V I saw you in your blue boiler suit and workboots. walking down Crow Road on your way to the barber‘s. l was behind you. Box No U/320/l.

V I saw you and tried not to gaze but. with the look of art angel while dressed as the devil (fork!) I couldn't help ntyself. My imagination. flirtation or maybe . . . '.’ (Glas/Edin bus. 2|.3() Hallowe'en.)

V I saw you Steve front Belfast in April. I was working at the Whynot and you were drinking-not always. Sunday was your day. I left. I wish I could have said goodbye. but I had many problems. Now I ant back and I want to see you again. I. Box No L7320/3.

V I saw you Stuart of the wooden toys fame in CC. Blooms on Hallowe‘en night. You asked me for something to eat I couldn't give you any! Next time. you cart conte to my tlat and I'll sort you out there. M. Box No U/32tl/4.

V I saw you two working at the Tartan Arms in Faliraki. Rhodes in August . . . You were from Paisley . . . We enjoyed the swim. now we are in Aberdeen. So ltow about a jacuzzi? PS we liked your motorbikes. Box No U/320/5.

V I saw you looking at your watch during ‘Sexual' at Paisley. Did they really do most of it twice? Discuss over a drink? Box No L7320/6.

V I saw you Lewis 0. You ltave wooed me until I am head over heels in love. I hope this whirlwind romance can last a lifetime. Hugs and big big sntooches from [an ‘B'. Box No U/320/7.

V I saw you Adrian. TescoMetro. Edinburgh. Why not take a break from those long hours of work and study. Fancy some chilli con carne???‘.’? Box No U/320/8.

V I saw you on the Perth-Glasgow bus. Sunday 2/l l. 9-l().3()pm. You: second year sociology student at Glasgow. from Pitlochry. Me: the guy you sat next to and chatted to after the bus driver scared us in Stirling. See you in Bar ()7. for a drink sometime? Box No U/320/9.

V I saw you Elaine T. irt Bruntsfield on last Saturday in August. I may never see you again but I enjoyed your ‘life's too short' philosophy. It certainly is. Box No U/320/10. V I saw you in Thresher. Easter Road. Sunday 2 November. The Trio wine was very nice but you were tastier. Come and drink Trio Merlot with me! Box No U/320/I l. V I saw you Super Furry Animals gig. 4 November. Edinburgh. You: blottd guy. smoked two cigs. stood beside me throughout. near the back.

joining shoulders. ()ften glanced

at each other. Couldn‘t help it. Box No U/33()/l2.

V I saw you you ‘wrote' me a letter on bright orange paper. Let's meet. Name the titne and place. You know my name. telephone number? Let's get together. Box No U/320/I3.

V I saw you first itt Glasgow but (remember the ntaths building?) and again on 9/11/97 outside Grosvenor Cinema. You dark. rugged. Me taller. slim and utterly smitten! Box No L'/32()/l-1.

V I saw you Edinburgh- Glasgow train. 9am. Thu 30 October. You blottde with enchanting stare. me with work colleagues so couldn't approach. Let's travel together sometime . . . Box No L'/32()/lS. V I saw you on the six o‘clock Glasgow to Edinburgh on ll/l I. You small. cream suit. hazel eyes. Me tall. dark hair. green eyes. two rows in front. I overheard your conversation. you tantalising teletubby. Let's go l.al.a together. Box No L'/32()/l(t.

V I saw you Sarah. dancing at Manga. I brought you Cuban Eire but never returned to see

it quenched. Maybe next

month . . . Box No U/320/l7.

The List

14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1TE

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V I saw you on Saturday 1 November. lunchtime at The Ship. Leith. You were tall. dark. handsome and bespectacled irt blue check shirt with friend. I was itt corner. also with friend but seriously distracted by your smile. What about lunch with me next time? Box No U/320/l8.

V I saw you Chasing Amy. GET. 9/l l/97. We exchanged smiles on way out. You: blonde iit jumper with ‘friend‘? Me: colourful shirt. bespectacled. Cart I see that radiant smile again? Box No L7320/l9.

