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Shooting Fish (12) (Stefan Schwartz. UK. I997) Kate Beckinsale. Dan Futterman. Stuart Townsend. 104 mins. Two contrasting con men recruit a beautiful assistant and set about fleecing the complacent rich (big fish) in order to help the poor (themselves). 'Ihe director and producer of Sufi 'lbp, Hard Shoulder turn a contrived. cheesy and very busy plot into a sublime story that unfolds on screen with seamless case. A breathlessly pacy movie. General release.

A Simple Wish (PG) (Michael Ritchie. US. I997) Mani Wilson. Martin Short. Kathleen Turner. 90 mins. When she makes a wish for her singer-actor dad to land the lead in a Broadway musical. Mara Wilson (of Mali/(la fame) finds herself saddled with a bumbling fairy godfather in the shape of Martin Short. The magic world of the fairytale is updated to the 90s for a colourful but ultimately sickly sweet kids ll‘.()\ ic that features good effects. General release. Someone Else‘s America (15) (Oman Paskaljevic. France/Germany/UK/Cireece. I996) Tom Conti. Miki Manojlovic. 96 mins. A none-too-successful international co-production starring Scotland‘s own 'l‘om Conti as the owner of a bar in Brooklyn where his blind mother milks the goat and draws water from the well everyday. A cross-cultural. nostalgic celebration of old country values in the modern world. Glasgow: GFI‘.

Spawn (l2) (Mark Dippe. US. I997) John Leguizamo. Michael Jai White. Martin Sheen. 97 mins. Yet another comic book character to graduate from the page to the screen. Left for dead by his corrupt bosses. covert soldier Al Simmons (White) undergoes transformation into Spawn anti is sent to lead Hell's army in the destruction of mankind. It‘s Legtiizamo’s astonishing performance as Clown, the Devil's envoy. that dominates this cinematic equivalent ot an ear-drum splitting computer game. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Strange Days (18) (Kathryn Bigelow. US. I995) Ralph Fiennes. Angela Bassett. Juliette Lewis. I39 mins. A cross-bred hybrid of film noir. futuristic thriller. political commentary and romance finds Fiennes as a successful retailer of bootleg dreams. recorded live then jacked into by viewers experiencing the same adrenalin rush. [Eventually murder crashes the party. Scorching visuals. whatever the final outcome. (ilasgow: (if-'1‘.

subUrbia (I8) (Richard Linklater. US. I996) Jayce Bartok. Parker l’osey. Ajay Naidu. I21 mins. Director of the generation- def'ining Slacker. Linklater turns liric Bogosian's play into an American (mil/iii- esque profile of a single night in a small town - only for riding cars. read hanging around the all-night convenience store. However. this selection of middle-American teens are too obviously schematic to achieve the casual sense of zeitgeist Linklater has managed before. Edinburgh: Cameo.

The Sweet Hereafter (I 5) (Atom Iigoyan. Canada. I997) Ian Holm. Bruce Greenwood. Sarah l’oIIey. I I0 mins. When a small community is torn apart by a school bus accident that claims the lives of most of their children. an ambiguous lawyer with family troubles of his own comes to

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AMIPM is not given in Film Listings. 12.15 is between noon and 1pm.

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DAILY refers to screenings which take place on all seven days of the week.

MAT refers to an additional matinee screening. starting before 6pm.

EVE- refers to an additional evening screening.

LATE refers to an additional late-night screening. starting after 10.30pm.

38 THE LIST 21 Nov—4 Dec 1997 l

represent them in a compensation case. 'llie film unfolds in a patchwork of flashbacks and set-pieces. but it's Holm‘s beautifully judged performance that‘s the bedrock of the film. Edinburgh: Cameo. East Kilbride: Arts Centre.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day ( I 5) (James Cameron. US, 199]) Arnold Swarzenegger. Linda Hamilton. Iidward Furlong. I36 mins. In a reprogrammed role that says much about his changed image since the first movie. Arnie becomes the underdog fighting to protect mother and child from another more advanced cyborg. Glorioust expensive action sequences. Edinburgh: ABC City Centre.

