explorations of the dark underside of American life which have been a staple of his music all along. Whatever the style, though, it is all marked by his unmistakable vocal stamp. Recommended. (KM)

JAZZ David Newton

DNA (Candid) at t ‘k * Scottish pianist David Newton's third

album for Candid introduces a new quartet, with lain Dixon on saxes, and the bass and drum team of Matt Miles and Steve Brown. They bring a fresh sound to his work, and one which is a little more contemporary than that of his classic trio with Green and Ganley. The material is well-chosen, mixing attractive originals by Newton and Dixon with underexposed standards and a version of Chick Corea’s 'Highwire’. The least expected selection is the lengthy version of Lennie Tristano’s 'Ablution’, which is not characteristic Newton territory, but is deftly handled by all concerned. (KM)


Cream Anthems 97

Mixed by Paul Oakenfold and Nick Warren (Deconstruction) at 1%

This is Cream’s fifth album project and undoubtedly their most disappointing. On it, y0u’ll find three Number Ones and fifteen Top 20 hits, including tracks from Ultra Nate, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, 187 Lockdown and Underworld. Warren's mix is very commercial, containing most of the



the new album

EX! LE released 20 october I997

available on cd - me



Mick Harvey's Pink Elephants: an indispensable companion for the initiated

aforementioned artists and one or two others like Stretch & Vern and Chicane, Oakenfold, meanwhile, opts for a cross between his trademark trance and more commercial cuts from Olive, BBE and Brainbug. If this is an honest reflection of a) Oakenfold and Warren's sets and b) Cream on a Saturday night, l’d be very surprised. Why not JUSI buy one of those 'Best Dance Albums In The World . . . Ever' compilations instead of perpetuating the myth that Cream is a credible club? (JB)



mm:- Moby

James Bond Theme (Mute) *

Released to tie in with the new 007 movie Tomorrow Never Dies, and playing it very straight indeed, like a toned-down Prodigy with wah-wah guitar and horns. With the huge constraints and compromises that come with the megabudget movie biz, even a maverick like Moby is completely hemmed in. (AM)

God's Boyfriend

Pond (Trade 2) fir it t t ‘k

At sixteen, when she made the first God’s Boyfriend demo, Laura Donnelly was looking like the most prodigious Scots pop performer since Roddy Frame. 'Pond' makes good on the promise. Each of these four tracks is a gem, with ’Pond' itself an emotional rollercoaster set to furiously strummed guitars. (AM)


I See Red (Deceptive) * tr *

All the naive effervescence and bubblegiim-meets—buzzsaw that we already love about The Wannadies, and that uncertainty about preCisely how seriously they're taking it all, is present here in great bold letters. This is yet

STAR RATINGS * it t i * unmissable x t r t Very good it fir it Worth a shot it Below average it You’ve been warned

record reviews MUSIC

dumber, though, and, for that very reason, possibly mightier than even The Wannadies could be. (AM)

The Dust Junkys

Non-Stop Operation (Polydor)

* it * *

There was a time when rock-rap crossover records were routinely as exciting as this, and The Dust Junkys would like to breathe life into a tired old form. As funky and cool as Fun Lovin' Criminals, they'll make many new friends on the Black Grape tour. (AM)

Earl Brutus

The SAS And The Glam That Goes With It (Fruition) * i: t ‘k *

There seems to be one of these bands around every few months a hardline rock ’n’ roll stance set to a glam beat that’s both martial and hedonistic. Forget them. Earl Brutus are the truly frighten- ing ones, copping one hell of a bad attitude and dripping disrespect. (AM)

Embrace All You Good People EP (Hut) *

Los Bros Gallagher begin to lose the place with bombastic, elongated, hollow anthems. So what do Embrace do? Tell me, if Oasis walked off a cliff would Embrace follow them? The ’Walrus'- flavoured strings plastered on at the end are not a tribute. They are the sign of a band that has no ideas of its own. (AM)


Jim Byers, Thom Dibdin, Roger Evans, Alastair Mabbott, Kenny Mathieson, Alan Morrison, Fiona Shepherd






tickets EIO

230(1—6 Nov 1997 THE U3T45