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ROCK & POP: GLASGOW WED 29 continued

Daytona Queen Margaret Student Union. University Gardens. 339 9784. 8pm. Students and guests. Trio of sprightly indie rock battds on this Virgin/MTV-sponsored tour. Number One Cup hail front Chicago and had a radio hit with the catchy garage pop of ‘Divebomb'. Tinstar are self-styled proponents of ‘gritty surrealism‘ and Daytona are a Wolverhampton quartet who have supported The Charlatans artd Gene.

I Bloodhound Gang The Cathouse. Union Street. 248 6606. 8pm. £5 plus booking fee. Snot-nosed American brats who make the kind of unholy racket that Green Day might. if they were more anarchic.

I M0330 and The Amphetameanies Nice ‘n‘ Sleazy. Saucltiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. The Amphetanteanies are a Glasgow ska supergroup.

I The Dazes Kilkennys. John Street. 552 3505. 9pm. Free.

I Pumpkins Nuts Cul l)e Sac Southside. Polloksltaws Road. 649 47 I 7. 9.30pm. Free.

I live Music Brel. Ashton Lane. 342 4966. 9pm. Free. Acoustic session.


I Lumber, Liller Car Stereo and Sunjamming The Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. 8pm. £3. Three local hands for a tttere three quid. Please note also that the indie/big beat club Vinyl Grooves is on the top floor and it‘s free to get in. I Dr Hook Usher Hall. l.othian Road. 228 l l55. 6.30pm. £12.50 (£l0). Sexy vibes front first time round soulsters l)r Hook who once found it hard being ‘In Love With A Beautiful Woman' but probably don't worry so much about it these days.

I Jazz Singers Night Henry's Cellar Bar. Morrison Street. 22) I288. llpnt. £3 (£2). The first part of the evening is an organised set. then it‘s an open mic session afterwards for anyone who fancies themselves as a jazz singer.

I Cathode Species Stones. Frederick Street. 220 I226. 8pm. Free.

I Underground Groove The Honeycomb. Blair Street. 220 438 l. l0ptn. £4 (£3): £2 before llpitt. M.U. members get in free. Band on stage at ll.30pm. Laid-back ntidweek session with Colin Steele’s awesome Groove Merchants playing live. mixing contemporary jazz with Soubie Coleman‘s smoky vocals.

THURSDAY 30 Glasgow

I Carrie. Cicada aitd ldlewild King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. St Vincent Street. 22I 5279. 8.30pm. £3.50. Carrie feature Zak Foley. formerly of FM F. but their sound is ntuclt harder aitd influenced by US college rock artists as currently catchy single 'Breathe Underwater" testifies. Edinburgh's cacophonous ldlewild were one of the unsigned hits of

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“Til! lIST 23 Oct--6 Nov 1997

In The City.

I Sleater-Kinney, I’m Being Good and Lureluxx (‘luh Zebra. The I3lIt Note. Glassford Street. 553 I638. 8.30pitt. £3. See preview for tttore on this female trio whom Greil Marcus Itas been getting ltot under the collar about.

I The Goldenhour, Superhero aitd The Alkahounds Fury Murrys. Maxwell Street. 22l 65l l. 9pm. £3. See preview for news on the heady progress of Tlte Goldenhour since winning the Bacardi/The Us! Unsigned Band competition earlier this year.

I Red Apple, Iconoclast and Monkey Boy Nice 'n‘ Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm.

I Chaser Cavern Bar. Strathclyde University Student Union. John Street. 552 l895. 9pm. Free. Students aitd guests.

I Red Green's Blues Band The State Bar. Holland Street. 332 2l59. 9pm. Free.

I Scott McDonald The Hall Bar. Woodlands Road. 564 I527. 9.30pm. Fee.

I The Dazes Waxys. Candleriggs. 552 8717.9.30pm. Free.

I Seattle Kilkennys. John Street. 552 3505. 9pm. Free.

I Celtic Reign Waxy l)argles. Bridge Street. Paisley. 848 ()885. 9.30pm. Free. Irislt Celtic rock band.

