7 Famespotting

The young actor who succeeded in getting Stephen Fry into bed.

8 A Life Less Ordinary

Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz on what makes the follow-up to Trainspotting so special (page 8).

Plus director Danny Boyle on why the two stars make the perfect couple (page 11).

And Ash singer Tim Wheeler on an extraordinary soundtrack (page 13).

14 Kim Basinger So she’s blonde and she’s beautiful . . . more

importantly, she’s back. Basinger knocks ’em out in LA. Confidentia/.

16 Chuck D

Public Enemy’s former rapper returns to Fight The Power on paper.

19 Mark Owen Burying Take That’s Little Marky for good.

39 Super Furry Animals

The Welsh sonic wizards finally storm Scotland.

105 International Scotch Whisky Festival

Raise your glass to a celebration of the nation’s spirit.


Actress Julia Ormond on Smil/a’s Fee/ing For Snow (21); Martyn Bennett on Bothy Cu/ture (40); Actor Forbes Masson on Much

Ado About Nothing (57);

f Sean Hughes on his dark side (67);

" DJ Q faces the music (69); Going underground with new TV thriller Unden/vor/d (80); Nathan Coley on urban sanctuary (83); Christopher

. at; Brookmyre’s political thriller (93);

Camemn Diazand Ewan Mchgo, Tomb Raider 2: the sacking of Lara Croft (96)

Kim Basinger



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