I Angel Beats at The Venue l()pm 3am. £5 memhers. £(1 111 advance. £1\‘ on the door. 7 No\. Fortnightly. New 11nd seriously professional~looking night of hardstep/teehstep/dru111 'n‘ hass. I Big at the .laffacake. l()pm 3.1m. £4 (half price with matric card). Mainstream c‘llttt‘l sounds \\ llll excellent hoo/e promos. l'ree houncy rides. gu/lle guns and plenty ofdrinking-rel11ted fun. I Blg Beat at l.a Belle :\ngele. llptn 3am. £5 (£41; £2.50 hefore 11.30pm. " Nov Monthly. [)1incelloor 1111/ from the ’l'helomus team with 11 special gttest D] from l.eeds\ l)igl Family collective. I Bunzu Soundz at the Bongo (’luh. l lptn .‘111111.£5(£41. 14 Nov. A tnelting pot of soul. funk. l.11t1n 11nd hip hop with his Faw 11/ and (iay 111. Free food snacks provided hy lll B111. I Catwalk 9pm lam. Free. Moisey 11nd Plnl :\lcock w ith garage 11nd mellow funky house. I Cathouse at The Rocking Horse. llpm 511m. £3 (£2 with flyeri. Price includes entry to Katch 11nd Voodoo ('hile. POl‘ular night of rock/indie-hased sounds. I CC. Blooms 1 1pm cluh downstairs at this gay puh seven nights 11 week. playing .1 party mix of commercial dance and hi-energy house. Full to hursting at weekends. I Century 2000 llpm 311111.£5.()\er eighteens. (‘ommercial dattce music tinder Scotland's most expensive lights. No ripped jeans. steel toe-caps or trainers. I Club lndependiente 111 .\lot'a_\ Hotise. llpm 4am. £4 (£31. 7 Nov. Fortnightly. Bang up-to-date indie. 11s well as all the old layourites. (neat light show 11nd sotlnd system. I Divine Diva’s at The Ventre. 93011111511111. £5 (£3); two for the price ofotte hefore llpm. 7 Nov. Monthly. Very husy women only night with his and live acts. \Vomen's \Vestern Stars guest. (let there early. l)rinks promos. I Edam: The Cheese Ball 111 Studio 24. llpnr .‘iam. Price £4 (£3). 7 Nov. ()ne-off w itlt l).ls from 1.11 Fromagerie playing easy listening. disco and other cheesy nonsense downstairs. There's also mini- golf 11nd more hi/arre tunes from Massive Bereavement upstairs. I Eh1 More at lihl. 9pm lam. Free. Various local l)Js give lidinhurgh's cluhhers 11 decent pre-cluh vihe. As well as the free entry 11nd quality music. there's also drinks pt‘otnos. I Evol111 the Liquid Room. l().3()pm~3am. £4. The original indie/alternative/crossover cltth regularly pulling in well over 5()() punters. Now in its seventh year. 11nd still committed to supporting new music. lixpect a wide selection of indie. (10s. 70s. pop. noise. hip hop. hig heat and dance with regular promos from minor and major record lahels. I Flashback To The 805 111 The Arne. llpm 311m. £4 (£3 with liyer). From Duran Duran to \Vham. Some spirits 11nd selected drinks £1 all night. I The Four Till Ten Club 111 The Citadel. 4 l()pm. Free. A special after-work cltth for those suffering from Post 'l‘ratnnatic ()ffice Syndrome. I Higher Ground 111 The Honeycomh. Next date Zl Nov. Monthly. I High Rollin' at Negociants. 9pm 3am. Free. Various funky sounds in the Negociants basement har-cluh. I The Hub Club at Henry's (‘ellar Bar. l()pm -3am. £4 (£3). 14 Nov. Fortnightly. A mix of live hands 11nd l)Js taking in various sounds from indie to dance. I Katch at The Rockitig Horse. llpm-311111. £3 (£2 with llyer). Price includes entry to(‘11thouse 11nd Voodoo Chile. 80s and ‘)()s indie dance. I Kerplunk at (‘luh Mercado. ll).3()pm-3am. £5. 7 Nov. Fortnightly. The super sounds of the 70s iti this smart venue with 11 fun crowd. Happy Hour llpm until midnight. I Kingdom at The ()uthouse. 8pm~lam. Free. Happy hotise. garage 11nd disco

3am. Free. Free

Recently returned from America where they played with the Prodigy and Sneaker Pimps, Leeds Duo Supercharger bring their big beated sound to Normal, Wilkie House, Edinburgh, Fri 14 Nov

with John McDonald.

