Bud Neill

A shared obsesson w;th r'esurrectng the work of Gasgow artoo" st Bad Ne:.. :s be." no a n w boox. of hts lost Sketches. Ranald MacColl and Yvonne Barron have spent a decade at: rhbtrng to brrng the Evening Trmes and Daily Record cartoonrst’s work out of the archrves and back .".tO pr ht. The result .s tne brrtn of therr own company, er0 Publrshrng, and a splendrd wee book, Bud Ner/l’s Mag/cl. The collectzon of sketches iovrngly restored by MacColl and Barron as bound to crack a smrle Or“. the face of even the most cynrcal Glaswegran. ’l was born in 1970, the year Bud dred,’ says Barron, a graduate rn entrepreneurial studres who helped rarse the £30,000 needed to publrsh the book. ’That’s why I feel us my destny to do th;s.’ If Bud Nerls's magc works after all tnese years, er0 plans to follow up the coifectror‘ wrth MacColl’s brograohy o? the cartoonst The 49-year-old desrgn consultant has been working on the book for t't'teen years, wrth arron as research assrstant. 'l've been helping him get rt out of hrs head and onto ;)€:O€',' says Barron. I'Katneen islorgan:

Bud Neil/’5 Mag/cl, selected and Introduced by Rana/d MacCo/l, rs nub/rsned by ero Publrshrng at [6. 99.


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a":: super {on sty'e abound See feature, :tafte and "e"; page General release from Fr; 7 ."."o'./ Music: Portishead The Erzstofzan ‘oursn'ne retmned t1) the fray last month '.'.'lill their epony'nous follows. up aibum to l994's Dummy Crrtrcai j()‘/ and rapture followed swiftly from most guarters, although zt's hard to rmagrne any track from the album becomrng as ubrgurtous as 'Glor‘ybox' See feature, page 14 Glasgow Barrow/and, Thu 20 Nov Theatre: 70 Hill Lane lmprobable Theatre explore a < nrid's memories e‘ a haunted house through humour, fantasy; storytellrng and True must And Dirge arrtztu ‘rts :t-f’ sel'ota krddrng Pheirm T.'rt3ernt:>tt's play has seen (ntrts foamznt; at the

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Books: Fup Former professronal gambler and shepherd er Dodge teams up wrth Brrtrsh artrst Harry Horse for an rllustrated fable about a 'nagr-ral, ovenmerght duck called Fup. It's a szrnple tale rn a short book but one whit h wrll have you grrnnrng from ear to ear See prevrew, page 105 Puhl/shed by Rebel Inc ([7 99‘ See Book Events for details of r<.>ar,’r.ngs

Music: Bjork The lt eiandrc elf/prxre.’d\.‘.tarf \rnsert your <l:< he of (lt(>l( e‘ explores the more off the wall sounds .‘tvarlable to the human voice She rs one of the few srngers whose CDs appears to be as equally at home rn the style/dance mags as they are on the coffee tables of people who only buy two CDs a year. See feature, page 12 Edrnburgh Usher Hall, Sat IS Nov Sport: Football N()‘.(‘l?tll(".’ =s the month when sparks vsrll be flyrng on more than Just the frfth Saturday 8 November sees the frrst Old Frr‘m clash at lbrox with extra sprte added as Wrm Jansen has hrs frrst taste of that 'specral' derby atmosphere, whrle Walter Smrth's pendrng r'esrgnatron should spur on hrs troops Part two comes on Tuesday t8 at Parkhead. Glasgow, lbrox, Sat 8 Nov, 3pm, Celt/c Park, Tue 78 Nov, 7 45pm

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