I Live Music Asyluitt. Caledonian University. Cowcaddens Road. 332 068 l. 9pm. A battle of the bands which is free to Caledonian students and £1 for everyone else.


I Ozric Tentacles The Venue. Caltoit Road. 557 3073. 9pm. £7. Bleedin' 'eck. it's the ()zric Tentacles? According to legend. this lot were foritted around a caittplire at Stonehenge iit I982 aitd named after an imaginary breakfast cereal (too many herbal cigarettes eh boys‘.’). Anyway. they‘ve just completed their first album iit two years. Curious ('urn. which is about. you guessed it. crop circles. Iixpect a mix ofold fashioned prog rock aitd more ittodern beats.

I The Eddie Severn Quartet Henry's Cellar Bar. Morrison Street. 22| l288. llpitt. £3 (£2). Jazz.

I Surely The Honeycomb. Blair Street. 220 438l. 9pm. £2. MU. members get itt free. Band on stage at midnight. Cheap drinks front 9- l lpitt. Chilled midweek hip hop night which sees live baitds performing next to local l)Js. See Thu 6 Nov for details of the next Surely event which ltas New York's Company Flow playing live.

I Hub The Bongo Club. New Street. 556 5204. l0ptn. £5 (£4). Hub play live at Club Mulata. With l)Js playing sassy soul. funk and hip hop.

American trio Sleater-Kinney play Glasgow's 13th Note on Thu 30 Oct



I Daft Punk and Roger Sanchez Barrowland. Gallowgate. 552 460l. 7.30pm. S()l.l) ()UT. Those anonymous French prodigies Daft Punk shouch tunt Barrowland into a heaving disco inferno- cum-Hallowe'en masquerade this evening. The future sound of party music. Weep. those of you without tickets.

I BB. King and The Splinter Group Clyde Auditorium. Sl-ZCC. Fittnieston Quay. 287 7777. £22.50; £l9.50 plus bookiitg fee. The first music concert at the Armadillo comes front baloooz legend BB. King. a man who can sweat his weight itt perspiration iii the course of a single gig. such is the intensity of his concentration on his beloved guitar. Support front The Splinter Group. the combo foritted by forttter Fleetwood Mac genius Peter Green. Now back froitt more titan twenty years of partly-self-imposed exile front society. his playing is generally regarded as ttot what it used to be. but the pleasure of seeing this bluesittan back on a stage after so long is still sortie reward.

I Gary Numan and Bis Pavilion Theatre. Renfield Street. 332 I846. 7.30pm. £l0. Passionately adored by many. reviled by even ntore. the erstwhile king of teutonic electronica plays one of his regular tours to the devotees who are still listening. Support comes front childhood fans Bis. who recently contributed their version of 'We Are So Fragile' to a Gary Nuntan tribute album.

I Lindisfarne Bourbon Street. George Street. 552 ()l4l. 7pm. £9.50 (£24.50

w itlt ditttter). Geordie folk rockers turned hideous pub rock combo We blame it on Gal/a.

I Geezer Butler Tlte Catltottse. l’nion Street. 248 6606. 8pm. £5.50 plus booking fee. No age restriction. Former Black Sabbath itteittber and Guy ()sbourite ittttcker with ltis own metal outfit.

I T la, Pumpkin Nuts and Doctor lobby The Rat Trap. Brow it Street. 22l 7233. 7.45pm. £5 (advance). £5.50 (door). Another rocker best know it for his foritter battd exploits. Tyla fronted the glatttmy. trashy rock crew Dogs I)'Aittottr bill has been solo for a good few years now Support front two local rocky bands.

I Pam Berry and Electroscope Illuntination. The l3tlt Note. Glassford Street. 553 I638. 8.30pm. A special weekend jaunt for The Pastels‘ live music club with tasteful music front their friends and kindred spirits.

I The Smiles, The Slide and Dynamo Hum Kittg Tut's Walt Walt Hill. St Vincent Street. 22l 5279. 8.30pm. £4.50.

