IS EWAN McGREGOR on a cut from all sales of The List? By my reckoning, this is the third time in a year that he has appeared on your front cover. Why not just go the whole hog and give him a column? Something like Ewan Spewin' Forth on subjects close to his heart.

Brian Brown, Woodlands Road, Glasgow

More spice please

WHEN THE SPICE Girls finally split (and let's hope they take several dozen ‘official merchandising' manufacturers with them) will anyone accord them the respect that has been lavished on those five talentless yobs from Manchester?

No not those five. I’m talking about Messrs Barlow, Williams, Orange, Howard and Owen.

The List obviously considers that five tiresome egomaniacs who couldn't produce a decent song between them are worthy of respect bordering on adulation when diluted to 20% strength. So you devote a page and a half to Mark Owen, allowing him to court sadly lacking street cred by swearing, and share with us the

information that his pet iguana is named Nirvana.

Two years down the line, can we expect a compellineg argued analysis of Victoria Adams's hairbrush collection? I do very much hope so. Yours without a pinch of cynicism,

E. P. McKechnie, Montgomery Street, Edinburgh

Extraordinary taste

WHAT EXACTLY WERE Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz wearing on your cover last issue (24 Oct)? While respect is due for their respective roles in A Life Less Ordinary, there can be no excuse for such travesties of fashion.

I refer, of course, to Cameron's soft- pink office girl jacket and matching make-up and Ewan’s pink and blue car print shirt with grey v-necked t-shirt underneath. Puh-lease. She looked like she was going for an interview at Standard Life and he looked like he'd been dressed by his mum, fifteen years ago. I’m no fashion snob, but this was proof if ever proof were needed, that money can expand your wardrobe but it can't buy you taste.

Put that tasty Ewan McGregor on your cover as many times as you like, but please, next time club together and buy the poor lad some decent gear. Charlene McKenzie.

Ferry Road, Edinburgh

Clubbed up

WHAT ON EARTH are your clubs listings writers on about? Apparently, the music playlist at Kung Funk at the 13th Note consists of ’phat jazz beat cake’. Is this some new obscure vegan item on the 13th Note’s menu or the confusing effects of too many disco biscuits?

Sure club culture has its own language, but it would be handy if you could write about it in such a way that those who aren't fully initiated into its arcane rituals could also understand what’s happening.

Ross Stewart. Hyndland Road. Glasgow.

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