‘I don‘t know. I guess. Y'know. I first put out a record when l was eleven.‘ she begins, referring to the eponymous folk set she issued in the mid-70s. ‘I lived in a very little town with most people knowing who I was and talking about me. finding me really strange, making up stories about me. More than half of my life has been knowing that there are people out there knowing more about me than I know, and the fact that it isn‘t the same things as I know.‘

She continues. ‘But I‘m not feeling sorry for myself. I . . . I don’t know how to put this. I don’t think it‘s like I suffered terribly last year and now . . . l’m BACK! ltjust seems that the more I talk about it. the more I‘m saying “poor old me“. But it really wasn’t like that at all. All the drama that happened you could say it was self-inflicted.

‘lt was a choice a lot of people. things happen to them and it isn‘t a choice. like they get hit by a car or . . . whatever. When I left lceland four years ago. I wanted fucking action. I wanted drama. that‘s why I left. packed my bags and said. “Okay. here I come!" And I got it last year was basically about . I got what I wanted which basically was danger. And then figuring. “Ooookay. thanks very much I‘m going home now."

‘Nah. nah. just kidding. But people in my position they get loads of things. like I got the bomb and stuff but there are several who‘ve had more things than me. you know‘.’ And I just don‘t want to do a Kurt Cobain on you. you know. I think I’m a lucky bastard really. All my dreams came true. I‘ve got nothing to moan about really.’

Now resettled in Iceland after four years in London. Bjork was recently awarded the Knights Cross medal of honour by the President of Iceland a rough equivalent to being knighted in the UK.

‘Yeah. I got that the other day. my mum went to pick it up for me . . .‘ So. does this bring with it a set of responsibilities'.’

‘Well.’ she muses. ‘I think the reason I got it this is my interpretation is because I always refuse to play those roles. from day one I would never be an Icelandic ambassador. Not brainwash people with propaganda. I always thouin the best thing I could do for Iceland abroad. was to do whatever the fuck I want. and that would be like a presentation of a person that is happy and has freedom and that‘s all I did. They try everything. though. They asked me to sell fish. They want me to help them sell fish. and all sorts of little things. but I‘m sorry. 'l‘hat‘s not me.‘

(‘ategorising her time in London as ‘brilliant‘ due. it seems to the fact that it‘s the sort of cosmopolitan place where ‘people who collect stamps with geese on them’ can meet others of their ilk. as well as the good clubs and record stores Bjork always knew she would return home eventually.

‘I mean I‘m Icelandic. end of story.’ she sums up. ‘When I‘m here. I‘m one of these guys. Abroad. I‘m an alien. y‘know. People that come to Iceland. foreigners. they‘re complete aliens. you know'.’

'I actually sat. me and my mate. in a cafe. yesterday. and we laughed our heads off seeing foreigners walking up and down the street. They look hideous! 'l‘licy‘ve all got mountain boots and all this gear on. like they‘ve decided to take a trip to the moon. or something. You

,5 tr gr



know what tourists are like with maps and cameras and all those things . .'l‘hat's probably what I look like when I‘m in Britain. and ljust don‘t realise it.’

Bjork begins laughing. providing her own


Bjérk: chilling out in her native Iceland

perfect epitaph in the process: ‘I really think I‘m blending in! But it‘s just not working!‘

Bjérk is at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Sat 15 Nov, 7pm. See rock listings.

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