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KATE WINSLET is currently on location in Marrakech, Morocco, with Scottish director Gillies Mackinnon, filming an adaptation of Esther Freud's novel Hideous Kinky. The film, which tells of a young mother who begins an affair with a local man, is written by Billy Mackinnon, and marks the first time the filmmaking brothers have collaborated since the award-winning Small Faces.

SILENT FILMS contain some of cinema's most remarkable images but are sadly neglected by the majority of film-goers. A hearty round of applause, then, for the Glasgow Early And Silent Cinema Club, which begins monthly screenings at Glasgow Film and Video Workshop on Wed 19 Nov with Fritz Lang's Die Nibelungen. Meetings will continue at 7.15pm on the third Wednesday of The quiet man: director Kevin Smith (right) as alter-ego Silent Bob in Chasing Amy each month and take in such classics as Dreyer's The Passion Of Joan Of

some reason. instead you villainise her it’s like. Arc and Griffith's Birth 0“: Nation, n e c how COUId you let this happen? Membership details (us/£12 ‘So Chasing Amy came from a very personal concession) are available from

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Director KEV|N SMITH exp|ains why a l was told by my then girlfriend. and years later when C'Ub' GFVW: 3‘ A'biO" Sireet:

' - i heard the full story. I felt so small. It wasn‘t really Glasgowv 5‘ 1L“ (0141 553 252°)- PaSSION for the World Of com'c backs anything to get in a bind about: but thankfully I did at THE GFVW's FLAGSHIP project inspired Chasing the time. otherwise I might not have been able to Screenworks is nowin its seventh

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books. an abiding passion of Smith's. who sold his and V'deO “hemesfn 59"”de In real life. New Jersey writer/director Kevin Smith own treasured collection to raise part of the finance Sfi'eépmszbenjf't:“fitting mm bears only a passing resemblance to his fictional on- for Clerks. But does his interest in the genre influence t e 5 '03 (as S a" a'

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‘We wear the same overcoat and that’s about it.‘ have a lot in common. which comes back to England elements otherthan drama insists Smith. ‘although there’s pieces of me in every oddly enough. is in the very wordy. dialogue-driven productions, as it was beiieved this character. male or female. you can always hear my stories you find in Allan Moore‘s ll’att‘lzvnmz series. area was covered by schemes such as voice at some point. creeping up through the Grant Morrison’s brilliant work on Animal Man. or prime Cuts. However'thein-house dialogue. But I usually feel Neil Gaiman's wonderful support at the Grvw distinguishes closest to the “guy” character. ‘When a Iike Amy tells you Sandman. You'll never see the making of Screenworks dramas. like Dante in Clerks. and the , . that influence more clearly so broadcasters and commercial Holden character in Chasing She 5 been w'th two guys' you than in our next film. Dogma. organisations should consider

Amy is probably the closest to immediately flash on every which is like a genullection in digging into their (Offers t0 give SOIid mysell‘.l’ve ever written; . porno flick you've ever seen, front of those three British i afking t evfilefgingsta'em- Qunte a brave admission authors. given that comic book artist and you see her as completew h’leanwhile. the fan base Holden. having unwittingly objectified,’ Kevin Smith continues to spread. fed by fallen for the lesbian Amy. low-key merchandising. the

responds very badly to her current sexual preferences ‘Quick Stop‘ Internet site and the constant cross- and later revelations about her wildly experimental. referencing ofcharacters from the other films. hetero and homosexual past. ‘I like the idea of the films being linked. like one ‘Speaking from experience.’ explains the indie long. episodic movie.’ explains Smith. ‘People ask if filmmaker. ‘the worst thing about this “before she I’ll stop that eventually. but I can't foresee it. It's a met me" stuff is not the reality. which is never that very comic-book orientated thing. to keep everything shocking. but what one projects on to the other in the same universe. But more importantly. it's so j person concerning their sexual past. great to see the fans dig on it. It creates a very 2 ‘lfa guy could simply get the complete text before Trekkie-like mentality. with people looking for the jumping to a conclusion. it would be less hard for tiniest details. It’s a cult-like mentality. for cult-like i him. But. when a girl like Amy tells you she’s been films.‘ ; with two guys. you immediately flash on every porno l

flick you‘ve ever seen. and you see her as completely Chasing Amy opens in selected cinemas on Fri 14 Nov. objectified. Yet you don‘t villainise the two guys for See review.

24 THE llST 7 Nov—20 Nov 199/

Kinky behaviour: Kate Winslet joins Gillies Mackinnon in Marrakech