Fotofeis runs officially from Thu 9 Oct-Sun 9 Nov but many of the exhibitions are open for longer periods. See feature. Fotofets listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Bright eyes: out of Ann Sheltrun's por- traits at The Arches (detail)


THE ARCHES 30 Midland Street. 221 9736. Wed~Fri 5—10pm; Sat & Sun 2—10pm. Coming Apart Fri 10 Oct—Sun 9 Nov. Scenario URBANO‘s piece mixes pornographic footage with narrative. focusing on the confusion and suicide of porn actor Alex South. who was traumatised by the decline of male

wer in the industry. Cyberflesh Girlmonster Fri 10 ()ct-Sun 9 Nov. Linda Dement‘s interactive CD- Rom installation takes a light-hearted look at extreme femininity from a feminist perspective. encompassing ideas about reven e. desire and violence. Breastfee Ing Fri 10 Oct—Sun 9 Nov. A video installation by performance artist Jordan McKenzie which shows two performers: a young man sitting on the knee of an elderly man who is sucking on his nipple. Flystrips Fri 10 ()ctv-Sun 9 Nov. Robert Hornsby's installation consists of household flystrips created by the artist. combining a common commercial product with pornographic images taken from the internet. Helmet Fri 10 ()ct»~Sun 9 Nov. Installation by Daniel Norton consisting of a video projection of a motorcycle crash interspersed with a body performance. The show investigates the erotics of the machine. of speed and of power. Pollen Patch Fri 10 Oct-Sun 9 Nov. Robyn Stacey‘s work features 33 head- size images of poppies taken in extreme close-up. RedEye Fri 10 ()ct—Sun 9 Nov. New Zealand photographer. Anti Shelton uses a snapshot camera to take photographs of friends and members of Auckland‘s art


King Street. 552 2540. Tue—Sat noon—6pm.

Prologue Sun 1 1 ()ct—Sat 8 Nov. A group exhibition by Scottish lens-based artists Trace. which looks at sex close to home and further afield, using a variety of different media.

20 THE UST 10 Oct—23 Oct I997


Castlemilk Shopping Centre. Castlemilk Arcade. 634 2603. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Teenage Fathers Until Sat 25 Oct. Mandy Mclntosh‘s work features video and still imagery with text. exploring the issues of teenage fatherhood.


Queen Street. 229 1996. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm (closed Tue); Sun

1 1am—5pm.

Grit And Glitter Sat 11 Oct—Sun 9 Nov. The world premiere exhibition of work by the Parisian artist duo Pierre et Gilles. Their trademark retouched photographs are created by using made- up models and magnificent backdrops to explore the iconography of our visual enviroment. Previous models have included Marc Almond. Nina Hagen and Rupert Everett.

Genetic Manipulation Simulator Sat 1 l Oct—Sun 9 Nov. Interactive CD-Rom installation by Patricia Piccinini. inviting you to desi it our own baby.

Old Enougii 0 Know Better Sat 11 Oct—Sun 9 Nov. Nancy Honey‘s interactive CD-Rom installation shows two older women talking about the men in their lives and in the process exploring their thoughts and feelings about gender and sexuality.


The Mackintosh Gallery. 167 Renfrew Street. 353 4500. Mon~Thu l()am--8.30pm; Fri 10am—«5pm; Sat 10am—noon.

The Body In Contemporary Czech Photography Until Fri 17 ()ct. An exhibition of photographs which looks at the human body as symbol. form or sexual allegory. The Czech artists are Michaela Brachtlova. Zdenek Lhotak. Michal Macku. Ivan Pinkava. .lan Saudek. and Tono Stano.

KELVINGROVE GALLERY 8: MUSEUM Kelvingrove. 287 2699. Mon—Sat lOam—Spm; Sun I lam-5pm.

The Divme Frenzy Fri 1() ()ct-Sun 9 Nov. An exhibition ofcolour photographs by Pepita Seth depicting scenes of Hindu worship anti images of the Hindu Kerala ceremonies. dances. initiations. exorcisms and sacrifices. not normally accessible to non-Hindus.


