Scotland v Latvia Channel 5, Sat 11 Oct, 2.40pm.

Those in Scotland unable to pick up Channel 5 who are fretting at the announcement that the station will be broadcasting the big match, may be mildly appeased by the fact that Jonathan Pearce will not be commentating. Football lta/ia’s Gary Bloom is the Englishman pretending to sound interested with Charlie Nicholas and Ian St John as the expert analysts.

Bright Hair

BBC1, Sat 11 Oct, 9pm.

Held over from its original date due to the fact it contains a car crash, Peter Ransley’s adaptation of his own novel sees Emilia Fox as a schoolgirl with an unhealthy taste for the macabre. As the body count in the soporific Village of Ashminster rises, suspicion turns to her. Concludes Sun 12, 9.05pm.

What's The Story

Channel 5, Sun 12 Oct, 7pm.

Not yet another look at the Gallaghers, but a new series of the hard-hitting news magazine programme. Previous successes have included reports on Michael Jackson's ailing UK charity, drug-testing in the workplace and an interview with the Ealing vicarage rape victim.

The Music School:

Learning With Mr Li

Channel 4, Sun 12 Oct, 7.30pm.

New four-part series followmg the ups and downs of the country’s largest specialist music school, Chetham’s in Manchester. Wenjay LI teaches violin to a select bunch of prodigies with not completely successful results.

The Simpsons BBC2, Mon 13 Oct, 6pm.

Mondays and Fridays will, thankfully, never be the same again, now that the mighty Homer and co have returned. Tonight's bout of hilarity revolves around family hound Santa’s Little Helper, who is causing havoc in the household. Off to obedience school he goes, with, ObVlOUSly, stupendously amusing results.


Bright Hair: BBC1, Sat 11 Oct. 9pm.

The Booker On Four

Channel 4, Mon 13 Oct, 10.55pm. Melvyn Bragg, in a rare television appearance, chairs a discussion on the state of fiction with big literary cheeses Martin Amis, Lisa Jardine, Gore Vidal and Salman Rushdie. The Booker award ceremony is shown on Tue 14 at 9pm.

Vanessa's Day With . . . Channel 5, Tue 14 Oct, 8pm.

This is a brilliant idea which surely deserves far more than fourteen weeks on air. Vanessa Feltz indulges in some shameless schmoozing to strip away the sheen of showbiz by stalking the rich and famous. And Darren Day. Tonight, Boy George shows us around his gothic mansion, the local Safeway and his recording studio.

Network First: The Grimaldi Dynasty

STV, Tue 14 Oct, 10.30pm.

Narrated by Zoe Wannamaker, this shows how Princess Grace of Monaco, aka Grace Kelly, became the first modern princess until the fairy tale turned sour. All very pertinent, fitting, germane, tOpical and relevant.

Witness: A Great


Channel 4, Wed 15 Oct, 9pm.

This shOuld get everyone snuggling up round the negotiating table. Did you know that the IRA collaborated With Hitler against Britain? Me neither Simon Sebag-Montefiore goes on a personal journey into Ireland and trashes the myth of Irish tolerance.

tales from the city

Roderick Buchanan. Tracey Emin. David Shrigley,

Georgina Starr. Gillian Wearing

Curated by Charles Esche

5 October— 22 November

84 THE “ST 10 Oct—23 Oct 1997

999 Lifesavers BBCl, Fri 17 Oct, 8.30pm.

New series of the non-exploitative, ’look and laugh at other people in peril’ series. Michael Buerk is joined by new co-anchor Donna Bernard with tonight’s hilarious, sorry frightening, experiences including two surfers being swept away in Wales, a bee attack in Gloucester and a Hull fairground worker with a dodgy ticker.

Clive Barker's A—Z Of Horror BBCZ, Sat 18 Oct, 10.50pm.

The master of contemporary horror literature, if you discount Stephen King, Anne Rice, James Herbert or Danielle Steele, takes more suckers on another ride of terror with a spooky look at Roger Corman, Edgar Allan Poe and George A. Romero. Wooaahhhhhll

The Sweeney Channel 5, Mon 20 Oct, 9pm.

Vintage cop stuff and kipper ties from Regan (John Thaw) and Carter (Dennis Waterman) as the un-PC PCs rattle around south London in pursuit of the evil and depraved. In tonight’s episode, a crumbling gangland empire leads to open warfare while Regan tells Carter to ’shut it' every six minutes.



Sound Advrce

Radio 1, Sun 12 Oct, 9pm.

When Noel and Liam next find they want to tear one another's eyes out, they should call The Arts ClllilC Performance poet Joolz takes a peep at the work of the group whose therapy helps stressed artists chill out. Contributions come from ex-Clash tour manager Johnny Green and Radio 1 DJ Mark Radcliffe.

Nicky Campbell

Radio 5 Live, Mon 13 Oct, 9am. Spinmeister from The Wheel Of Fortune, and one of Radio 1's slightly less irritating vorces, Campbell Joins the Radio 5 Live team for a daily phone-in of topical and freQLiently heated debate, With regular feature» on film and Video, the enVironment, health and science.

Make 'Em Laugh Radio 2, Tue 14 Oct, 9pm.

My favourite Groucho Marx line was ’ixnay on the opeday’. It made no sense then and little now but Michael Freedland will attempt to get to the bottom of the Marx who had the dialogue market cornered among the brothers. His life went a bit weird later on with a dodgy game show and a younger lover whose intentions were not totally honourable.

Kes Radio 2, Fri 17 Oct, 9.15pm.

Star of Bal/yk/ssange/ and Drop The Dead Donkey, Stephen Tompkinson reads Barry Hines’s classic tale of a tough Northern mining town and a boy’s only avenue of escape through his feathered friend. You’ve probably seen the film version, memorable for Brian Glover running around like a loony.

Sounding The Century: Postscript - Life Of Dali

, Radio 3, Mon 20 Oct, 9.05pm; Tue 21, 9.20pm;Wed 22, 9.15pm;Thu

23, 9.20pm.

Another of the century’s less sane individuals was Salvador Dali whose writings, films and, later on, advertising appearances were as barmy as his paintings. Over four nights, Ian Gibson reads sequences

from his fence—sittineg titled new

book The Shamefu/ Life Of Salvador Dali, tackling his relationships with

Federico Garcia Lorca and wife Gala,

his time in the US and his final return

to Spain making the quartet's ingredients.

1 Analysis The Politics 3 Of Emotion

Radio 4, Thu 23 Oct, 8pm.

Does the media whip up false

emotions in the public or are we Britishers really losing that stiff upper lip.7 In the wake Of the death Of Di, a

particularly relevant enquiry, l

suppose. Professor Brian Cathcart \VIH either fascinate or bore y0u rigid

in asking whether the UK's new mood \Vlll lead to a more

' accountable democracy or an

unstable tyranny. (Brian Donaldson)

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