This World, Then The Fireworks ( I8) (Michael ()blowitz. US. I997) (iina (iershon. Billy Zane. Sheryl Lee. l0f) mins. (iershon and twin brother Zane ate immersed in an incestuous affair when murder comes along in this moody new mos ie based on a nosel by hard-boiled king Jim 'I‘hompson l'llit: (iri/lr'rv, illit'r l)(ll'l\ My Sweet). A special preview screening. before the film's release in I)ecember. (lilasgow: (ll-'1'.

Tout Doit Disparaitre (I5) (Philippe MuyI. France. 1997) Didier Bourdon. IZmlic Semoun. Yolande Moreati. 95 mins. In a fast paced farce about marital mistrust. a businessman having an affair with his secretary tries to eliminate his wife by hiring a young crime writer to come tip with the perfect plot. l'fL‘llC‘ll film festival. (ilasgow: (if-'1‘. Edinburgh: I-‘ilmhousc.

Trace 0f Stones ( I5) tI-‘rank Beyer. I-Zast ("ierriiriiiy. Who/89) Manfred Krug. I'berliard lischc. Krystyna Styptilkow ska. I50 mins. A hard-man carpenter on a large construction site finds himself in conflict with an idealistic party secretary w hen they both fall in love with an engineer. Their disgust over shoddy work and corrupt officials. Iiowey er. makes them allies. The film was shelved for years after it was targetted by the Socialist L'nity Party on its release. (ilasgow: (iocthe Institut. Underground ( 15) (limir Ktisturica. I‘rance/(ieriiianyi'Hungary. I995) Miki Manojlovic. Lazar Ristovski. Mirjana .lokovic. to? mins. .\ black marketeer cons a cellar full of refugees into believing that W'W'l SliII rages overhead. and so becomes a top dog in the Yugoslav coiiiiiuinist i‘egiiiic. Kristurica's meditation on 50 years of Balkan history is set against a background of national tragedy. btit the tone is emphatically upbeat. Iidinburgh: I‘iIiii Guild.

The Usual Suspects I 18) (Bryan Singer. US. I995) Gabriel Byrne. Kevin Spacey. Stephen Baldwin. I06 mins. .-\ perfectly matched team of crooks discover that their chance meeting wasn‘t so random after all: they're being used in an intricate \ciidctta by legendary gangster boss Keyscr Sosc. So stylish. it sends a tingle down the spine. btit the ludicrous use of Pete I’ostlctwaitc's character almost undci'iiiines it all. (iIasgow:


' Vanya On 42nd Street it'i (Louis Mallc.

US. I994) Wallace Shawn. Julianne Moore. Andre (iregory. I I9 mins. User a period of four years. stage director Andre (ii'cgory worked with a group of actors for irregular. informal i'uii-tlirouglis of David Mamet's adaptation of (‘Iickhov‘s ('iii [1‘ liiiriii. 'I'lie impeccible tx'rforiiiaiiccs win the day. resulting in a good film. but excellent theatre. Iidinburgh: I‘iltiihousc

Welcome To Sarajevo (15) (Michael Wititcrbottom. L’K. I997) Stcycii I)iII.iiic. Woody Ilarrelson. liiiiira Niisesic. I07 mins. In Bosnia. reporter Michael Henderson (Dillaiie) decides to smuggle an orphan otit of the country Based on the true story of “N journalist Michael Nicholson. Wititerbottom's film gains further authenticity by being shot on location. An angry. polemical film that barely manages to contain its itiakei's' righteous fury at the West's t‘otiiplact'nl response it) Iiosiiia‘s suffering. Sec pres icw and review. (ilasgow: ()deons. Showcase. I'('I (‘lydebank lidinburgli: (faiiico. I'C’I.

