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subUrbia I IS1 II<11‘I1.11‘1I I.111I.I.11e1‘. I'S. I‘le .I.1}1'1‘ Bartok. I’.11'k1'1‘ I’11s1‘).:\|.1} .\'.11d11 III 111111x I)11'e1‘1o1'ol'1l1e g:e11e1‘.1111111-1le1111111;: .\’.’111 I111. I.IIII1I;II1‘I'IIII'II\ I2111' Ilotioxldn \ pl.1_\ 111111 .111 .'Ill.‘1'l'lt 11/1 (jin-lriri-esquepiollleol.1x111gtlel11ght 111.1 s111.1I| 1111111 1-11|} 1111‘1‘11I111111‘.11'\.1'e.1d I1.1113_'1n_1' .11111111d the .1lI-111;_‘I11 1'1111\e111e111‘e stole II11\\1‘\'1'I'.lIll\ \eIe1‘11oi1ol 1111ddle

.-\111e1'11'.111 teens .11'1‘ loo 11I\\11111\I} \1‘I1e111.1111‘

to .11‘l11e\ e 1I1e1‘.1su.1l sense ol /e11}:e1\1 I,111I1I.11e1'h.1\111.111.1;:edhelol'e See 1e\1e\\ (iI.1\I_I11\\‘()1Ieol1(‘)11.1}. l'(‘I('|_\1Ieh.111I1. I21I111I1111'3'I1' l‘(‘|

The Sweet Hereafter I IS 1 I .v\1on1 l'j.'11}.111. (‘.111.11l.1_ I‘l‘l"- l.111llol1n. liruee (iiee1111ood. S.11.1l1I’oIIe} II0111111s \\'l1e11 .1 \111.1|l1‘111111111111111 1x1111‘11.1p.111l1§ .1 \1‘l1ool I111\.111‘1de111th.111*|.11111\1|1eI1\e\ol Inoxtol the11‘1'I11l1I1e11. .111 .1111hig'11ous l.1\11e1 \\ 11h 1.11111I} tronhlex ol Illx 11\\111‘111111‘\ Io 1ep:'e\e11tthe111 111.11'11111pe11\.111on1‘.1\e 'I'he 11l1111111l11Id\ 111.111.111‘I111111‘l1 ol ll.1\l1h.11‘I1\ .1111l \t'l-l‘lt‘1‘1'\.I‘llI 11.x Ilolni'x he.11111lulI} fudg'ed [‘1'1'1111111.1111‘etl1.1l‘\l|1ebedrock ol the l1l111 ;\\.1\111d'\ ol IleIpI1*\\;'1‘1el. 11‘s 1.11’1‘I} I1t'1'llI‘1'll1‘1'1'1I (II.l\}'(‘\\' (iI'iIi I'1l111l1111'3.:l1' I-1hnhouse

Talk Of The Town I I51 II<.1111e1' K.1111111.11111. (ie1111.1111. I‘M.“ N 111111\ Radio .1311111} .111111 .\I1‘lllI\.l p|.11‘e\ .111 .1d 111 .1 Ionel_\ he.11't\ 11111111111. hut1‘11111pl1e;111on\ ensue when her 111'“ I111} 11'1end I11'1l1 turns out to he the l111\h.111d of her 11'1e111l S.1l1111e. \\Il(‘ 11111\e\ :111ohe1 lI.11he1'.111\eI-.1'1l11\h.1\111;:.111.1ll.111' \\lIIl \o111eone .I\\11 1t\\.1\11‘1h.1denou;:h. the} \I.11't 1‘.1I|111;: her 1.111111 \I111\\ 1111 .1d\11‘e ()111'111(ie1'111.111)\111o\1\111‘1‘1'xxl1ll 1111111-d1ex e\1‘1'11-111111stoll1e(ie1'111.111I-111n |'1'\11\.1I .1111'1 I.1\1_\1‘.11'\ sell-11111 \1‘11-1‘1111133 (0.1931111. (il-'I l1l111h111'1'h:I'lhnhouxe Temptress Moon I l31I('l1e11 K.11;)e.llong Kong. I‘l‘l’11(io11;- I 1. lexhe (‘heungn /I1o11 Ye111.111;' I30 111111\ ()pnun.iddtetlou.1111‘e\l .1111l1.13_'111}_'p.1\\11111\.11e1l1elilgtllligihtxol IIll\ 1‘111111‘I1'\I11\1'\IIII} 1111111111111: the l.11e111 .11‘I1.1:1;'111;t (‘I1111.11I111'111I_' the I‘L‘llx. Ihe l1I111 \l1.11e\ the \1x11.1I I11\111‘_\ 111 K.11ge\

