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112 THE LIST 10 Oct— 23 Oct 1997



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Suburbia, the latest film from Richard Linklater, the maker of Dazed And Confused, opens on Friday 17 October. subUrbia, to give it its proper typography, focuses on a group of suburban twenty-year- olds who get together one autumn night to welcome an old pal returning from a successful national tour with his rock band. The arrival of a stretch limousine in the parking lot where the group hangs out precipitates an all-night whirlwind of drinking, sex and violence. When the sun comes up the next morning, lives have been changed and broken. Much like The List’s last staff night out but there you go. We’ve got five subUrbia Levi hooded sweatshirts, five screenplays and five CD soundtracks to give away to the people who can answer the question below. The CDs are particularly cool and feature the likes of Beck, Elastica and The Butthole Surfers.


Name another Richard Linklater film.

Answers on a postcard by Fri 24 Oct. Mark them: SUBURBIA COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 "E.




Assembly Direct are offering five pairs of tickets to see the Joe Zawinul Syndicate on Sat 18 Oct at the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow. Tickets Will be offered to the first five peOple who take a copy of this issue of The List to the Ticket Centre.

’Shooting Fish

Next up in this issue's bumper batch of film- related goodies is a heap of Shooting Fish stuff. In Steephane Scwartz’s film, Jez and Dylan are two twentysomething orphans ;- who are over qualified and under employed. Dylan is a fast-talking Yank with the enviable trait of always saying the right thing at the right moment, while Jez is a . tongue—tied technical wiz I

with a lousy haircut. Their aim is to make a million pounds each. Unfortunately, they tell everything they know to Georgie (Kate Beckinsale), who has plans of her own.

The soundtrack is tops, with tracks from Space, Strangelove, Symposium, The Bluetones and Dubstar to name but a few. We have three copies of the soundtrack CD, six Shooting Fish T-shirts and books to give to the clever clogs who can complete this quite well known phrase:

in a barrel.

i Answers on a postcard by Fri 24 Oct. Mark them: DEAD FISH COMP, The List, : 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 "E.

I Easy as _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _




Lookout Theatre Company are offering five pairs of tickets to see The Hanging Tree by Nicola McCartney at The Tron Theatre, Glasgow on Wed 15 Oct. Take a copy of this issue of The List to the Tron Box Office.


: I : 6A 3”,“ B u I ' "9/ Warner Home Video is

releasing Bu/litt in a Wide

screen format as part of its new

Maverick Directors label.

Directed by Peter Yates, Bul/itt

i , ' stars Steve McQueen as the

" eponymous reticent cop

\ hunting down villains on the .h 5‘ streets of San Francisco. Made

in 1968, Builitt set the standard in action sequences and contains one of the best ever car

chases in Cinema.

The recent car ad which uses footage from Bul/itt has resulted in the release of several Bu/litt-related goodies including the novel and the original soundtrack by Lalo Schiffrin on CD. We have five copies of the video, the novel and the soundtrack to give away to the readers who can answer this:

In which film did McQueen leap over a fence on a motorbike?


I Answers on a postcard by Fri 24 Oct. Mark them: BULLITT COMP, The List,

y” 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.


Brunton Theatre is offering three pairs of tickets on a first come, first served basis to see the exciting new production of Sharman Macdonald’s When / Was A Girl / Used To Scream And Shout on Sat I I Oct at 7.30pm. Either take this copy of The List along to the Box Office or phone 0131 665 2240 and say you saw it in The List.


Brunton Theatre Company is offering three pairs of tickets to see Red Shift Theatre Company's production of Victor Hugo's Les Miserab/es on 27 Oct at 7.30pm. Take this copy of The List along to the Box Office to claim your tickets.


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