U I saw you witch. You left me speechless. l was cheeky. but you were so unfair. When shall we meet again? Box No

U/3 18/1.

. I saw you the one they call P. sleepwalking your way through your Safeway shift. Hope you‘re managing to save those pennies and get over SOONER rather than later. Miss you. xxx. Box No U/3l8/2.

l l

Melancholy, romantic, goodlooking male 16. doth seeketh ; Juliet for secret

relationship away from feuding parents.


O I saw yoESt—inday 5 Oct. Sish in Polo Lounge then outside Dels. You wearing D&G and a blue/orange jacket. How about dinner? Box No U/3l8/3. 9 I saw you on train to Aberdeen. red-haired final year chemistry student. 15/10/97. You were reading Bill Bryson. we chatted before 1 had to leave at Cupar. Was the conversation ended prematurely? Box No U/318/4.

. I saw you at A.1. party in Marchmont. Friday 3 October. Me. your greatest fan that night in loud blue shirt. Can I take you to heaven and back? Box No U/3l8/5.

U I saw you Jon. HMV Glasgow. Many trials and tribulations but I love you all the same. Time for an arab/ Hibby away game? Viola mo. xxxx. Box No U/3l8/6.

0 I saw you Patrick in Finnegans. 9/10/97. Supposed to meet in Biddy Mulligans. 1 got held up. you‘d gone. Would love to hear from you soon. T. Box No U/318/7.

U I saw you in Gyle Centre car park. Monday 6/10. You‘ve auburn hair. a beautiful smile and a wee blue car. I helped set up your wheels. Now you‘ve wheer got me. Box No U/318/8.

U I saw you at Liberty‘s in Dundee. You were stuck in a cubicle being sick with your pants round your ankles. Plenty glam though pet. Love. Alexis. Box No U/318/9.

104 TIIE LIST 23 Oct-6 Nov 1997

the lad?‘ You‘re an actor in the

9 I saw you and l have heard you every night. when you arrive to Warrender Park. 1 love your Canadian accent. aren't you from Alberta? Can we meet? Box No U/318/10.

V I saw you on the Impulse ad. You're the model playing ‘Jack

city. this one’s bi with half the kitty. Let’s raise a glass to growing bittys! Box No

U/3I8/ l 1.

0 I saw you N8Don you crewed that morning! Will you sail to Dublin again? Nights are frosty. my jacket needs another outing in Edinburgh wind. Box No U/3 18/ 12.

O I saw you behind the bar in Big Blue. Friday 10/10. You tall. handsome. me curly brunette with my older cousin. Our eyes met; I had to leave too soon. Box No U/3l8/13.

9 I saw you Bridges. 13/10/97. Tall. dark. sweater. jeans. Me: tall. short blonde hair. black and red jacket. You look like Sam Shepard. Are you as intriguing? Box No U/318/14.

. I saw you SCO girl. Barony Bar. brown hair. great smile with Irish bloke. Me red jumper. smiling at you. Our eyes met. Could we bleather together. Box No U/318/15.

O I saw you Annette at Divine Divas and since then I can't see you enough. You're in my head and my heart and I‘ve fallen for you big time. Box No U/318/16. 0 I saw you designer of the Deepsea bathroom. in Waterstone‘s Cafe. Sauchiehall Street. on 10/10/97. Missing authors were Martin Bell (Thug In A War Zone) and Peter Carey (Oscar And Lucinda). Be good to hear from you. Nearly always a willing GF'T accomplice. Box No U/3l8/17.

. I saw you again. Camberley in dented Betty Blue Crash. OFT. 14/10/97. Isn't it ironic? Or coincidentally crap driving? All apologies to victim in new car. Slippery when wet! Lousy. Box No U/3l8/18.

I saw you Wig L2. 21/9/97? Your on-call weekend. We spoke briefly. I‘ve arranged that small party. 8/11/97. I‘d love you to come. Please? Box No U/3 18/19.

0 I saw you Neil in Walkers on Sat 11/10/97. But I missed

you the next day. What went wrong? Will you write tne (Steph) in the Netherlands? Box No U/318/20.

0 I saw you ll/lO/97. you passed me half way to Ben Nevis. then we met there. You: Norwegian in Edinburgh. Can we meet over a haggis or black pudding? Box No U/3l8/21.

V I saw you in New York on December 27th 1996. We shared a taxi from JFK. and our first glimpse of the Empire State Building. You are a surveyor from Edinburgh. You took my bag. by mistake to the Marriott where you were staying. but returned it later. I promised you a beer on New Years‘ eve but had to take a raincheck! Can we meet now? Box No U/318/22.

U I saw you gorgeous blonde woman in tie pants and crop top. In fact. 1 see you a lot. generally in a supported or supporting role! Run away with me? Box No U/318/23.

0 I saw you on Clerk Street. Sunday night. 12/10. You had black hair. brown jacket. blue jeans. Our eyes met again driving past. . . or was it my imagination. Please call. Box No U/3l8/24.

U I saw you Nathan. We met at Sublime ( 10/10). You‘re crazy. Let‘s do it again. please get in touch!! Kerry. Box No U/3l8/25.

. I saw you Safeways (Newlands) Tuesday 23/9/97 at 6.15pm. You blue jeans and sweatshirt. dark anti handsome at dry cleaners. Me shirt and tie at chemist and post office. We exchanged glances? Let‘s meet? Box No U/317/1.

U I saw you in a dream. Pretty Japanese girl with long hair. You appeared from nowhere. took my hand and rescued tne. What can it mean? Please contact me again. Box No

U/3 17/2.

. I saw you my big daddy K. You are such a sexy beast. I love you. Your Debbie. Box No U/317/3.

O I saw you Canny Man. We met in Spanish class years ago. Fancy a drink? I won‘t throw myselfat you. I promise! Box No U/3 17/4.

0 I saw you George just when I needed you. as always. You're the best friend a girl could have. Lots of luv and hug. Julianne xx. Box No U/3l7/5.

0 I saw you staggering everywhere from Byres Road to CC Blooms. Surely we weren't drunk? Thanks for a fab time! We'll balti again when I get back. Box No U/3 17/6.

Edinburgh EH1 1TB



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and we will forward it. Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER.

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V I saw you playing the fiddle (12/09/97. Sandy Bell‘s). Me: bones. camera. gobsmacked. Would you like some of the pics? Box No U/3 17/7.

0 I saw you introducing me to Clio some weeks ago. This is just to say how much I appreciated your help l was really impressed. Hope the application gets through. Box No U/3 17/8.

16 year old virgin doth seeketh sweet Romeo, for life long passion. Contact , Juliet. Verona.

0 I saw you Oz/NZ chambermaid (?) with great smile in station hotel. July. showed tne around when I was researching a guide book. Forgot one question fancy a drink or dinner sometime? Box No U/3l7/9.

U I saw you Steph. on Tuesday 23/9 on North Berwick beach. I didn’t realise it was you until you'd gone long time since we shared that studio in Stoke Newington. Bella. Box No U/3l7/10.

. I saw you one Friday. in the Don'c. then the Catwalk with respective flatmates. We talked Wit/mail and fat cats. You: short hair. sparkling smile; Me: hoping you‘ll call! Box No U/317/l l.

0 I saw you at the Macketras (?Macfergus) ornamentation concert. mainly talking across me( I) to your friend. You sound fascinating do get in touch! Box No U/3I7/12.

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