FROM 1111111111 10 ocroesn The Full Montyus,

1.50, 4.25, 7.05, 9.25pm

Career Girls (15) 1.50, 6.50pm

F H C e (18) 3.40, 9.10pm

Austin Powers (15) 1.30, 4.05 (not sun), 6.45,



1.05, 3.40, 6.35, 9.00pm

The MOl‘ty(151

1.50, 4.25, 7.05, 9.25pm

Career Girls 115, 1.50 (not sun), 6.50pm

F H C e (15) 3.40 (not sun), 9.10pm


36 THELIST Iii-7111 H 011 109/

/7111'1'11'1‘!/ .I.'\ (‘11/1111/11111'. hul \.11‘1'1llee\ 1‘l.11'1t} I1} attempting:tot.1el.le.11111111111.1111 1111\sues Rich111pe1'1od1Ie1.11I.this e111otio11.1l \1111‘111111'pol1111'.1| .1111Ipe1'son.1l pll\\lt‘ll is perhaps too C11llIlI\Illf.! l111'1l111xe 11111'.11111Ii.11‘\1'1tl1 (‘l1inesel11xlo1'_\. See in 1e“ (il.1xgo\t‘(il’l lidiuhurgh' I‘iln1houxe Terry Gets Married I011:1 50 nuns .'\11111‘- oll screening; ol .1 Iill(' S1‘111I.1111I 1Ioe11111e111.11"\ .1l1o1111he1e1') t1'.11l111111.1l \1ed1l111p of Ten} R.1_|\1111Ie1'S111}_'|1. .111 I{dinhurgh-hoi'11 S1kl1 \Ve I1e.11' from his p.11‘eutx hon sueh Il'iltIlIlUlh \IlII 11111} on 111 seeo11do1‘tl1i1'dgreuerunon 1'.11111l1e\.11.111111e 111'1111‘1'1‘.1\111g 11 c‘\It'l'lll\;ll111ll ladlnhui'ghi I’il111l1ouse

Trigger Happy I 151 II..11'I'} IIhIlUp. 1‘8. I‘l‘llnRiehul'd[)1'e1111xx.(i.1l11‘1el li}111e. .Iell(iol1lhl11111 03 111111\ I11 .111 1111\pe1‘111e1l 1'1'.1 111 I111‘I1 could he the 30x1 111.111 1111\pe1'll'1ed North :\111e1‘11‘.1n 11111I1vI1‘1I 1'11} I11I111'I11'1111Id he(‘l111'.1;:ol. I1e.1d hood \'11‘ II)1'e_\lu\\1 returns 1111‘ 1111\1111 \\ 11h \1'11}:e.1n1‘e111111111d ’I'he plume ‘.1Il~\t.11" 1‘ould \\ ell h.1\ e heen 111\e111ed 1111' the 1‘.1\t 111.11'.1pe1'1l11'e1‘1ed\111|1\e1\1-.1111l\111 (il.1x;to\\‘ (il'11\\ 111111

The Usual Suspects I 1.51 I 1111.111 Singer. I'S. I905 1 (3.1l11'1el [$111111 Rm 111 Space). Stephen li.1l1l\\111 III’1IIIIII\ 'I’I1e1'e‘x .1 good \L'Iht‘l‘IlIt‘lI' 1.11.1I1\111I1.1n;_'111;.'111111 /’/11' 111111! Sin/111 l\. \xl111:l1 1\;:ue\\111;‘. 1:.11111‘ 1:111e111.1.1t 11s hext .\ pei'leell) 111.11ehed 1e.1111 ol crooks 1I1\t‘11\t‘l' 1|1.1t Il1e11'1‘l1.1111‘e 111ee11113: \s.1\11't \11 random after .10: the.\‘1ehe1ng_‘ 11xe1l 111.111 11111'11‘.1te \ende11.1 l1} It‘}'t'll1Iill} gangster I111“ Kt‘}\t‘l‘ Sow SII\I_\II\I1. 11 sends .1 11113.1Ie 1I11\\11 1|1e \Plllt'l but the l11d11‘1'o11s11seol I’ete I’11\tlet\\.111e\ 1‘h.11'.11‘1e1‘ .1l1n11\1 11111Ie1‘111111ex 11 .10 li1ht1hui'gl1: (‘.1111eo

Volcano I l31I.\I11‘I1 .I.11‘I1\1111. I‘S. I‘l‘l"1 ‘I‘olnnn\. .I\1111 II1'1‘I1e. (1.1h} IIolln1.111 I03111111\ \\'l1en I,I1\ .\11;:eles is 111111} .11111;:I11} earthquake. the 1111111111 111‘t‘ll\ ll \1‘It‘111111' 1‘.l\ ll} .lll1I \111111 .1 lt‘l'l't'lll ol molten l.1\.1 is heading: 1I11\\ 1111111 11 I'IIIIKL‘11lIlt'l'lt't‘c'lll 1Il\.l\lt‘1‘11111\11‘\.