I The Lane at The l.11ne. llpm 311m. £3 hefore midnight; £5 after; memhers free. Residents .lon Flowers 11nd Kev Me(iinley with 11 wide dance-hased play list.

I The Living Room 9pm lam. Free. The living Rootn presents Andrew Moisey. l)illon 11nd ('hristopher \Vright with 11 freestyle tnix ofdance sounds. Pre-cluh.

I Madchester 111 Tile (iallel'y llpm-3am.£3.5(lmemhers;£4.5()11on- memhers. I4 Nov. Fortnightly. Baggy old .skool from Steven and Del Boy upstairs. Big heat 11nd new indie downstairs with [)J Lee from FBI. Watch out for exclusive promo nights 11nd Bel. l.ightyear.

I Magic Moments 111 The ('11\endish. 9pm -3am. £5. Over 25s only. Stnart dress. No jeans. no trainers. l.ive hands every week. (ills 11nd 70s music. (iround lloor only.

I The Mambo Club at The (‘avendish l()pmvdam. Price the. Swing. hip hop 11nd soul upstairs. reggae 11nd ragga downstairs at this long-rtnming night hosted by Sir ()ssie.

I Manga111 La Belle Angele. Next date 2S Nov. Monthly.

I Moroccan Clouds 111 Po N11 .\'11.

l()pm —3am. Free hefore llpm; £2 after. \Veekly. D] 4th Varmint with disco, funk. (10s. 70s. 80s. hip hop 11nd cheese at this husy har/eltth.

I Mulch at The Bongo (‘luh

llpm 3am. £5 (£4). 7 Nov. Fortnightly. New night from the designer hehind nights like Squid. Fetish. l)ive 11nd Manga. l.oca| l)Js will provide the music which will range from the freshest drum ‘n' hass to the cheesiest old chestnuts frotn the funk section at the car hoot sale. The Bongo (‘luh‘s new chill out room will offer an amhient selection and w ill showcase material/demos etc from local musicians looking for 11 hreak.

I Music For The Masses 111 ()ddfellows. 8.30pm» lam. Free. local l)Js tnix old classics with modern chart and student faves.

I Normal at \Vilkie House. l()pm» 3am. £8 (£7). l4 Nov. Fortnightly. Hardhouse. trance. techno 11nd acid with 11 special gttest PA frotn Supercharger. They're

joined on the night hy Jamie (iarry (l'p

Yer Ronson). Big visual action too.

I The Outhouse 5 7pm. Free. (‘hill out downstairs after work with chilled tunes and cheap hooze.

I Planet Earth 111 The Citrus. llpm-311111. £4.:\h11sy11nd long-running night of 70s 11nd 80s sounds where New



Romantics. punks. glam rockers 11nd (llsc‘o freaks relive lllc‘ era that others do their l‘esl to forget.

I Pure at The Venue. l()..‘~(lpm 3am. £4 memhers; £(i non-menihers. Prices vary w hen guests appear. ()ne of the most respected house 11nd techno cluhs in the l'ls' now with regular nights in (ilasgow. :\herdeen 11nd London with residents Twitch. Brainstorm. l)rihhler

listings CLUBS

,. a ¢/a/C//// /


, ,127////// W?

11nd The Bill. Pure regular Andrew \Veatherall is your special guest for 11 three tloorer on 14 Nov. See hit list.

I Purple Moon at Moray House. llpm 1411111. Price the. 14 Nov. Fortnightly. Trihal techno and acid trance. Residents Jul/ 11nd Patrick Hart. Info on (H31 (168 1458.

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