White Jazz I Is) (Nicola Black. l‘ls'. I995) 50 mins. 'lllls’ draiiiatiscd doctitiicntai'y about American crime writer James Llloi'y (LA. ('mifit/i'iilitil) follows the author around his Los Aiigclcs Iiatints. tlcls iiig itiio the dark areas of his past. Double bill with preview of This liii/‘ltl. l llt'll 'I/ii' I'II‘i’w oil s (ilasgow. (iI:'I'.



Film Listings are listed by city, then alphabetically b cinema. Film listings compile by Helen Monaghan.

Programme changes,

Friday 28 November

When we went to press, some of the cinemas had not finalised their programmes for the week

beginning Friday 28 November.

The following new releases are likely to be opening on Friday 3. These will replace some of the films running until Thursday 27 November.

Alien Resurrection (18);

Eight Heads In A Duffel Bag (15); One Night Stand (18).


380 Clarkston Road. Mtiirend. ()l-ll 633 2I23.

Info: ()I4I ()37 264I. £2.80 (£2 before 5pm Mon-Fri). Student: £2.20 (.\Ion--'I"Iiti). Child/()AI’: £2.


Nothing To Lose ( I5) Daily: 6.10. 8.30. Sat mat: I.I.5.

Sat & Stiii mat: 3.45. Hercules (L')

Sat mat: 12.50.

Sat & Sun mat: 3. H). The Full Monty ()5) Daily: 6.15. 8.40. G.I. Jane ( I5)

Sat mat: 2.30.

Sat & Stir) that: 5.15. Face/Off ( 18)

Daily: 8.05.


Programme likely to be similar to the previous week. Phone ()IJI 637 2(i-1I for

details and times.


32o SauchiehaII Street. (ll-ll 332 I592. Info: (Hill 332 95l3. (‘C‘ booking: ()l4l 332 I592. £4 (£3.20 before 5pm). Student: U. ().-\l’: £3. Child: £2.70.


Nothing To Lose ( I5) Dailv: Ill). 3.35. 0.00. 8.35.

i A Life Less Ordinary ( I5)

Daily: I.l0. 3.35.

Daily (csccpt 'I‘Iiti): b.00. 8.30. G.I. Jane I I5)

Daily: |.-I5. 5.I0. 8.l(). Hercules 0')

Daily: I.I5. 3.25. 5.25. Face/Offiis)

Daily: 800.

Inventing The Abbotts I I5) Daily: 1.10. 3.35. 0.00. 8.30. Alien Resurrection I I8)

'I'Iiti previews: (>00. 8.30.


l’r'ogiaiiiiiic likely to be similar to the lircvious wcck. I’Iioiie ()IJI 332 9513 for details and times.

New film due to open on Fri 28:

Alien Resurrection I )8)

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New releases are reviewed on pages 27—30. Short reviews of all other films showing this fortnight are in the Film Index, pages 32—36.

Hit List . The best films airs might. :

FIRST RUN Welcome To Sarajevo Western journalists (and Western politics) come under fire in Michael Winterbottom’s drama, shot on location. See preview and review. Selected release.

One Night Stand Mike Figgis casts a caustic eye on modern relationships in his follow-up to Leaving Las Vegas. See review. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Face/Off Good guy Travolta and bad guy Cage are their own worst enemies in John Woo’s masterpiece of action movie-making. General release.

LA. Confidential Crime and corruption lurk beneath the surface glamour of 505 Los Angeles in this magnificent version of James Ellroy's novel. General release. FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL

Lucie Aubrac The true story of a woman who stops at nothing to free her resistance hero husband from the Gestapo makes for a riveting drama. Dobermann Crafty criminal and corrupt copper clash in a bullet-ridden dash through a pulp fiction world.

Les Randonneurs Five backpackers in

C Orsica learn more about themselves than their surroundings, in this big bOx office hit.

The French Film Festival is at Glasgow Film Theatre and Edinburgh Filmhouse from Fri 27 Nov—Mon 7 Dec. See Film listings and Index.

Aiming to please: Cameron Diaz in A Life Less Ordinary