III/1 11I111 1I11e\11'l 1.1I11' “WM 11111 \1‘1'11111\I} .tlld the el'l'eets .11'e superh .I1111e\.111d IIeehe delix e1' 1.11' better pe1'1111'111.111ee\ 1I1.111 the 1.1'1'1ptdese1‘1ex. hut Jones is 3:11 e11 little opportunit} tol|.1\hI11\ 1‘11I1I. de.1dp.111 \\ it (ie11e1‘.1l 1'ele.1\e

Warriors 0f Virtue II’( i1 I Rol111_\ \‘11. IS. I‘)‘)(11:\11I:.11\ .\I.11‘I".11l}1'11. \I.11'1o Ye1l1d1.1. \I.11'Ie§ Shelton l03111111x \\'I11\l1e1l 1111 111.1 p.11'.1IIeI \1111'I1I. 11111111; R}.111 1x lI11‘e.11e11edh} L'\II I.111'1I K11111111I11l/fl'1111‘/i1’1u‘l'\ .\I.11‘I".11l}1-111l1111proteeledh} 111ek11111: I11 lighliny k.111}.'.11'1111\ .'\ 1I111l;‘_\ \1‘1‘111llI1.1ll‘1p\ 1111"I'lzr’.\'1’11‘i'1’/11/111:Stu/'1. /’111I. 1i /\’1.'11;'1‘i'\ .1111I 'I1’1’II11er' 3/11/1111! Nut/1. lint/1'1 1x III-It'tI h} .111e111e1‘t.1111111;'1‘11111I1111.111onol Intent produetlon dexn'u. Hull}: Kong; 111.1:‘11.1l.11'I\ \klII\.1111I1I1‘cL'lIl II11II_\\\11111I\111‘1‘1.1I1‘II11‘1‘I\ (il.1\5_'o\\: l'(‘I (‘l}deh.111k I..11'g\' li.11‘1'l'1el1l\.

Wish You Were Here I 15111111111 1.111111111. I’K. IVS-71 linul} I.lo}1I. l'otn IieII. (ieoll'i'e) IIllIL‘IIlllfJ\ 93 111111\ :\111.11111'.\ 1111\.11l\e111u1'es 111.1 precocious teenager I\.111l1111‘ep1'ese111 1I11‘)111111;: (‘1111I11.1I’.1111e1 111.1d1’.1h I‘)50x \L‘lhltIL‘ 1110.11. Ii11|o_\.1h|e. IHIIL‘I‘\\\CCI 1‘1111111‘ 11'e.11111e111 ol' the se\u.1l 111111'es111t11nex gone h). \11111 .111ene1'ge111‘ performance 1111111 l.l11}d “hen she “as .1 perk) 111'111‘111111'1‘ Izdtnhui'pht St Iii‘1de\

Key to Film Listings

[D] indicates that wheelchair access is available, though prior notification is advisable. [El indicates the availability of an induction loop for the convenience of hearing aid users.

AM/PM is not given in Film Listings. 12.15 is between noon and 1pm.

00.30 is between midnight and 1am.

DAILY refers to screenings which take place on all seven days of the week.

MAT refers to an additional matinee screening, starting before 6pm.

EVE refers to an additional evening screening.

LATE refers to an additional late-night screening, starting after 10.30pm.


Film Listings are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Film listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.


380('l.11'l1\111u Road. Muit‘end. 0|~1l (133 3133.

IIIIAI1IIII-«II (137 3(1-1 I. £3.S() (£3 I1L‘I't1t'e 511111311111 I111. Student: £3.30

1511111 'I'l1u1. ('I1il1l/().-\l’: £3.

{Egg 3.; 1141519113ng

Hercules 11'1 H.111}: 1.15. 3.45. The Game 1 151 Had}: 3.30. 5.30. 8.30.

The Full Monty 1 151

l).11I_\: 3.50. (1.15. 8.50.

Men In BIaCkIl’(i1

I).11I}i I330.

Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie 1l’(i1

I).ul_\: I30.

(1, I 5. S45.


I’1'og1'.1111111elikel} 111 he \llIlIIill' to the [‘I'L‘\ltitl\ \1 eek, l’I11111e0IJI (137 3(14l 1111‘ details .111dtiu1ex.


330$.IUCI1IL‘I111II Sll't‘c‘l.(lI-II 333 I593. l11111:0l4l 333 ‘)5l3. ('('h1111k111gi 0l-Il _. £-I 1£330helore 5111111. Student: £3. ().-\I’: £3. Child: £370.


The Game I 151

I).11l): l.-15. 5.00. Slt).

Fathers Day« 121

I).11I}: 1.15. 3.111. (11111. 8.40. Hercules 11'1

I).1iI_\: I.I5. 3.40. (1.00. S45.

.S.11111.11.\1 H.511. 3.00. Ill). (1.30. 8.45. Austin Powers 1 151

11.111}: 1.111. 3.15.


l).11l): (1.00. 835.

Men In Black Il’(ii

l).1il_\: l.l.<. Volcano 1 121 I).1iI}: 3.35. (1.00. 8.35.


l’1'11g1'.1111111elikel} to he x11111l.11' to the l11'e11ous \1eel1. I’I111111'0Hl 333 95 I 3 1111' 1Iet.11I\ .11111111111‘»

.\'e\\ 111111 due to open 1111 Hi l7:


(iilnioi'elull ('entre 1‘111"l'l1e.1tre. I'IIlll .1111l 'l'eletision. ‘) I'ui\ersit_\ Avenue.

£11.35 1£31.


Grosse Pointe Blank l 151 (1.1111. 8.30. SATURDAY ‘1‘. OCT

Grosse Pointe Blank 1 151 (11111. 8.30. SUNDAY 12 OCT

Jour De Fete 11'1 (1.1111. FRIDAY 17 OCT

Big Nightil51 (1.1111. 8.30. SATURDAY ‘18 OCT

Big Night 1 151 (1.1111. 3.31 . SUNDAY 19 OCT

Big Night1151 (1.1111. 11,311.


13R11.\e Stt'ee1.()I-Il 333 1S I 31S.

(RIC/IMF. All pe1‘l111‘1nz111ces hookuhle. [l)|. [Ii], .\I.1I111ees £3.3511‘1111cs £3 1. livenings £4.351e1111es £3 except S211 eveningl. All double hills evening prices apply.

1 Shooting Fish Kate Beckinsale is smarter

Hit list

The best films this fortnight.


than her conmen bosses think in this

sparkling British comedy that‘s set to a bouncing pop soundtrack. See feature

and review. General release.

Nil By Mouth No punches are pulled (literally) as Gary Oldrnan gets behind

the camera to depict the alcoholism and

domestic violence of life in working-

class London. See preview and review.

Selected release.

Hercules The Greek hero finds new labours, new dangers in a Disney

cartoon that works perfectly for just

about any age group you could imagine.

See review. General release. The Sweet Hereafter A small

community comes to terms with tragedy

111 Atom Egoyan's moving portrait of human grief, starring the magnificent Ian Holm. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh:


The Full Monty Robert Carlyle heads a troupe of Chippendale wannabes in a hilarious British comedy that also has a

bit of social grit thrown in. General

release. ; REPERTORY ; Asphalt Moody design and sensuous

photography lift this silent German

thriller to clas31c status. Inventive group

ln The Nursery provide a specially

' composed live score. Edinburgh:



L.A. Confidential Prior to its release on 31 Oct, catch one of the year’s most talked-about movies compared to Chinatown in some quarters at a

series of special List advance screenings.

Exclusive Kim Basinger feature next

} issue See full page ad. Selected



1. four De Fete 111 1.311.

Tem tress Moontl51 3.311. (1.1111. 8.311. 2. T e Sweet Hereafter 1 I51 2.110. 3.45.

Jour De Fete 11’1 4.311. (1.311. SATURDAY ll OCT

1. four De Fete 11'1 Temptress Moon l 151 2. Klds l lh‘1 3.111).

|.30. 3.30. (1.00. 8.30.

lour De Féte 11'1 4.311. The Sweet Hereafter ( 151 (1.311. 8.45.

SUNDAY 12 OCT 1. Beautiful Thing 1 151 2.311.

Temptress Moontl51 (1.1111. 8.311. 2. Across Africa In An Automobile ( 151

+ The English Patient 1 151 2.1111. The Sweet Hereafter 1 151 8.45.

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