U I saw you blond and fleeced standing in returns line for A Life Less Orr/(nary at GI'T. 20/10/97. Chatted about movies but got tickets too soon. Must talk some tnore. Box No

W3 19/].

O I saw you climbing the walls at Ibrox. Friday 17 October. You: long blonde hair and lavender top. Me: losing my grip while staring too much. The hairy guy at the other end of your rope was just a friend. Right? Box No U/319/2.

. I saw you Mark. You used to work for a football club itt Glasgow. You have now tnoved to Edinburgh. You have my number. give me a phone. Alan Crawford. Box No U/3l9/3.

. I saw you green eyes. They‘re beautiful but you probably know that. Buchanan Street Underground. Saturday 18 Oct. Happy. curly. Yorkshireman. Box No U/3 19/4. 0 I saw you 19/10/97. M&S. Argyle Street. then with friend at GGLC. You: glasses. tiny goatee. rucksack. Me: minus a partner. denimjacket. l.et's meet for real! Box No U/3l9/5. O I saw you alone in check shirt. Rubaiyat 18/10/97. Why didn‘t you join us? Want to? Box No U/3l9/6.

. I saw you at Mr Retson‘s. We share his forename and a capacity to blush! Mr Matron gave your surname. so I gave mine too! Let‘s meet somewhere more romantic. Box No U/3 19/7.

0 I saw you Alan and Mike. Remember Benidorm? Fancy a night in Newcastle? From Julie and Sharon. Box No U/3 19/8. . I saw you Scott standing in your pants. It was hilarious! J x. Box No U/3I9/9.

V I saw you Queen Margaret College book stall. beginning of October. You. big dark Celt. Me. wanting to go for a drink or something. You said you'd be in Finnegan's. Oh yeah“)? Where have you gone? Box No

U/3 I9/l0.

. I saw you Daniel's Bistro. You: fair. small. gorgeous. biker jacket. black top. You didn't finish your meal. Your choice of company would put me off my food as well. Why not try areal appetiser? Me: sober. sensitive. discreet. cute and genuiner interested in you. Box No

U/3 19/1 I.

0 I saw you you sent me the moon and stars. Dance with me. it‘s not over. Think you’ve mistaken me for another. Name destination and time and I’ll be there. Box No U/3 l9/l2.

¥ I saw you orange letter writer. guarded writing. How can I earn my wish? You promised to grant both. or are you now breaking your promise? Let me mend your broken heart. Box No U/3 I9/l3. O I saw you Hubclub. l7/l0/97. You: sexy. slim. nose ring. fantasy woman. Me: tall. slim. handsome. You asked me for my address at the door. Box No U/3 l9/I4.

Melancholy, romantic. : goodlooking male 16. doth seeketh Juliet for secret relationship away i

from feuding parents.

U I saw you Mary-Lee at the Cairngorms Campaign ceilidh. Me: crewcut and kill. Must apologise for being too rough whilst Strippirig-'I‘he—Willow. Fancy a drink to soothe those bruises? Box No U/3 I9/l5.

V I saw you Kevin. a couple of

months back. in your flat. We were two raven-haired beauties looking for lodging. My friend rejected your room and I was more interested in you. Fancy a pint sometime? Box No

U/3 l9/lb. 5 O I saw you Motto that

sunnner’s day in the clearing. I see you in my mind's eye shining. Marry me Motto! Always be mine. Box No U/3I‘)/I7.

. I saw you in Dillons Bookstore. Argyle Street. Dark hair with Dillons uniform. Your customer service left a lot to be desired. Could we improve it

togcthcr'.’ Box No IMHO/IX.

V I saw you I). . . my soul mate. let's spend our summers in Skye. xxxx J. Box No

U/3 l 9/ I 9.

. I saw you not once but many

L times before. I'm sure you've seen me too from the place you work. I now know your name.

I'll see you again in l.eith. Box No U/3 19/21).

U I saw you rabbit lover on an island. Don't always say. but

3 love you deeply. You beautiful. sexy woman. Love. your ‘security‘ man forever. Box No

U/3 I9/2 I.

Available to rent now CD soundtrack only £9.99* wily?! ' ,. . . y. .i * t .. . r, ;_,;..~\'~_~‘_'.4‘: 5.13;" ~> ' . m “3'” s” “m” " 1a? s .2-tmtnmtnm in mm: SENSE

0 I saw you for the first time in seven years. Got as far as ‘fine‘ before we had to filter. Same address. same number. If that was your girlfriend. jilt her. Box No U/3l9/22.

U I saw you lead singer of Solarus at The Attic. You were great. Why are we too shy to get together?J the decorator. Box No U/3 19/23.

0 I saw you at Nero‘s. am. 17 Oct. You: blond guy. casual. Me: dark. in suit. Our eyes met fancy a top-up? Box No

U/3 19/24.

0 I saw you 8. le=l 4 F R. C. Box No U/3l9/25.

U I saw you for a while. or at least I thought I did. maybe again. Blue jacket/white top in the Mushroom Garden and over the pool table? Box No

U/3 l9/26.

V I saw you on your 30th birthday Clare dahlinkl! On 3 Nov 97. Hope you had a sensational day! Belated happy birthday from the troops! Box No U/3 19/27.

9 I saw you Alan. bouncer. October Cafe. stocky build. totally gorgeous. this 25-year- old male would like to meet you for a drink. maybe more. Go on. you won‘t regret it! Box No

U/3 19/28.

V I saw you witch. You left me speechless. I was cheeky. but you were so unfair. When shall we meet again? Box No

Ll/3 l S/l.

V I saw you the one they call P. sleepwalking your way through your Safeway shift. Hope you're managing to save those pennies and get over SOONIiR rather than later. Miss you. xxx. Box No U/3l8/2.

; 9 I saw you Sunday 5 ()Ct.

Sish in Polo Lounge then outside I)els. You wearing [)&G and a blue/orange jacket. How about dinner? Box No U/3l8/3. V I saw you on train to Aberdeen. red-haired final year chemistry student. I5/I0/97. You were reading Bill Bryson. we chatted before I had to leave at C ttpar. Was the conversation ended prematurely? Box No U/3 l8/4.

V I saw you at A.I. party in Marchmont. Friday 3 October. Me. your greatest fan that night in loud blue shirt. Can I take you to heaven and back? Box No U/3l8/5.

i saw you GLASSEIEII

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0! I saw you Jon. HMV Glasgow. Many trials and tribulations but I love you all the same. Time for an arab/ Hibby away game? Viola mo. xxxx. Box No U/3l8/6.

16 year old virgin doth seeketh sweet Romeo, for life long passion. Contact Juliet, Verona.

U I saw you Patrick in Finnegans. 9/lO/97. Supposed to meet in Biddy Mulligans. I got held up. you'd gone. Would love to hear from you soon. T. Box No U/3l8/7.

V I saw you in 0er Centre car park. Monday 6/10. You've auburn hair. a beautiful smile and a wee blue car. I helped set up your wheels. Now you‘ve wheer got tne. Box No U/318/8.

U I saw you at Liberty‘s in Dundee. You were stuck in a cubicle being sick with your pants round your ankles. Plenty glam though pet. Love. Alexis. Box No U/3l8/9.

V I saw you and t have heard you every night. when you arrive to Warrender Park. I love your Canadian accent. aren‘t you from Alberta? Can we meet? Box No U/3 l8/l0.

V I saw you on the Impulse ad. You‘re the model playing ‘Jack the lad?‘ You‘re an actor in the city. this one‘s bi with half the kitty. l.et's raise a glass to growing bittys! Box No U/3l8/I l.

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