/9.

V I saw you dark-haired girl in Pitcher and Piano on 5/9/97. Red shirt. dark trousers. You were with others. I want you to be with me. Box No U/3 l6/lO. V I saw you in the Adam Smith cafe. at Stirling Concert. on the station platform. Jasmine. I’m still counting rivets on the Bridge. That time of year again. I still miss you. babe. Box No U/316/l l.

V I saw you in Dalhousie Land. You: tall. thin. white hair. up the front. Me: tall. dark and lusting up the back. Must meet you to discuss more puberty. Box No U/3l6/12.

V I saw you Andrew. walking along Cowgate. evening 19 August. Me in black dress. heading for Gilded Balloon. You to play blues in Leith. Want to try again? Box No U/3l6/l3. V I saw you The Kitchen. early morning. 6/9/97. You in an alcove: dark hair, intelligent eyes. high cheekbones and beautiful mouth. Me dancing selfconsciously in brown suede. Couldn’t help staring. Box No U/3 [6/14.

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i saw you cussm I SAW YOU

V I saw you working in the ‘Art Bar Cafe’ on 7/9/97. within Burtons. Please don't be ‘shy'. give it a 'try‘. and say ‘hi‘ because you are a ‘special guy‘. Box No U/3l6/15.

V I saw you Evelyn at Divine Divas. 12/9/97. We met at the end of the night. Me: long red hair. too shy to speak. Can we meet again? Box No U/3l6/l6.

V I saw you David, working in Safeways. East Craigs. Sun 7 Sep. You checked me out and scanned my healthy basket! Care to switch? Box No

U/316/ 17.

V I saw you Jenners. 16/9/97, 3.30ish. food dept. Me young lady. browsing at wine section.

You handsome man. trench coat. ;

carrying case. Eyes met briefly. Can we share a nice bottle of wine? Box No U/3 l6/l8.

V I saw you coarse problem hair me blonde. manageable hair. For doggies. chocky bickies. kiddies etc. get into yourjimjams and we‘ll have nooky. Box No U/3 l6/l9.

V I saw you working in Gap, 9/9. pm. You tall and handsome, me small. blonde. black jeans, white top. Did our eyes spark when you said goodbye? Box No U/3 [6/20.

V I saw you with Elvis at Heathrow Airport. Me: Jimmy hat and beard. And you thought nine hours was a long wait . . . Meet me at the usual place? Box No U/3l6/21.

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