This girl bends

Kerry Stewart

Paisley-born Stewart, 32, studied at Chelsea School Of Art and now lives in London. She took part in last year's British Art Show and earlier this year had a solo show at London’s Stephen Friedman Gallery

Fantasies and fears, Villains and heroes, Stewart's life-size fibreglass figures stray between being full-on scary and amusingly banal. Kitschy yet menaCing, her characters seem rooted in childhood but are overlaid with grown-up anXieties. Life-like but definitely dead, her young girls stare out blankly at the Viewer. Occupying a bizarre landscape they seem to be from another world, but then you realise the statue of the chap made in mm is the spitting image of the man .n the bank

Breathing Space


Glasgow-based collaborative duo Stephanie Smith (29) and Edward Stewart (36) have worked together since 1994. They work in Video and are Currently showing work in Sydney, Australia following a recent show in London’s Anthony d’Offay Gallery.

The trick is to keep breathing. A few years back, Smith passed air to Stewart mouth to mouth, while he was submerged in bath water. ln Breathing Space they have thrown out the bath water and put their heads in plastic bags.

Wall painting for Berlinische Galerie At first Sight they resemble masked terrorists,

. . but seconds later, with the rise and fall of the plastic, you get the picture: they have done what every child is told not to. In a two-screen Video DfOJOCIlOfl, Stewart and Smith each spent ten minutes under plastic. 'There were moments of panic,’ says Stewart. ’The discomfort was real '

Straddling tl‘e centra; belt, 37-year-old Richard W' f;ltt trained at Ednburgh College Of Art and Glasgow Schoof Of Art Currently '.'/orking as a consultant or‘ the redevelopment of Glasgow's Tron Theatre, he will she work at Oslo's Museum of Contemporary Art l.". January

Most artists work in the comfort of their own home or studio Not Ri: hard Wr;r;ht He does his work in the gallery For the last five years Wright has painted dire: tly unit; the r;a"ery wall He eyes up the space n ' a"?! flier: ;; : ks tiz; tl‘e paint brash Problematic if yOU ;

war: to set; the '.-.vr_,rk, surely7 'l was trying to get free

of that by the works being non-transferable,’ says

Wright ’3'. also means that I can't pile them up and

W "3‘" l “*7”! Mm ‘ii‘W" ' Your chance to see the best of young British art E in a special private viewing of Correspondences at the National Gallery Of Modern Art on Wednesday 3 December.

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