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I on the Mound Speciality Coffeee & Teae i N i 0 n a I

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Food Gerved All Day ‘-

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The Queen ’5 Hall, Edinburgh 22nd November at 3.00pm

Live Music Eveninge Music for violin, piano, cello and flute

Solos, trios and instrumental groups playing music from the classical repertoire

The concert will be performed by children who have been taught using the Suzuki Method of teaching

Tickets £5.00 and children £2.00 Suitable for all ages


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Good coffee i5 like fine wine once yOu've tasted it there is no aoina back!

2/5 North Bank Etreet: The Mound Edinburgh

0131-2264416 M - F 9am - 11pm 5 6 10am - 11pm

21 Nov-4 Dec 199/ THE “ST 57