'Scarfo’s the name of an Argentinian anarchist Mafia family who started this small-scale bombing campaign against the establishment,’ explains Jamie, guitarist in the three-piece band called Scarfo. ’They were on the run from Mussolini and eventually they were captured and executed.’ Not exactly a lucky name to choose, really, but then Scarfo are quite adept at overcoming bad luck - including nasty car accidents. ’We iust went out to the pub and it’s not as though we got drunk or anything,’ starts Jamie ominously. ’Al, the drummer, was saying goodbye to some people then he turned around and stepped onto the road Just at the same time as a speeding car was coming along.’ Fortunately Al has made a full recovery but his brush with the automobile world set back Scarfo's plans for world domination a fair bit. Now they’re bouncing back With an incendiary new single ’Cosmonaut No 7' and a tow. Catch them before something worse happens. (Jonathan Trew) Scarfo play the Attic, Edinburgh on Sat 7 7 Oct.

Kathy Burke

When she’s slumming it as Waynetta Slob with Harry Enfield, the worst domestic strife Kathy Burke (right) faces is her hubby talking to her when she’s ’smoking a fag’. In Gary Oldman’s directorial debut Ni/ 8y Mouth, marital tensions are far more volatile. Burke plays a London housewife used as a punchbag by her bruiser husband (Ray Winstone). It’s brutal, realistic territory that leaves both Leigh and Loach standing, and Burke’s performance is a triumph. With the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival under her belt, Burke can finally emerge as one of the country’s most unsung actresses. (Alan Morrison) Ni/ By Mouth opens on Fri 70 Oct. See preview and review, pages 23 81 25.


Bands come, bands go but Motbrhead are forever. Who cares that the glory days are over and that no one has really bought their albums in any significant quantities since the early 80s? Motbrhead rock and they rock louder and they rock faster than anyone else which considering the fact that Lemmy’s OAP bus pass isn’t on too distant a horizon is no mean feat. All together now: ’You know you’re going to lose and gambling’s for fools but that’s the way I like it, baby. | don’t want to live forever. . . crash, bang, wallop etc.’ (Jonathan Trew)

Motorhead play Barrow/and, Glasgow on Sat 78 Oct.

All the best

More tips for a fun-filled fortnight.

Film: Hercules Disney turns to the Greek myths for inspiration and delivers another slick and snappy, animated feature that will please the kids and have the adults cheering too. James Woods steals the show as the cynical Hades, Lord Of The Underworld See review. General

re/ase from Fri 70 Oct.

Art: Pierre Et Gilles The high camp Parisian duo show their high gloss, high colour photographs of rippling fleshed young men and women

frollicking in the undergrowth. Part L of this year’s fotofeis which has taken sex as its theme. Glasgow:

1 Gallery Of Modern Art, until 9 Nov. Theatre: I Licked A Slag's

Deodorant Artistic director Andy

Arnold directs the Arches Theatre

Company in Jim Cartwright's two- hander about prostitution, drug addiction and messed-up lives. Swelling Meg singer Cora Bissett co-

; stars With Mik Wardzymski. See

3 preview. Glasgow: Arches, Wed

75~Sat 25 Oct.

Music: Finley Quaye The man with

the mellow music plan has taken

reggae to the masses With his debut album Avilaverick A Strike hitting the national album charts at Number

' Three Glasgow: Garage, Thu 76

Oct, Edinburgh: Queen’s Hall, Wed IS Oct.

Sport: Scotland v Latvia Scotland only have to win or draw this final World Cup qualifier to secure a place at the finals in France next year. The backing of the Tartan Army on home

: turf should prowde an extra boost as long as no-one mentions the words

'lran’ or ’Costa Rica'. Glasgow: Celtic

Park, Sat 77

5 Dance: Bernadetje Performers aged nine to twenty-one appear in this

J iiiiich touted fairgrouin attraction

from Belgium’s Victoria company, in which the Virgin Mary is one of

several young people evading cars in

a dodgem ring. See preview.

Glasgow: Tramway; Fri 77—Sun 79.

; Film: Nil By Mouth Actor turned director Gary Oldman proves to be iust as impressive behind the camera

l l

as in front of it With this tOugh, uncompromising portrait of domestic abuse in South London. Not easy

3 VlG\Vlll(] but a shattering experience.

See preview and review. Selected

release from Fri IO Oct.

10—23 Oct 1997 THE UST3