Violent times

If director John Woo reckons his films ’send a message’ rather than glorify violence and bloodshed, as he claimed in his interview about Face/Off with The List last issue, why does he continue to present killers and evil men as cool, stylishly dressed heroes? When was the last time someone sent to Barlinnie had the handsome looks of John Travolta?

There’s enough violence in the world without it being thrust down our throats as recommended entertain- ment. I'm not saying that I’m all for censorship, far from it I thought Crash was one of the year's more thought-provoking and chilling films but it‘s the glossy seduction of these brutal action movies that leaves me feeling disturbed.

In line wrth the other critics’ rave reviews, Alan Morrison gave Face/Off five stars. Perhaps your rating system should weigh up a film’s moral elements against its crassly manufac- tured thrills.

Steven Martin Dudley Drive Glasgow

Genre bender

Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is 'hoppity poppity punk-ska-cutie’, as used to describe Glasgow hand Bis in your music section? Last issue Ross Stewart wrote in about

incomprehensible language on your Clubs pages. Looks like your rock writers have been snorting from the same candy bag. One can only presume your correspondent got lost on his way to the Gary Numan/Bis gig and ended up at a kids' party with the Cadbury's Caramel bunny dorng particularly fluffy renditions of Sex Pistols back catalogue.

Excellent review apart from that though. Even if Gary Numan does deserve a bit more respect than the frankly childish and throwaway ’pants' used to describe him next to the photo you printed.

Gerry Forsyth Gilmore Place Edinburgh

Eye contact

I know my mother told me never to trust a man whose eyebrows meet in the middle, but what sold me the last issue of The List was seeing its cover from across a crowded bookstore. What lovely big eyes Ally McCorst has gm.

Catherine von Ruhland

Copland Road (honest)


Ban the hunt

On the 28th of this month, hunting With dogs will be debated in parliament. I find it imposmble to articulate how I feel about the hunting down of any creature. I am sickened and heart-broken that I live in a socrety where there are such things as a stag hunt season and a fox hunt season.

l have regular contact with foxes 0n the banks of my local river, the Kelvm, and I feel deeply priviledged to be able to observe their habits and appreciate their beauty. The thought of them being in terror and then murdered is Sickening.

The fox hunting season started on 1 November make this the last season. Write to you MP for, unless people express their feelings in wnting, the bill is in danger of being overthrown by a very close-knit and organised minority of blood-thirsty individuals.

June Hudson Wyneford Road Glasgow

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Ally McCoist:What lovely big eyes he has

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