Don’t call me


For years, KIM BASINGER sizzled as cinema's number one sex symbol. Now, after the highs of becoming a mother and the lows of near bankruptcy, she's back in the Hollywood spotlight and better than ever in LA. Confidential. Words: Alan Morrison

14 THE UN 24 Oct—6 Nov 1997

‘SEX IS ALWAYS there, it’s all over the place,’ says Kim Basinger, ‘but mouths . . . that’s just a whole other conversation. Kissing is the most intimate part of it all and, you know, I’ve had some pretty good kissers in my life.’

Before male pulses race to bursting point, it should be explained the Kim Basinger here today is not the same screen goddess who appeared on the cover of a 1983 edition of Playboy or burned her image into the fantasies of a generation of adolescents with 9’/: Weeks. The flawless skin and perfect figure are still very much in evidence, but a happy marriage to actor Alec Baldwin, a two— year-old baby called Ireland, and a series of rave reviews for her role in LA. Confidential have finally helped her put the ‘sex symbol’ label to rest.