V I saw you December. M&M Pharmacy. black skirt. denim jacket. grey eyes. brown hair. Me battered attd bruised. Love your light touch and kindness. Repeat prescription please. Box No L732()/2().

V I saw you you stunning boy on train. l/l l/97. Glasgow Queen Street to Edinburgh. You: bleached hair. sexy roots attd fur jacket. Me: lad who couldn't take me eyes off you. Get itt touch. Box No L732()/21.

V I saw you blond and fleeced standing itt returns line for A Life Loss ()n/inurv at GET. 20/10/97. Cltatted about movies

- but got tickets too soon. Must

talk some more. Box No

L73 l9/l.

V I saw you climbing the walls at lbrox. Friday l7 October. You: long blonde hair and lavender top. Me: losing my grip while staring too much. The hairy guy at the other end of your rope was just a friend. Right? Box No L73 19/3.

V I saw you Mark. You used to work for a football club in Glasgow. You ltave now moved to Edinburgh. You have my number. give me a phone. Alan Crawford. Box .\'o [73 l9/3.

V I saw you green eyes. They're beautiful but you probably kttow that. Buchanan Street L'itderground. Saturday 18 ()ct. Happy. curly. Yorksltirentan. Box No L7319/4.

i saw you CLASSIFIED

V I saw you l9/l()/97. M&S. Argyle Street. then with friend at GGI.C. You: glasses. tiny goatee. rucksack. Me: minus a partner. denimjacket. Let‘s meet for real! Box No U/3l9/5.

V I saw you alone in check shirt. Rubaiyat IS/l()/97. Why didn‘t you join us? Want to? Box No L73 19/6.

V I saw you at Mr Retson's. We share his forenante and a capacity to bluslt! Mr Matron gave your surname. so I gave mine too! Let's meet somewhere more romantic. Box No L73 l9/7.

V I saw you Alan attd Mike. Remember Benidoritt'.’ Fancy a night iit Newcastle? From Julie and Sharon. Box No U/3 19/8.

V I saw you Scott standing itt your pants. It was hilarious! I x. Box No L73l9/9.

V I saw you Queen Margaret

College book stall. beginning of

October. You. big dark Celt. Me. wanting to go fora drink or something. You said you‘d be in l‘imtegan's. Oh yeah'.".’ Where ltave you gone? Box No

L73 19/ l 0.

V I saw you Daniel's Bistro. You: fair. small. gorgeous. biker jacket. black top. You didn't

fiitislt your meal. Your choice of

company would put me off my food as well. Why ttot try a real appetiser'.‘ Me: sober. sensitive. discreet. cute attd genuinely interested Ill you. Box No

L73 l9/l l.

V I saw you you sent me the moon aitd stars. Dance witlt me. it‘s ttot over. Think you've mistaken me for another. Name destination attd time attd I'll be there. Box No L73 19/13.


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V I saw you orange letter writer. guarded writing. How can I earn my wish? You promised to grant both. or are you now breaking your promise? Let me mend your broken heart. Box No L73 l9/l3. V I saw you Hubclub. l7/l()/‘)7. You: sexy. slint. nose ring. fantasy woman. Me: tall. slint. handsome. You asked ttte for my address at the door. Box No L73 I9/l-1.

V I saw you Mary -l.ee at the Cait'ngorms Campaign ceilidlt. Me: crewcut and kill. Must apologise for being too rough wltilst Stripping-Tlte-Willow. Fancy a drink to soothe those bruises? Box No [7319/15.

V I saw you Kevin. a couple of months back. in your llat. We were two raven-haired beauties looking for lodging. My friend rejected your roont and l was more interested in you. liancy a pint sometime? Box .\'o

[.73 WHO.

V I saw you Motto that summer's day lit the clearing. I see you itt my mind‘s eye shitting. Marry me Motto! Always be mine. Box .\'o

L73 I9/ I T.

V I saw you tn l)illons Bookstore. Argy ie Street. Dark hair w itlt l)illons uniforttt. Your citstonter sery ice left a lot to be desired. Could we improve tt together"? Box No I73 l9/IS.

Edinburgh EH1 1TE



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