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Fans' behaviour

REGARDLESS OF WHO was to blame in escalating the ugly scenes between baton-charging Italian police and a vociferous group of England fans in Rome last weekend, hooliganism in the name of English nationalism had much to answer for. It was England's reputation for alcohol enhanced violence that prompted a draconian policing policy, irrespective of whether events of the night warranted.

Yet for all the rampant tribalism associated with Scottish domestic football; the violent casual wars; the mindless aggressron of Old Firm sectarianism to say nothing of Scotland’s reputation as a heavy drinking nation the Tartan Army are more docile in their passion. You get the feeling that a lager-fuelled mob of Scottish fans would be more of a danger to itself than to the world at large. Scots abroad lack any of the English fans’ quasi-imperialist overtones and the hooligan element thus seems unattracted to this stage.

With thousands from both nations set to ’invade’ France in 1998, let's hope that Scots wrll continue to set an example to the English, and show that it is possible to take obsessive and adoring pride in one’s nation without the need to become confrontational to others.

Daniel Simpson Edina Street Edinburgh

Going unheard

I AM WRITING about the play A Delicate Balance which we attended on Friday 26 September. My family were spending the holiday weekend in Edinburgh at the Holiday Inn and we wanted to see a show.

I have some difficulty hearing and use

a hearing aid, so, after checking The

List theatre gurde which showed that the King's Theatre has an induction loop system, we booked tickets at the Waverley tourist office.

Unfortunately there was '10 warning in the newspaper reviews of the play, The Li'st's reView at time of booking, or on entering the theatre, that the microphones would not be used and therefore pepple with hearing problems would be unable to understand what was gorng on.

At the first interval I went to complain and was given an aid. Unfortunately this made no difference at all.

My family’s enioyment was completely spoiled. I had no understanding at all of what was happening on stage and the programme did not explain either. The tickets including booking fee cost £58.60. I hope to be recompensed for what was a very disappomting evening and a complete waste of time and money Veronica Whitelock Taylor Avenue


The List‘s cover star Jack Davenport

Life goes an

AS IF LIFE without This Life’s Jack Davenport isn’t hard enough, The List makes him its cover star (10 Oct) issue. Thousands of women across the country are coming to terms with his absence from their screens. All we need is a reminder that Davenport's character Miles has been confined to a BBC filing cabinet.

Thanks for the glimmer of hope, though. Jack Davenport can come into my living room Out Of Hours any time he wants. The thought of that man in a white coat makes me want to go on paying my TV licence.

Alison Brown Otago Street Glasgow

Trashed fans

THE DAY I arrived in Edinburgh fora year of studies, I naturally got my copy of The List. To my pleasure, it even had an A—Z feature of Scottish bands.

The feature was mostly good, but I was very disappomted as at least one important band was left out. How can you write an A—Z list of Scottish bands without mentioning The Trash Can Sinatras?

I know the band don’t sell that many records, and they are for the time being Without a record contract. But they have one of the most devoted followmgs in the world - the Trasheads We are not many, but we Will be morel SO could yOu please make up7 Gunnar O. Haereid Warrender Park Crescent Edinburgh

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