Out of the ordinary

Stars of A Life Less Ordinary EWAN McGREGOR and CAMERON DlAZ explain why they are a match made in Heaven, while the film's director DANNY BOYLE tells how he followed the cult success of Trainspotting (page 11). And heading up the soundtrack of A Life Less Ordinary, ASH confess they just couldn't say no (page 13). Words: Alan Morrison

THE BATTLE LINES are drawn: it’s Britain vs Hollywood. A film industry on the rise against the global master. All we need now is a figurehead to lead us into the fight. an icon for the new generation. Into the spotlight steps a wee 26-year-old laddie from Crieff.

‘The only pressures I feel are my own. about doing the work right,’ says man-of—the-

moment Ewan McGregor. 'lt’s not important to me to break into America. To break into what? A system of bad movies? I’d much rather just pick off the scripts that come though my door that are good. If they’re in Hollywood. then I‘ll do them in Hollywood. ‘thncver I've decided to do a movie for reasons other than my gut instinct about the

script, they’ve always proven to be not the best pieces of work. But ifyou miss and hit the wall every now and again. it doesn’t matter. Failing is important too.’

So the 1997 Ewan McGregor has swapped cockiness for confidence, then? Nowadays he’s willing to admit some of his performances aren’t up to scratch disappointment about

8 THE LIST 24 Oct—6 Nov 1997

Heavenly creatures: Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz in A life Less Ordinary