The Smiles hail from Greenock and play indie pop with a retro rock edge.

I Sauce. Second Prize and Butterfingers The Arena. Oswald Street. 22l 3010. 9pm. £3.50 (advance). £4 (door). including entry to the post-gig club Blag.

I Aventene Cavern Bar. Strathclyde University Student Union. John Street. 552 I895. 9pm. Free. Students and guests.

I The Hip'operation McChuill‘s. High Street. 552 2l35. l0ptn. Free.

I The Deep End MacSorley's. Jamaica Street. 572 0l99. 9pm. Free.

I The Libidos Waxy Dargles. Bridge Street. Paisley. 848 0885. 9.30pm. Free. Pop covers.


I Number One Cup, Daytona and Tinstar Teviot Row. Edinburgh University. 7.30pm. Price the. Students attd guests only (see Reader Offers) at this Virgin/MTV night. Lo-fi Chicago crooning front the headliners Number ()ne Cup. hard-edged pop front Wolverhampton‘s Daytona and twisted surrealism front Tinstar.

I The Nolans Cavendish. West Tollcross. 228 3252. 9pm-3am. £5. A four-piece cover band celebrating classic. retro po .

I The (Erisly Ghosts Of Guy The Tap ()‘l.auriston. l.auriston Place. 229 404l. 7.30pm. Free. Garage punk rock featuring fornter members of the reforming Gin Goblins.

I The Hub Club Henry‘s Cellar Bar. Morrison Street. 22l l288. l0ptn. £4 (£3). Band on stage at midnight. A fresh mix of live music and l)Js iit this happening venue.

I Bladdered and Beergut 100 The Subway. Cowgate. 225 6766. 8pm. £2. llallowe'en tti ’Ill pttttk special.

I The Gin Go Iins. The Newtown Grunts aitd The Blunts Cas Rock. West Port. 229 434 l. l0ptn. £3. Yikes! Sonte of lidinburgh's scariest musicians get together to freak the locals out. This is the launclt party for Tlte Goblins' new albuttt Season ()f'l-llc’ [)(’(l(/.



I Lisa Stansfield SFCC. Fittttiestott Quay. 287 7777. £ l 7.50 plus booking fee. The Gracie Fields of her day ltas gone all mature iit recent years attd sings us sonte of her breatlty. ponderous songs about beittg a grown-up woman. like.

I Tangerine Dream Glasgow Royal Concert Ilall. Saucltieltall Street. 287 55l l. 7.30pm. £ l4. The German electrtinica/sotmdtrack kings ltave been totally removed front the Krautrock'

: cutting edge since the departure of key

ttteittbers iit the 70s. Now they occupy more of a low-rent Jeait Michel Jarre status these days. a far cry front the excitentent which greeted their ctinteittporartes Kraftwerk at tltis year's Tribal Gathering.

I Doctor Hook Pavilion Theatre. Renfield Street. 332 I846. 7.30pm.

£ l 2.5()/£ l0. I';lll.\ of S) lvia's Mother" ittigltt be lured to tltis concert for old times sake. Sported eye-patches when

Gabrielle was knee-high lo a

I The Gin


I Unun, Speeder aitd lavaal King Tut's Walt Walt Htit. St Vincent Street. 22l 527‘). 8.30pttt. £3.50.

I Elvis - An Evening With A Legend Bourbon Street. George Street. 552 ()I4 I. 7pm. £9.50 (£24.50 with dinner). He‘s actually dead and has been replaced by a bloke called Adam Carter who does the fttll cltronologtcal act front fresh-faced GI to Vegas cabaret turn with a little help front backing baitd The l)elittonts. Goblins, Bangtwister and The Blunts Nice 'n' Sleazy. Saucltieltall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. 'l’ltankfully a one- off return gig for Fdiitbtirglt’s gore fiends The Gin Goblitts with support front tltose psych-garage rockers Bangtwister.

I Albaroot McChuill‘s. Iliglt Street. 552 2l35. l0ptn. Free. Roots reggae.

I Rollin' Joe And The Jets Waxys.