Rozelle Park. Ayr. 01292 445447. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2-—5pm (until 31 Oct).

Damage And The Hospital Series Until Tue 4 Nov. Two works by Irish artist Karl Grimes. Damage is a personal narrative on sexuality. childhood. violence and death and The Hospital Series documents an Italian collection of dead foetuses and babies preserved in jars.

MOTHERWELL HERITAGE CENTRE High Road. 01698 251000. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm; Sun noon—5pm.

Some Lovers Until Sun 16 Nov. Margaret Mitchell's three-part installation combines large-scale manipulated Polaroid prints of torsos with short written stories as she explores themes of love. need. desire and lust.


Centre For Developmental Arts. 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon—Fri l()am—5 m.

60 Hea 5 Fri 10 Oct—Fri 7 Nov. Art installation of 60 large-scale colour laser prints by Australian artist eX de Medici. taken in tattoo studios in Australia and the USA over a period ofeight years.


26 King Street. 552 2151. Daily 10am—5.30pm.

New Work Thu 9 Oct—Sat 8 Nov. Ilse Haider's photographic images are taken from magazines and newspapers. pressed onto cotton buds and held in gridded aluminium sheets.

New Work Thu 9 Oct—Sat 8 Nov. A series of tliptychs of found photographs. large metals and graphite/plaster panels by artist Eva Schlegel.


25 Albert Drive. 227 5511. Wed—Sun noon—6pm.

The Lovers Until Sat 25 ()ct. Interactive installation exploring our own physical morality and relationship with technology. created by the late Teiji Furtthashi‘s Kyoto-based artist group. Dumb T 'pe. See review.

Untitle (The Diary Of Anne Frank) Until Sat 25 ()ct. Last year. Jason FL. Bowman rewrote the entire diary ofAnne Frank in his own handwriting. and in this commissioned installation. Bowman continues his investigation of how The Diary. and Anne Frank herself has come to be understood as part of modern consciousness.

After Shooting Fri lO—Sat 25 Get. A series of large black and white photographs by Yoshiko Kamikura incised with text. Each photograph depicts an empty hotel room which has recently been used as a location for Japanese sex adverts.

Spitfire 123 Fri 10~Sat 25 ()ct. An installation by Lyndal .Iones consisting of projected video. monitor and ambient sound of aircraft engines to explore themes of sexuality and attraction. Truckstops And Lovers' Lanes Fri

10—Sat 25 Oct. A series of landscape studies by Evergon of secret and passionate rendezvous.



George 1V Bridge. 225 5584. Mon—Fri 9am—9pm; Sat 9am—1pm.

Aspects Of Gender Mon 6 Oct—Sat 1 Nov. A community project with St Helen's Day Centre and The Action Group Camera Club looking at gender issues in health. education and the socialisation of people with learning disabilities.


Grindlay Court Centre. Grindlay Street Court. 229 7941. Mon—Thu 10am—4pm; Fri 10am—2.30pm. (Open from noon—4pm on Sat 18. Sat 25 Oct & Sat 1 Nov).

Self Assessment Wed 8 Oct-Fri 7 Nov. An exhibition of images created through varied photographic techniques which looks at different aspects of everyday life with a group of adults with learning disabilities.


3 Doune Terrace. 225 7189. Mon-Fri 10am—5pm.

Conglomerate Mon 13 Oct—Fri 28 Nov. Danish contemporary artist. Lisa Rosenmeier‘s work takes the form of large stretched parchment ‘skin‘ onto which photographic images have been printed.

Rodin Improvisationer Mon 13 Oct—Fri 28 Nov. Erik Steffensen’s images attempt to find out how and what the French sculptor looked at when he made his erotic drawings.

Hello sailor: Pierre et Gilles hi-gloss portrait on show at Glasgow's Gallery of

Modern Art