Talking turkey

Now that autumn is setting in with a vengeance, squirrels are gathering their nuts, trees are beginning to look they’ve been hit with a bucket of agent orange and restaurants are taking bookings for Christmas. Sign up now.

Look, I know rt sounds early to even be thinking about what to eat rn a (OUplO of months time but believe me, leave rt muth longer and your only optrons for eating out at Christmas will be a take- out pizza rn a park or a ma: rot-raved hamburger from the nearest petrol station, Everywhere oets booked up early betause so many more people are eatrnu out for Christmas, either with friends and faintly (:r with work tolleauues

A half-hearted and temple-ter random survey of The Lrst editorral staff revealed that the ()ffrt e Chrsstmas party has pra<tr< ally betorne extrth Or at least rt no longer exrsts lit rts old form its demise rsn't too surprrsrnr; Who wants to (elebrate anythrnu if) the ()ftK e, the same plat where you're trapped, trussed and bled dry for a third of your lzfe7 Kr‘ot k'nr; ba< k too mu< h warm sparkling wine while wearing a paper hat won't alter the fat that the offrre rs where you work and anywhere else rs where you party Most ()ffK'OS are about as (‘ondu( we to a party atmosphere as a boot (amp

A better idea rs to head off to a restaurant where you (an eat, drrnk and be merry Without the rrsk of

Free evening parking

Reservations Tel: 0 l 4 | -632 39 I 0

returnrno to work to distover that some war) has rammed a streamer up you." floppy drive There rs also less opportunity for apparently hrlarrous, hrrth-s'nnted antrt s by y<:;:'r<t Sprnks from atmunts Tl‘.‘.(ii'.’ll‘;’} t“e phototoprer and his ba< ksrde :n br‘ref, it's all so ltitlth more trvrlrsed than the traditional ()fiK't‘ party

Mtlt h the same (ould be sard for havrnr; your family (hrlstrrtas ilrnner at a restaurant People used to say that the family that prays together stays together Any family proposrnr; t:> prepare and share a Christie-as meal themselves had better start prayrr‘t; pronto or they’ll have brarned eat it other with the turkey drur" strt ks before the Queen has even thouoht about what \‘JIH be .n her speet h

Another fattor to bear in nmd rs that despite the advances ‘-.'.rh': have l:een made l.'t sexual equality, the dzvrszon of labour hasn't (handed all that mu: h. when it ("omes to krtthen matters When the turkey hits the fan oven, you (an bet your last (rat ker that rn the majority of households rt will have been basted, stuffed and (tarnished by the wife, mother, orrllrrend, female flatrnate or any other DJSSH‘K] ‘.‘.’().'il<ilt,


The Burrell Restaurant

Pollok Country Park, Glasgow G43 IAT

Open daily lOam - 4.30pm [Closed Tues] Evening dining from 7pm [last orders IOpm] Friday and Saturday only

Excellentmmua - . fine wmes, . umque mrroundmgs


.. .re .l e ., u s -.r,' in! te. ‘.'.:tn lJTSllt'c

:arv'n': :luty a'd I'tnr‘r'f": the hatt'>l::;‘,r‘,w1;rpartner \.'.'asl‘rn<:~up Not really the ideal E'Irtrtt'u; a restaurant now Your

pm: (My: Harmony, Lit ~to 1e ala- / a-rrrr11r‘§,r~:=~:‘vsntvrilit show a fzirrttrrrer "f mos ". .r granttrtle, ,r/ur .rrerttls and family

to start a r;e".der war "tats :,

last ‘.‘.(‘-ll :r‘tr; the New Year '.’:n". desert you and Sztlnks from ..\lt<‘-r"at=‘.'e'y, stufl e'.'-:‘-",'“"e else artil 0:: ; hunts will have been distorted for

get your Christmas lun: h 2". early,

while dorm; your Christmas shopprnd

You'll deserve a break after all that _

relentless altruism and rt will fortify '

the tonstrtutren for the

<E.’1()i.":("l' ‘.'t"(ll'

GALLERY or MODERN ART CAFE Queen Street, Glasgow GI 3AZ

Ideal for business or casual lunches [Closed Tues] Evening dining from 6.30pm [last orders lOpm] Thursday, Friday and Saturday only r

No smoking

Reservations Tel: 0 l 4 | -22 I 7484

/ 20 Ho; NW THELIST113